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Aparna Sen is a highly acclaimed Bengali  Actress, Film Director and Screenwriter who is recipient of several National and International Awards.
She was born on 25 October 1945 in Calcutta to parents Chidanda Dasgupta and Supriya Dasgupta.She  studied at Presidency College and Passed B.A. English honors.
Satyajit Ray was her father's friend and so she acted in  his film 'Theen Kanya' at the age of 15 and she  again continued with her studies.
In 1965 she came back to films by acting in the movie 'Akash Kusum' which was directed by Mrinal Sen.Her portrayal of a widow character in another Mrinal Sen film 'Mahaprithbi' earned he Best Actress Award at Moscow Film Festival.
In 1969 she appeared in an English language film 'The Guru' for Merchant Ivory Productions and and also acted in two more films for them, which were 'Bombay Talkie' in 1970 and 'Hullabaloo over Georgie and Bonnie's Pictures' in 1978. 
Shashi Kapoor,Jennifer Kendal,Utpal Dutt,Nadira etc  acted along with Aparna Sen in Bomabay Talkie.'Hullabaloo Over Georgie and Bonnie's Pictures' was a TV movie and it was directed by James Ivory.
She acted in 'Aranyer Din Ratri' a critically acclaimed film of Satyajit Ray in 1970.Sharmila Tagore,Simi Garewal also acted in it.
She acted in a few Hindi films also.Aparna Sen and Kamini Kaushal were the two heroines of Hindi film 'Vishwas' which was released in 1969.Jeetendra was the hero.
'Sagina' was a Hindi film in which Dilip Kumar was the hero and directed by Tapan Sinha in 1974.Saira Banu also acted in it.
'Iman Dharam' was a Hindi film which was released in 1977.Amitabh Bachchan,Sanjeev Kumar and Shashi Kapoor acted in it which was directed by Desh Mukherjee.Rekha also acted in it along with Aparna Sen.
'Kotwal Saab' was a film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in 1977 in which Shatrughan Sinha was the hero hand Aparna Sen heroine.
Aparna Sen,Shabana Azmi,Shriram Lagoo were the main actors of another Hindi film 'Ek Din Achanak'  which was released in 1989.This was directed by Mrinal Sen.
She acted in 'Paromiter Ek Din (House of Memories) a film which was made in Hindi and Bengali in 2000. This film was directed by Aparna Sen.Soumitra Chatterjee,Aparna Sen and Rituparna Sengupta were the main actors.
Aparna Sen received accolades and Awards for many of  her films which she directed. 
'Iti Mrinalini' (An unfinished letter) was a film  which was made in English,Hindi and Bengali in 2011.This was directed by Aparna Sen.

'Paroma'(1984)  was another film which was made in Hindi and Bengali in which Rakhee Gulzar,Aparna Sen,Mukul Sharma and Anil Chatterjee acted.This film received Silver Lotus Award as Best Bengali Film.
Her debut as a director was in 1981 with the film '36 Chowranghee Lane' which won Best Director Award at the National Film Awards.This film won the Grand Prix(The Golden Eagle) at the Manila International Film Festival.
Her film 'Sati'(84) won National Award for Best Original screenplay and the film 'Yugant'(95) won National Award as Best Bengali Film.
Mr.&Mrs.Iyer  was a film which she directed in 2002.Her daughter 'Konkona Sharma' was the heroine.This film got National Awards for direction and acting Award for Konkona Sharma.
'15 Park Avenue' was directed by Aparna Sen  in 2005 which won National Award as Best English Film.Her daughter Konkona Sharma acted along with Shabana Azmi in it.
Her film 'Japanese Wife(2010) won Best feature film Award at Calgary International Film Festival in Canada and 'The Audience Award'  at the 'Kerala Film Festival'.
In 2013 her film 'Gajnar Baksho' received critical acclaim and ran in packed houses.
Sen has also worked as editor of 'Sananda' a Bengali Women's Magazine,Worked as creative Director for a TV Channel for a short period,She is now editor of a magazine 'Parama'.
She has served as Jury of several Film Festivals around the world.
She received many 'Life Time achievement Awards' from different organisations.
She is recipient of 'Padma Shri' Award from Government of India in 1986.
Selected Filmography
Theen Kanya
Akash Kusum
Bombay Talkie

The Guru
Jana Aranya
Aranyer Din Ratri
Shet Patharer Thala
Unishe April
Iman Dharam
Saari Raat
Kotwal Saab
Rk Din Achanak
36 Chowranghee Lane
Paromiter Ek Din
15 Park Avenue
Gajnar Baksho
Iti Mrinalini
Batsa Badai
Kalankito Nayak
Jay Jayanti
Sonar Kancha
Basanata Bilap
Rater Rajnigandha
Jadu Bansha
Raag Anurag
Abhinoy Noy
Shyam Sahib

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