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Suparna Anand acted in only a few films during her acting  career mainly from 1988 to 1997 and in this period she appeared in Hindi,Tamil,Kannada and Malayalam films.She earned tremendous popularity in Malayalam as the heroine of some critically and commercially successful films.
Suparna Anand was born in Mumbai to parents Anand and Prameela  and the family later settled in New Delhi.
She acted as heroine of a Hindi film 'Tera Naam Mera Naam' directed by Ramesh Talwar which was released on 1st January 1988.Tanvi Azmi,Shafi Inamdar,Deepak Tijori,Karan Shah,Ajit Pal etc acted in this musical romantic film along with her.
'Zulm Ko Jala Doonga' was another Hindi film of the same year in which she acted opposite Naseeruddin Shah.It was directed by Mahendra Shah.
In 1988 she was the heroine of the  Malayalam film 'Vaishali' which was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair and directed by Bharathan which became a big hit.
The theme of this film is an untold story taken from the epic 'Ramayana'.Lomapada Maharaja , the friend of 'Dasaratha Maharaja' is facing a crisis because of a severe drought in his country caused by the curse of a person The court Astrologer suggested  a solution that a young 'Brahmachari' Sage 'Rishyashrungan' who grew up in the forest with his father without even seeing a female ever in his life if performs a 'Yaga' ritual could bring rain in the country.The task of bringing 'Rishyashringan' to the Kingdom was given to the enchanting, beautiful  young girl 'Vaishali'.Vaishali succeeds to seduce the young man and bring him to the country with great efforts.
The director chose spectacular locations, and the film was a splendid visual treat to the audience and the Malayali viewers accepted  the young,  elegant new heroine with attractive features 'Suparna Anand' of this film.
The hero of this film was 'Sanjay Mitra' and the other cast were 'Babu Antony,V.K.Sreeraman,Nedumudi Venu,Geetha,Parvathy,Asokan' etc.
The director Bharathan, being an artist who also worked as an art director in many films painted scenes of the proposed film prior to visualizing it on film.He imagined and drew them on canvas  how the frames must be including all the  details like costumes,ornaments,scenery etc so that when virtually  directed the film he could manifest it with perfection.
In the super hit Hindi film 'Tezaab' in which Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit acted in main roles Suparna Anand acted in supporting role as the sister of Anil Kapoor.
In the same year she was the female lead of a Kannada super hit movie 'Dada'.
In 1989 she acted opposite Mammootty in the hit film 'Utharam' directed by N.K.Pavithran which was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair.Sukumaran and Parvathy also acted in this film.
'Dravidan' was a Tamil film in which Sathyaraj and Suparana acted in main roles.It was the remake of the Malayalam film 'Aryan' in which Mohanlal acted as the male lead.
'Nagarnangalil Chennu Raparkkam' was a super hit Malayalam film of



1990.Jayaram,Sreenivasan,Suresh Gopi,Nedumudi Venu,Thilakan,Mamukoya,Pappu,Suparna Anand' etc acted in this film.The pranks of Jayaram and the 'innocent Kunjoottan' handled by Sreenivasan created several comedy scenes which were liked by the audience.Suparna Anand as 'Asha' presented good acting skill.
In the film 'Njan Gandharvan' a Malayalam film directed by the great writer and director P.Padmarajan Suparna Anand was the heroine and Nitish Bharadwaj was the hero.The theme was based on the legend that 'Gandharvas' who are  celestial beings  experts in dancing and singing visits Earth and they could accept any  forms and shape.A college student 'Bhama' who went for excursion with her college mates  got a small statue from the beach and the 'Gandharva' who embodied on it assumes human form and speaks to her.They fell in love each other and the consequences were the theme of this super hit film.This was the last film of P.Padmarajan.
Suparna and Sanjay Mitra were the leads of a Bengali film 'Ananda Niketan' in 1991 in which Sabitri Chattopadhyay,Sathya Bandopadhyay etc acted along with them.
Suparna Anand married Sanjay Mitra who was the hero of 'Vaishali' in 1997 but they were  divorced in 2008.She married a Delhi based businessman in 2010.
Mera Naam Tera Naam
Zulm Ko Jala Doonga
Nagarangalil Chennu Raparkkam

Muqquaddar Ka Badshah
Njan Gandharvan
Ananda Niketan
Astha:In the Prison of Spring   

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