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Anuradha was mostly active during 80's and 90's and has performed as heroine of several Malayalam films,Kannada and Telugu films, but she became much popular as an item dance girl.
Anuradha captured the hearts of millions of youths in that period by appearing in cabaret dances of several films in Malayalam,Hindi,Kannada,Telugu.Tamil and Oriya.
She was born in the year 1966 to parents Krishna Kumar and Saroja in Tamil Nadu.Her father Krishna Kumar was a film choreographer and her mother was a hair dresser in Tamil films and therefore her entry into films was easy.
She was introduced to film field by Malayalam film director K.G.George and he gave her the screen name 'Anuradha'.Her original name is Sulochana.
She has acted in more than 700 films in her career.Even though she has acted in several films, people liked to see her as an item dancer in those days.
Anuradha's daughter Abhinayashree
She married Rathish kumar, who worked as dance director of films and they have two children.Her daughter Abhiyana shree is also a film actress at present.
Her husband passed away in 2007 due to heart attack.
Anuradha is active  now also and appearing in Tamil serials.
Selected Filmography

Love in Singapore
Belt Mathai
Jeevante Jeevan
Pournami Rathriyil
Ente Kadha
Aa rathri
Engine Nee Marakkum
Puzha Ozhukum Vazhi
Ithu nalla thamasa
Annoru Ravil
Janma Sathru
Bharya oru Manthri
Puzha Ozhukum Vazhi
Agnichirakulla Thumbi
Theruvu Narthaki
Prabhatham Chuvanna theruvil
Sunday 7 p,m.
Avalude Kadha
Pyar Karke Dekho
Maya Bazaar
Hanthakudi Veta
Ganndharva Kanya

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Superstar Suresh Gopi is mainly a popular Malayalam actor  who  has  appeared in other south Indian languages also.He is a versatile actor who is but excellent in Police Officers roles and action roles.This gorgeous actor has obtained National Award as Best Actor for his brilliant performance in the film 'Kaliyattam' which was directed by Jayaraj.
He rose to the height of popularity by the police officer roles in several films directed by Shaji Kailas which were all scripted by Ranji Panicker.
He was born as Suresh Gopinathan on June 25, 1958 at Kollam to parents Gopinathan Pillai and Gnanalekshmi Amma.
His entry to films was as a child artist for the Sathyan starrer film 'Odayil Ninnu'(65) directed by K.S.Sethumadhavan.
He returned to films after his studies in 1986 and had a small role in the film T.P.Balagopalan M.A. directed by Sathyan Anthikkad.Then he acted in the film Rajavinte Makan directed by Thampi Kannamthanam.His acting skill along with Babu Antony in the film 'Poovinu Puthiya Poonthennal' was well noted and the two tall and well built actors got numerous roles mostly as supporting actors and as negative characters.
In the year 1986 itself he could act in well noted film 'Yuvajanolsavam' directed by Sreekumaran Thampy.
The role as Sekharan Kutty in the 1987 film 'Irupatham Noottandu' was also well noted and the role in 'Innale' which was directed by P.Padmarajan.
In the 1989 film he acted as the hero opposite Sudha in the film 'Aksharathettu' directed by Sreekumaran Thampi.
In the year 1981 his films 'Satyapratinja'  'Parallel College'  'Ente Sooryaputhrikku'  etc  earned good opinion in which he was the hero.
Rnte Sooryaputhrikku directed by Fazil in which Amala was the heroine was a blockbuster film.
In the film 'Pappayude Swantham Appoos' his supporting role as Dr.Gopan earned applause.
'Thalasthanam' was directed by Shaji Kailas in 1992 which was scripted by Ranji Panicker which earned critical acclaim.
'Aham,Adharam and Samooham' received critical acclaim in 92 and were successful films.Mohan Lal,Suresh Gopi,Urvashy were the main actors of 'Aham'.
'Adharam' directed by George Kithu written by Lohitahadas witnessed good acting talent of Suresh Gopi in an entirely varied role.The film in which Mrali,Geetha,Sudheesh etc acted was well received by the audience.
'Samooham' was a clean nice picture directed by Sathyan Anthikkad.
He also played characters of substance in films like 'Paithrukam'(93).

Manichitrathazhu directed by Fazil was well noted for his role as Shobhana's husband.This psychological thriller became a blockbuster success and eminent directors like Priyadarshan,Sibi Malayil,Siddique Lal were also involved in its production by 2nd unit directors.Shobhana received National Award as Best Actress for this film.Mohan Lal,Suresh Gopi,Shobhana,Vinaya Prasad,Innocen,K.P.A.C.Lalitha,Ganesh Kumar,Kuthiravattam Pappu,Thilakan,Nedumudi Venu etc acted in it.

'New Delhi' was an action thriller film in which Suresh Gopi acted in a supporting role as Suresh.Tamil actor Thyagarajan also acted in this film.
His Police Office roles in films like 'Thalasthanam(92), Ekalavyan(93),Mafia(93),Commissioner (94) all by Shaji Kailas boosted his image as an action hero and he rose to the heights of immense popularity by the role as 'Bharatchandran I.P.S in the film 'Commissioner'.These films were dubbed in to Telugu and released in Andhrapradesh where also he became very popular.Thus Suresh Gopi later acted in several Telugu films also.
His roles in films like 'Lelam,Vazhunnor,Pathram,Nasrani' etc also drew much attention and critical as well as audience acclaim.

In the film 'Kashmiram' he acted as an 'NSG Officer' Shyam.Lalu Alex,Sharada,Priya Raman,Ratheesh' etc acted in it.Director was Rajiv Anchal.
In the year 1997 he acted the role as 'Kannan Perumalayan' in the film 'Kaliyattam' directed by Jayaraj and received National Award as Best Actor.The director Jayaraj also received National Award for this film.
'Lelam' was a super hit film directed by Joshy and it was the last film of the great actor M.G.Soman.
Suresh Gopi and Jayaram acted in main roles of 'Summer in Bethlahem' directed by Sibi Malayil.The film shot in Ootty was a splendid visual treat.
In the year 2010 he acted along Mohan Lal,Dileep and Sarathkumar in the film 'Christian Brothers'.
In 2011 'Melvilasam' earned critical acclaim and in 2012 actd along with Mammootty in 'King and the  Commissioner'.
He was part of the well noted film 'Salam Kashmir' directed by Joshi in 2014, and also acted in 'Apothcary' directed by Madhav Ramadasan.
Suresh Gopi married Radhika and they have four Children.He is settled in Thiruvananthapuram.

Selected Filmography
Poovinu Puthiya Poonthennal
Rajavinte Makan
T.P.Balagopalan M.A.
New Delhi
Oru CBI Diarykurippu
Manu Uncle

Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar
Ee Thanutha veluppan Kalathu
Aanaval Mothiram
Kauthuka Varthakal
Ente Soorya Puthrikku
Pappayude Swantham Appoos
Nakshatra Koodaram
City Police Rudraksham

Sathyameva Jayathe
Agni Nakshatram
The Tiger
Note Book
Nadia Kollapetta Rathri
Black Cat
Bullet Black Dalia
Ring Tone
Kanyakumari Express
Christian Brothers
The King and the Commissioner
Salam Kashmir

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Ashokan is an immensely talented  Malayalam actor who was brought to the field by the genius  writer/director P.Padmarajan and he was lucky enough to act in important roles of several Padmarajan films also.
Ashokan hails from Cheppad,near Harippad in Alapuzha District and was selected by Padmarajan for handling the  main role as 'Raman' a 15 year old boy, the son of 'Vaanian Kunchu' in the film 'Peruvazhiyambalam' in 1978.The neo realistic film which was shot in a serene village with most appropriate and suitable actors was released in 1979 and earned much critical acclaim.Ashokan was of the same age as  the character he depicted in the film and his physique as a thin lad was very much suited for that character and drew applause.The film was written,scripted and directed by Padmarajan and was included in IBN Live's list of 100 greatest Indian films of all time.Ashokan,Bharath Gopi,Jose Prakash,Azeez,Geetha,K.P.A.C.Lalitha etc acted in it.

Later Ashokan  was given good roles in many of Padmarajan films like 'Moonam Pakkam,Kariyilakattu Pole,Innale,Thinkalazha Nalla Divasam, Arappatta Kettiya Gramathil,Thoovanathumbikal' and many more.
In the film 'Oridathoru Phayalvan' directed by Padmarajan in 1981, Ashokan and Jayanthi were the main lead and another lead actor was Rasheed who portrayed the Phayalvan.Ashokan acted as the neighbour of the heroine and  who catches frogs at night.Nedumudi Venu as a tailor who was very fond of wrestling was brilliantly portrayed by him.
'Idavela' was a film which was directed by Mohan in 1982 which told the  story about four boys who were friends.The unexpected happenings in their life was well manifested in the film in which Idavela Babu and Ashokan depicted lead roles and female lead was Nalini.
In the film 'Yavanika' Ashokan handled an important role as the rebel son of 'Ayyappan'.Ayyappan, a Tabala player of a drama troupe was killed and the  brilliant investigation by the Police Officer (Mammootty) the truth was revealed.The film was directed by K.G.George in which Thilakan,Bharath Gopi,Jalaja,Ashokan,Thodupuzha Vasanthi,Nedumudi Venu,Venu Nagavally etc acted.The image of Mammootty and Thilakan was much boosted by this film.
'Thinkalazha Nalla Divasam' was a beautiful film written and directed by P.Padmarajan in which Kaviyoor Ponnamma presented excellent acting skill.The film received National Film Award  as Best Feature film in Malayalam  of 1985.
'Irakal' was directed by K.G.George in which Ganesh Kumar was the hero and Ashokan played an important role.
'Arapatta Kettiya Gramathil' was a film directed by P.Padmarajan in 1986.The story revolves round the characters depicted by Mammootty,Ashokan and Nedumudi Venu.It was a cult classic film by Padmarajan which received much critical acclaim.
'Thoovanathumbikal' was another beautiful film directed by Padmarajan in which Mohan Lal and Sumalatha paired.Ashokan portrayed the character 'Rishi; in this film which received much appreciation.It is included in the IBN list of greatest films.
In the film 'Moonnam Pakkam' directed by P.Padmarajan Thilakan handled the main role.Jayaram and Ashokan handled equally important roles.
In the film 'In Harhar Nagar' the story revolves round a gang of four youngsters 'Mukesh,Jadadish,Ashokan and Siddique'.Ashokan portrayed the character as 'Thomas Kutty' in the film and the phrase 'Thomas Kutty Vittoda' earned much love by the audience.Paravoor Bharathan,Geetha Vijayan,Philpmina,Kaviyoor Ponnamma,Riza Bava etc were the other actors.It was directed by Siddique Lal in 1990.The film turned to be a blockbuster successful movie.

The film 'No.20 Madras Mail ' directed by Joshy in which M.G.Soman,Jayabharathy,Mammootty,Mohan Lal,Suchitra,Ashokan,Jagadish,Maniyan Pillai Raju,Innocent etc acted, was a successful film.The happenings of a train journey and the consequences was the theme of this suspense thriller.
In the film 'Sphadikam' directed by Bhadran in 1995, Ashokan played  the character 'Jerry'.Mohan Lal won Kerala State Best Actor Award for this film.
In the film 'Amaram' directed by Bharathan, Ashokan portrayed an young fisherman 'Raghavan' who was  the son of Murali(Kochu Raman).Ashokan marries 'Muthu (Mathu) the daughter of 'Achutty(Mammootty) without his consent.The acting style of Ashokan in Amaram  was very much appreciated by the audience and critics.
In the 2 Harihar Nagar of 2009 also the four friends 'Ashokan,Jagadish,Mukesh and Siddique' joins  together and the film was directed by Lal.The film was again a roaring success.
In the film 'In Ghost House Inn' directed by Lal, the team of Harihar Nagar joins together.Mukesh,Jagadish,Ashokan and Siddique handles the main characters of this comedy horror film.
In the film 'Nadodi Mannan' Ashokan portrayed the character as 'Vinaya Chandran' and this 2013 film was directed by Viji Thampi.
Since Ashokan has got good knowledge of classical music and a flair for singing, he is being called as a host for several musical programs by TV channels.
Ashokan married Sreeja and have a daughter 'Karthyayani'.The family is settled in Chennai.



Selected Filmography

Eeran Sandhya
Arapatta Kettiya Gramathil
Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street

Oru Maymasa Pulariyil
In Harihar Nagar
No.20 Madras Mail
Kariyila kattu pole 
Kallan Kappalil Thanne
Kizhakkunarum Pakshi
Crime File
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Oru Pennum Randanum
2 Harihar Nagar
In Ghost House Inn
Pappi Appacha
Teja Bhai and Family
Sarkar Colony
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