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Ushanandini earned so much recognition and appreciation  during late 60's and 70's by acting in lead roles and supporting roles of several Malayalam and Tamil movies out of which  some were well noted films.She was a favorite heroine of Sivaji Ganesan  and acted opposite him in Blockbuster hits like 'Gouravam',Ennai Pol Oruvan 'Rajapart Rangadurai and Ponnunjal'.
In Malayalam her film 'Olavum Theeravum' directed by P.N.Menon was a trend setter in that genre.
Usha Nandini was born at Kamaleswaram in Thiruvananthapuram to parents K.G.Raman Pillai and Saraswathi Amma.She passed B.A.Degree course from Kerala University and entered films with the movie 'Aval' in 1967.It was directed by  P.M.A.Azeez, who was a graduate from Film Institute Pune, and he was the first graduate from Pune Film Institute to direct a Malayalam film.
Mankada Ravi Varma, the cinematographer who earned awards and accolades later debuted in this film.
Madhu,ummer,Kaduvakkulam,Adoor Bhasi,Maya,Usha Nandini etc acted.
'Nagarame Nandi' was a hit film of 1967 in which Prem Nazir acted in Male lead role and Usha Nandini in female lead role .The film was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair and was directed by A.Vincent.Madhu and Ummer also acted in it in important roles.

'Padunna Puzha' was directed by M.Krishnan Nair in which Sheela,Jaya Bharathy and Usha Nandini acted.The popular song 'Hridaya sarassile pranaya pushpame' is from this film.
'Olavum Theeravum' directed by the genius director P.N.Menon in 1970 earned critical acclaim and audience approval.The art house movie which handled a tragic theme was manifested in a realistic manner was an experiment much ahead of time by the producer P.A.Backer and Director P.N.Menon and to the surprise of all, the film turned to be a big commercial success.Olavum Theeravum became a trend setter and  paved way to so many well acclaimed art-house movies in Malayalam later on.
'Makane ninakku Vendi' in which Madhu and Usha Nandini acted as the leading pair in 1971 became a hit and the songs in that film are still popular.
'Rajapart Rangadurai' was a super hit Tamil film in which Sivaji Ganesan was the lead actor and Usha Nandini was the heroine.It narrated the phenomenon of some poor theater artists who triumphantly portrays historical and mythological characters on stage but  fails to perform modern genre characters.It also stressed about the bad habits and trends  of certain selfish people.
'Gouravam' was a blockbuster hit film of 1973 in which Sivaji Ganesan acted in dual roles as a famous veteran Lawyer Rajni Kanth and his nephew Kannan who is brought up as his son by the childless Rajni Kanth and his wife.The ego clash between Rajnikanth and Kannan was the theme of the film.
In the film 'Athaiya Mamiya'(74) Usha Nandini acted as the heroine of Jai Shankar.Nagesh,Thengai Sreenivasan,Venniradai Murthi etc acted along with them.
'Ennaipol Oruvan' was Sivaji Ganesan film in the year 1978 in which Usha Nandini was the heroine.It was directed by T.R.Ramana and A.C.Thrirulok Chander.In this film also Sivaji played dual role and Sharada also acted in this film along with Usha Nandini.
Selected Filmography

Nagarame Nandi
Padunna Puzha
Olavum Theeravum
Aa Chitrasalabham Parannotte
Makane Ninakku Vendi
Police Ariyaruthu
Check Post
Sathyathinte Nizhalil
Rajapart Rangadurai
Veettukari Pillai
Athaiya Mamiya
Manithanum Deiva Magalum
Ennai Pol Oruvan

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