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Shakila is an yesteryear lovely, beautiful actress who possessed immense abilities in acting as well as dancing.She lived in Mumbai with her Aunt.She has two sisters Noor and Nasreen and one of them Noor Jehan married Bollywood actor Johnny Walker.Shakila after 1965 married an Indian  person who is settled in the United Kingdom and moved over to there with him.
Shakila acted opposite all  top heroes of that period like 'Chandrasekhar,Guru Dutt,Raj Kapoor,Dev Anand,Pradeep Kumar,Manoj Kumar,Shammi Kapoor,Sunil Dutt,Johnny Walker' etc.
Her entry in to film field was as a child artist in the film  Duniya in 1949 and Dastan(50).
Afterwards she appeared in small roles of several films like 'Shahenshah,Raj Mahal,Armaan' and many more.
Her debut film as an adult artist and which received wide acclaim was of the Cabaret dancer character  in Guru Dutt's 'Aar Paar'.The song picturized on her 'Babuji Dheere Chalna' is still liked and very popular among music lovers.Aar Paar was a super hit film.
Shakila got another luminous role which is well remembered always is  in Guru Dutt's film 'C.I.D'(56)  but slightly overshadowed with the presence of Wahida Rehman and it was Wahida's    debut film.C.I.D was produced by Guru Dutt and was directed by Raj Khosla.
Due to the special acting skills she possessed,  she was made heroine of several mythological and fantasy films like 'Alibaba and 40 thieves,Lal Pari,Rajputani,Roop Kumari, Jhansi Ki Rani,Naag Padmini,' and many more.
 In 1954, film Khushboo was directed by Rana Indu Shamsher in which Shakila,Shyama and Motilal were the main actors.
In the 1954 film Lal Pari directed by Kidar Kapoor, Mahipal acted opposite Shakila.Again in 1955 in the film 'Mast Qalandar' Mahipal was the hero and director was Kedar Kapoor.In the film 'Caravan' Dev Anand,Shakila and Wahida  Rehman acted.
in 1958 Sunil Dutt was her hero in the suspense thriller film Post Box 999.
Shakila was the heroine of 1962 film 'China Town' directed by Shakti Samanta.
Shammi Kapoor acted in double role in this film which was a super hit box office success.This film was remade in Tamil as 'Kudiyiruntha Kovil' starring MGR and in Telugu as 'Bhale Thammudu' starring NTR.
Raj Kapoor acted opposite Shakila in the film 'Shriman Satyawadi' which was directed by S.M.Abbas.
A bank robbery and its consequences was the theme of the film 'Ustadon Ke Ustad' in which Pradeep Kumar acted opposite Shakila.
Manoj Kumar was her pair in the 1962 film 'Naqli Nawab' for which she received much accolades and her film 'Tower House' of the same year directed by N.A.Ansari received nice opinion from the viewers.Both films were super hit.
Her last film 'Rishte Naate' was released in 1965 and she quit acting career and moved to The United Kingdom with her husband and settled there.

Selected Filmography
Aar Paar


Alibaba and 40  Thieves
Gul Bahar
Lal Pari
Noor Mahal
Mast Qalandar
Jhansi Ki Rani
Paisa Hi Paisa
Roop Kumari
Naag Padmini
Post Box 999
Forty Days
Guest House
School Master
China Town
Naqli Nawab
Tower House
Ustadon Ke Ustad

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