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Sreenivasan is an exquisitely brilliant Malayalam actor and screen writer who has also produced and directed a few well noted films.He is active in Malayalam films for a long period, from 1977 on wards and has acted in protagonist roles,supporting roles and character roles.He has got tremendous talents to portray comedy characters and as a story writer,screenplay writer and dialogue writer he has proved his extraordinary talent to create classic comedy.As an actor he is well efficient to play any type of roles including comedy and serious roles.
Sreenivasan was born in Pattyam of Kannur District to parents Unni and Lakshmi in the year 1956.He studied at N.S.S.Pazhassi Raja College,Mattannur and he is a B.A.graduate in Economics.
He also have a diploma in acting from Madras Film Institute Chennai.Eminent directors used to visit that Institute and by understanding the caliber of Sreenivasan, director P.A.Bakkar gave him role in the film 'Manimuzhakkam' pm 1977 just after he passed out from that Institute.After that film he got chances in some other parallel cinema and critically appreciated films like 'Mela'.
1984 was a landmark year which gave a drastic change in his career when he was given opportunity to write the screenplay for the film 'Odaruthammava Aalariyam'.Priyadarshan was very much confident about Sreenivasan's abilities and to bring out those qualities he purposely insisted Sreenivasan to write the screenplay if he wanted a role in the film.The narration of the slapstick comedy scenes were appreciated by all and thus Sreenivasan wrote story and screenplay for more Priyadarshan films in that period which were all huge hits.
In the film 'Aram+Aram=Kinnaram' directed by Priyadarshan, the character creation of 'Mr.Manoharan, Proprietor of K&K Automobiles' was superb. 
In the film 'Akkare Ninnoru Maran' story was by Jagadish and screenplay was by Sreenivasan which was directed by Girish.Sreenivasan's comedy scenes in this film as an 'Arabi' was unforgettable.
For the film 'Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu' directed by Priyadarshan,Sreenivasan was the writer and his creations of  characters such as 'Sardar Koma Kurup,Krishna Kurup,M.A.Dhavan' etc were also fantastic.
His association with directors like Sathyan Anthikad and Priyadarshan were fruitful in the realization of several unforgettable characters and scenes in many films.
Films 'Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam' and 'Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street' written by Sreenivasan and directed by Sathyan Anthikad were classic films with a comedy touch still enjoyed by all.
Nadodikattu and Pattanapravesham were written by Sreenivasan and directed by Sathyan Anthikad in which Mohan Lan and Sreeni depicted the characters Dasan and Vijayan which were very much liked by the audience and Priyadarshan also directed a sequel of those films with the characters Dasan and Vijayan as 'Akkare Akkare Akkare', a nice entertainer.
Sreenivasan was the writer and director of 'Vadakkunokki Yanthram' in 1989 in which Sreenivasan,Parvathy,Innocent,K.P.A.C.Lalitha etc acted.His character as 'Thalathil Dinesan' got accolades and appreciation.
In that year he acted in the critically acclaimed film 'Oridathu' directed by G.Aravindan.In the same year he acted in hit films like 'Mukundetta Sumitra Vilikkunnu' and 'Chithram' along with Mohan Lal and directed by Priyadarshan.
In the film 'Chithram' his character as 'Bhaskaran Nambiar- the future Thampuran' aroused much comedy.
'Varavelpu' was a film written by Sreenivasan and directed by Sathyan Anthikkad in 89.Through the scenes and dialogues of this film and some other films he indirectly urges certain Labour Unions,Political leaders and Officials to  self examine about  their actions which are harmful for the progress of the state.
In the 1994 film 'Then mavin Kombathu' his character was of a different nature in make up and costume  as the one he depicted for the 1986 film 'Chidambaram' directed by G.Aravindan.In the film 'Thenmavin Kombathu' also as the man who looks after the cattle, he  portrayed it brilliantly well.
In 1998 he directed another film 'Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala' and acted in main role.Sreenivasan,Sangeetha,Innocent,Thilakan,Sudheesh etc acted in that film.It was a classic family drama and was a big hit.It received National Award for Best Film on other social issues.
Mammootty and Shobhana were the leads of the film 'Mazhayethum Munpe' directed by Kamal and written by Sreenivasan..It was remade in Hindi which was also directed by Kamal in which Ajay Devgan,Ameesha Patel,Mahima Choudhary etc acted.
He was the writer of several other well noted films like 'Sandesam,Midhunam,Azhakiya Ravanan,Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu,Udhayananu Tharam' etc. 

As an actor some of the other distinguished roles of Sreenivasan were in films like 'Nagarangalil Chennu Raaparkkam,Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu,Aye Auto,Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu,Friends,Udayananu Taram,Arabikadha,Thakarachenda,Kadha Parayumbol,Passenger,Padmasree Bharat Dr.Saroj Kumar etc.
In 2007 he acted in main role of the film 'Kadha Paruymbol' which was also written by Sreenivasan.The role as barber Balan was well liked by the audience and was a big hit.It was produced by Mukesh and Sreenivasan and the film got Kerala Government award as the Best Popular film of the year.
'Aathnakadha' was a classic film of 2010 directed by Premlal in which Sreenivasan received much appreciation for his protagonist role as a blind man who works in a candle manufacturing unit.Sreenivasan,Shafna,Sharbani Mukherjee,Jagathy Sreekumar etc acted in it.
Sreenivasan  is recipient of several awards including Best director award and Best Screenplay award.
His eldest Son Vineeth Sreenivasan is a film actor,director,screen writer,lyricist and singer.Younger son Dhyan Sreenivasan has also acted in a film.
Selected Filmography
Punnaram Cholli Cholli
Mutharam Kunnu P.O
Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu
Oru Muthassikadha
Kudumba Puranam
Doore Doore Oru koodu Koottam
Thalayana Manthram
Pavam Pavam rjakumaran
His Highness Abdulla
Akasakottayile Sulthan
Champakkulam Thachan
Thenmavin Kombathu
Mazhayethum Munpu
Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala
English Medium
Udayananu Tharam
Anchil Oral Arjunan
Makante Achan
Orunal Varum
Malarvady Arts club
Ividam Swargamanu
Diamond Necklace
Jawan of Vellimala
Money back Policy
Chirakodinja Kinavukal

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