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Minoo Mumtaz is former Bollywood actress and Dancer who worked in several films.The Bollywood's famous comedian actor 'Mehmood' was her brother.Actor Anwar Ali is her brother and Lucky Ali is her nephew.
She was born as 'Malikunnisa Ali' in Mumbai to parents Mumtaz Ali and Latifunnisa Ali.Her father was a renowned dancer who owned a touring dance troupe 'Mumtaz Ali Nights' and Minoo Mumtaz started her career as a stage dancer of this troupe.Later she joined films and in several films she appeard in dance sequences only.As a dancer she received the love and appreciation from all film viewers since she possessed wonderful dance skill.
She has portrayed many character roles and comedy roles also.Her screen name 'Minoo Mumtaz' was suggested by famous actress 'Meena Kumari'.
She acted in Gurudutt movies 'Kagaz Ke Phool'(59), Chaudhvin Ka Chand(60), and Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam(62).She acted in lead role of movie 'Black Cat(59) and had key roles in films like 'Taj Mahal,Ghoonghat,Jahan Ara,Sindbad Alibaba Aladdin' etc.
In the  film 'Black Cat' directed by Nisar Ahmed Ansari, Balraj Sahni was the hero as Police  Inspector 'Rajan'  and Minoo Mumtaz acted as Nita Gupta.The theme is chasing and suppressing a gang of robbers headed by master thief 'Black Cat' when they  conducted a series of ingenious robberies in Mumbai.Minoo Mumtaz does not dance in this film but she captured the hearts of all audience by her lovely looks and nice acting talent.
In the film 'Chaudhvin Ka Chand' Gurudutt and Waheeda Rehman were the lead pair and Minoo Mumtaz acted in an important role as 'Rehana'.
In the film 'Chhote Nawab' directed by S.A.Akbar, her brother Mehboob acted in title role as Chhote Nawab.In this movie she had a prime role as 'Mehnuma'.Ameeta,Johnny Walker,Achala Sachdev,Helen,Nasir Hussain etc acted in this film.
In the historical film 'Taj Mahal' Meena Kumari and Pradeep Kumar were the leading pair.Bina Rai acted in this film as 'Malika-E-Alam Mumtaz', Rehman as Shehenshah Jehangir,Pradeep Kumar as Shehzada Khurram(Sha Jehan).Minoo Mumtaz acted in this film as character 'Gulbadan'.
She acted as the character 'Roshan Ara' in the romantic film 'Jahan Ara(64).Bharat Bhushan,Mala Sinha were the lead pair.
In the Rajendra Kumar-Meena Kumari paired film 'Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan, she acted in the role as a nurse 'Maya Verma'.
in the film 'Sinbad Alibaba and  Aladin' she actd in an important role.Paradeep Kumar,Master bhagwan,Agha,Helen etc acted.
Selected Filmography
Bara Dari

Pocket Maar
Bajrang Bali
Ram Lakshman
Naya Daur
Laxmi Pooja
Do Roti

Howrah Bridge
Kagaz Ke Phool
Quaidi No.911
Char Ghar Ki Baat
Duniya Na Mane
Black Cat
Rangeela Raja
Kala Admi
Chhote Nawab
Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam
Ghar Basakhe Dekho
Akeli Mat Jaiyo
Jahan Ara
Sindbad Alibaba and  Aladin
Bombay Racecourse
Nadir Shah

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