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'Achootty' a hardworking fisherman of Kerala,  a lonely  widower is very fond of his one and only young daughter who studies well at school.Uneducated Achootty's expectation is to make her brilliant daughter a doctor and he does not remarry because he is afraid that the step-mother to his daughter would not love her  and his dreams might not materialize.He, but was experiencing bitter loneliness in life and underneath in his mind he had a soft corner for Chandrika, the neighbour girl who silently loves Achooty in her mind  and she  is the sister of his close friend.Chandrika actually  loved Achootty's    daughter 'Radha' also  and used to behave nicely to her but Achootty was not yer convinced.Achootty feared that after marriage she might behave improperly and will not allow Radha to  become a Doctor and so didi not marry her.On Chandrika's marriage day with another person  Achootty was in tears and grief lying on the beach talking to the waves and sea which he says his close friend who always understands him better.He used to exchange his happiness and sorrows always to the sea.

 broke out thoroughly when his daughter got married to an young fisherman without his consent and quit studies.All his expectations shattered in to dust on this occasion.Later Achootty was accused of Killing his son- in -law when the young chap who went to the outer sea did not return in time.In that storm and rain Achootty set out in search of him, rescued and brought him back.As usual he goes out to the sea on a small boat to talk to the sea to suppress his emotions and sorrows.There was no body else to rely for that lonely man.This was the theme of film 'Amaram'(1991) written by Lohita Das and directed by Bharathan which was a blockbuster successful movie.
On all such  scenes of emotive bitterness to convey that feelings of the character 'Achootty' to the film viewers was not a big task for the 'Pride of Kerala' who is  Superstar Mammootty'.
This is only just an example from  the vast number of films he acted and diversified characters he depicted always   with  precise perfection.He used to act with  all the emotions without draining a bit or never spoil it by  adding over excessive.
He has no language barrier and even though he is mainly a Malayalam actor he has acted in Tamil,Kannada,Telugu,Hindi,and English films as well.When a film of Dr Dadasaheb Ambedkar, the Father of Indian Constitution  was to be made there was no other choice other than Mammootty to portray that great leader.
Mammootty is well noted for his natural way of acting style,his ability to control his voice and speech as per the required depth of emotions in the correct amplitude.His face  reflects all the expressions with adequate perfection .His masculine voice with the necessary tone control add to the beauty of his easy dialogue presentation.
Born as 'Muhammad Kutty Ismail' Paniparambil at 'Chembu'  of Vaikom in Kerala on September 7, 1951 he is a graduate in Law and was practicing as an 'Advocate'.As a student itself he was known for his cultural activities and he had appeared in some small roles in films.His first film as a hero 'Devalokam'  was not released.In the early 80's he was noted for the supporting roles in film 'Vilkanundu Swapnangal' directed by Azad and written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair.Sukumaran was the hero of that film.Then he got appreciation as the supporting actor in the film 'Mela' which was directed by K.G.George which told the story of a Circus Joker.Anjali Naidu was the heroine of that film and Raghu was the hero.
Mammootty  was upgraded as a hero and rose to stardom very quickly and films like 'Thrishna' which was directed by I.V.Sasi and written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair and films directed by P.G.Viswambharan,Joshi etc helped him a lot to attain that position.'Yavanika,Thinkalazhcha Nalla Divasam,Adiyozhukkukal,Thaniyavarthanam,Alkoottathil Thaniye,Sandarbham,Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha' etc glorified his acting skill in the early years of his career.
'Aalkootathil Thaniye' which was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair and directed by I.V.Sasi handled a sentimental theme of a dying man who owns vast area of land and had many children.His children expects him to die to get shared his property among  themselves.Balan K Nair as the old man and Mammootty as the elder son presented brilliant acting skill.
'Thammil Thammil' was a super hit film directed by Sajan in which Mammootty,Seema,Shobhana,Rahman,Lizy etc acted.Mammootty played the role as Dr.Raja Gopal.
'Kathodu Kathoram' was a musical drama of 1985 which was directed by Bharathan contained nice songs.
'Shyama' was a well notd film of 1986 in which Mukesh and Nadia Moidu also actd in prime roles and the film was directed by Joshi.
'Arapatta Kettiya Gramathil' directed by P.Padmarajan was a critically acclaimed film.
'Aavanazhi' directed by I.V.Sasi and written by T.Damodaran was a super hit film in which Mammootty acted fantastically superb.
'Thaniyavarthanam' released in 1987 received much accolades and the character 'Balan Mash' and his helpless  mother earned much sympathy.
As the CBI Officer Mammootty portrayed unmatched acting skill in 'Oru CBI Dairykuripu'.
'He received audience and critical appreciation for the film 'Mathilukal' directed by 'Adoor Gopalakrishnan'.Mammootty received Natioanal Award for this film.
'Inspector Balram of 1991,Soorya Manasam of 92 and the character 'Puttu Urumis' in it, Pappayude Swantham Appus' directed by Fazil and the character business man Balachandran in that film' etc added feathers on his cap.
In the film 'Valsalyam' as the character 'Farmer Meledathu Raghavan Nair' his acting skill was much appreciated.The film was directed by Cochin Haneefa.
He presented superb acting talents to portray 'Bhaskara Patelar' in the film 'Vidheyan' directed by Adoor Gipalakrishnan. in 1994.
Mammootty with that same acting talents presented 'Sulthan Veettil Zakheer Hussain', a genuine person of good character in the 2005 film 'Bus Conductor' directed by V.M.Vinu.
'Kadha Parayumbol' was a super hit film in which Sreenivasan, as Barber Balan  also got accolades as the friend of Mammootty's character film actor  'Ashok Raj'.
In the superhit blockbuster film 'Pazhassi Raja' directed by T.Hariharan, and written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair, he acted in title role.
Mammootty received National Award as Best actor in 1989 for 'Mathilukal' and "Oru Vadakkan Veera Gadha'.
In 1993 he received National Award for Best Actor for the film 'Vidheyan'.
In 1999 he was given National Award as Best Actor for the film 'Dr.Ambedkar'.
He received Kerala State Best Actor Awards in the years 1984,1989,1993,1994 and 2009.
He is the recipient of eleven Filmfare Awards'.
He was given 'Padma Shri' from Government of India in 1998.
He got Doctorate Degree as a Honour from Kerala University and Calicut University.
Mammootty is the Chairman of 'Malayalam Communications' which runs the Malayalam T.V.Channels 'Kairali TV,People TV, WE TV, etc.
He is the goodwill Ambassador of 'Akshaya Project'.
He is involved in several projects aimed at helping poor and needy people.
Selected Filmography

Vilkanundu Swapnangal
Ponnum Poovum
Ee Nadu
Sesham Kazhchayil
Pin Nilavu
America America
Mangalam Nerunnu
Onnanu Nammal
Ente Upasana
Alkoottathil Taniye
Eeran Sandhya
Kariyila Kattu Pole
Sreedharnate Onnam Thirumurivu
New Delhi
Manu Uncle
Nair Saab
Iyer the Great
No.20 Madras Mail
Kizhakkan Pathrose
Kottayam Kunjachan
The King
Pallavur Devanarayanan
Nerariyan CBI
Bus Conductor
Thuruppu Gulan
Pothen Vava
Big B
Maya Bazar
One Way Ticket
Yuga Purushan
Pokiri Raja
Kutty Srank
Best of Luck
August 15
Venicile Vyapari
Jawan of Vellimala
Kunjananthante Kada
Praise the Lord
Mounam Sammatham
Makkal Aatchi
Edhirum Pudhirum
Kandu Konden Kandu Konden
Viswa Thulasi
Vande Matharam
Sau Jhooth Ek Sach
Swami Vivekananda
Railway Coolie
Surya Putrulu

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