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Sandhya Shantaram is famous as the wife of Late V.Shantaram who was a genius film producer and director.V.Shantaram was one of the film makers who tried to eradicate many  social evils prevailed in the society as part of the tradition or by the  ignorance of the people.Sandhya acted as heroine in many films directed by V.Shantaram and got accolades from critics and audience.
Sandhya debuted in a Marathi film 'Amar Bhoopathi' as a vocalist.Her role in 'Teen Balti Char Raaste' was of a dark complexioned girl who became a radio star because of her attractive voice.
Sandhya Shantaram was willing to take pains for learning and getting  trained  for the  needed skills to make her roles perfect.She learned classical dance from Co-star Gopi Krishna for the excellence  of dance sequences in the film 'Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje'.In the film 'Stree'(1961) which was a version of 'Shakuntala' she had to act with real lions.She got training from lion tamers and acted courageously with real lions for the film in several scenes which in fact astonished and fascinated  the audience.
In the film 'Do Aankhen Barah Haath' she starred opposite her husband as a street vendor who sells toys and sings her way from village  to village.
In the film 'Navrang' whe portrayed the role of a poetess and the film contained marvellous dance sequences.
Her husband V.Shantaram passed away in October 1990.
Selected Filmography
Amar Bhoopathi(1952)
Teen Balti Char Raaste(55)
Jhanak Jhanak Payal Ba

Do Aankhen Barah Haath(1958)
Ranadheera Kanteevara(60)
Iruvar Ullam(63)
Ladki Sahyadri Ki(66)
Jal Bin Machchli Nritya Bin Bijli(71)

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