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During the 60's and 70's Tanuja was the heroine of several Bollywood films.She was also equally active in Bengali films, Marathi films and Gujarati films.She is still acting  in films and recently appeared as judge for reality shows on T.V.
Tanuja is younger sister of actress Nutan and was born as the daughter of poet Kumarsen Samarth and actress Shobhana Samarth on Sept 23, 1943.
Hamari Beti was her debut film in which she acted as a child artist and that film was produced by her mother.Her mother directed the film in which she acted as an adult character.Nutan was the lead female artist of that film.
She acted as heroine in the film 'Hamari Yaad Ayegi'(61) which was directed by Kidar Sharma in which Ashok Kumar was the hero.
During the 60's itself she started acting in Bengali films.Deya Neya(63),Antony Firinjee(67),Rajkumari(70)Teen Bhuvaner Parey(69),Prothom Kadam Phool etc are her well noted Bengali films.She acted opposite Uttam Kumar in many films which received good response and along with Soumitra Chatterjee she made a good combination  in several films.
Some of her well noted Marathi films are 'Zaakol,Unad Maina and Pitruroon'.
Mehmood directed 'Booth Bungalow' in 1965 in which Tanuja was the heroine.The revealing of the mystery about an isolated bungalow which was believed as occupied  by ghosts  was the theme of that  film.
Sunil Banerjee directed 'Antony Firinjee' which was a Bengali film. Ashok Kumar,Vyjayanthimala and Dev Anand acted in the hit film 'Jewel Thief'.In that film Tanuja acted in supporting role as the character Anjali Nath.
Dharmendra,Tanuja and Jayalalitha acted in the film 'Izzat'(68) directed by T.Prakash Rao.
Ashok Kumar,Mala Sinha,Biswajeet, and Tanuja acted in 'Paisa Ya Pyar(69) directed by Jawar N.Sitaraman.She received Filmfare Best supporting actess award for her performance in this film.In the same year her film 'Jeene ki Raah' opposite Jeetendra directed by L.V.Prasad was a huge hit.
'Ek Paheli(71) was a well acclaimed film in which Sanjeev Kumar,Feroz Khan were the male lead  actors.
In 1971 Devar films produced 'Hathi Mere Saathi' which turned to be a super hit at the box Office.It was directed by M.A.Thirumugham.Rajesh Khanna acted opposite Tanuja in this film.
Dharmendra was her hero in Do Chor(72),Thief stealing one set of jewellery only  and leaving a 'swastika' created eagerness for the audience.
Vijay Arora was her hero in Justice(73) and Randhir Kapoor in Hamrahi(74).
Amitabh Bachchan,Neetu Singh and Tanuja were the main cast of 'Yaraana' in 1981.Vinod Khanna was the hero of 'Imtihan' in 1974.
Tanuja is the mother of Bollywood actresses Kajol and Tanisha.

Selected Filmography
Jewel Thief
Nai Roshni
Beharen Phir Bhi Ayegi
Bhoot Bungalow 
Nai Umer Ki Nai Fasal
Aaj Aur Kal
Hamari Yaad Ayegi
Mam Didi
Hamari Beti
Kaam Chor
Mere Jiwan Saathi
Haathi Mere Saathi
Ek Baar Muskura Do
Pavitra Paapi
Unad Maina
Antony Firinjee
Prtothom Kadam Phool
Ek Paheli
Paise Ya Pyar

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Kalpana Kartik is a former Hindi film actress and wife of the late Dev Anand who was one of the greatest  actor and film maker of Bollywood.
Her original name is Mona Singha and was born on 19 Sept. 1931.
She studied at St.Bedes College,Simla and was selected as Ms.Shimla while she was studying for degree course.Dev Anand's brother Chetan Anand approached her family and offered her roles in the productions of their 'Navketan Film Company'.
Chetan Anand gave her the screen name as Kalpana Kartik.
She acted in super hit and  prestigious films of Navketan Films during 1951-1957.In all the films she acted she was the heroine and Dev Anand was the hero.
'Baazi'(1951) was her first film and it was produced by Dev Anand under the banner Navketan Films and was directed by Guru Dutt.It was the debut film of Guru Dutt as a Director.The story,Screenplay and dialogues for this film was written by Balraj Sahni.Dev Anand,Geeta Bali and Kalpana Kartik acted in pivot roles of this film.The film was a big success at the box Office.
Aandhiyan (52) was a super hit film which was brilliantly  directed by Chetan Anand.Dev Anand acted as Ram Mohan, a honest lawyer who is in love with Janaki.Kalpana Kartik acted as the character Janaki.Nimmi and Durga Khote also acted in this film in important female roles.This film won international accolades at the Venice,Moscow and Peking film festivals also.
'Hum Safar'(1953) was produced by Dev Anand and directed by A.N.Banerjee.
Chetan Anad also acted in this film along with Dev Anand.Kalpana Kartik was the heroine and Smriti Biswas also acted in it in a key role.
Taxi Driver was directed by Chetan Anand.Dev Anand and Kalpana Kartik were the main pair of this film.The film was a super success at the box office.Dev Anand and Kalpana Kartik married secretly during the break of the shooting of this film.Taxi Driver was penned by Vijay Anand and Chetan Anand's wife 'Uma'.Dev Anand displayed so much emotional depth in this film in which city of Mumbai was the central character.The song sequence "Jayen To Jayen

Kahan" was very much liked by the audience.
House No.44 is another film in which Dev Anand and Kalpana paired.It was directed by M.K.Burman.
Kalpana acted opposite Dev Anand in the film 'Nau Do Gyarah' in 1957 which was directed by Vijay Anand.It was debut film of Vijay Anand as a director.Vijay Anand was younger brother of Dev Anand.
As an Associate Producer she worked for films 'Tere Ghar Ke Samne(63),Jewel Thief(67),Prem Pujari(70),Shareef Badmash(73),Heera Panna(73) and Jaaneman(76)'.

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Kamini Kaushal is a Bollywood actress who was one of the top heroines for two decades from 1946 and continued acting career in character roles thereafter.She acted opposite all top heroes of that period including Ashok Kumar,Dilip Kumar,Dev Anand etc.
Kamini Kaushal Aka Uma Sood was born on 18 Jan 1927atLahore.Her father was a  Professor at Government College Lahore.Kamini was one of the well educated girls from a respected family to join films during those  period.She became a film star after doing B.A.(honours) in English Literature.
She learnt Bharatanatyam Dance from Mumbai's Rajarajeswari Bharata Natya Kala Mandir.
Her debut film was 'Neecha Nagar' in 1946.
'Neecha Nagar' was directed by Chetan Anand and was written by K.A.Abbas.
It was a pioneering effort in social realism in Indian Cinema and paved way for such parallel cinema or middle cinema by other directors.'Neecha Nagar 'was the first Indian film to get International recognition by sharing Best film Award at the first Cannes Film Festival in 1946.Kamini Kaushal performed amiably in this film grabbing wide appreciation.
In the 1948 film of Raj Kapoor's 'Aag' she acted along with Nargis.
'Ziddi' was 1948 film in which she acted opposite Dev Anand.This film launched the career of Dev Anand as the lead hero.It also established Kamini's position in Hindi films.
Dilip Kumar in his biography has admitted that Kamini was his first love.But she never accepted his proposals.
Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal were a well accepted strong pair in a string of films like Shaheed(48) which was a super hit patriotic film ,Nadia Ke Paar(49) super hit classic movie which was directed by Kishore Sahu,Shabnam(49) produced by Filmstan, and Arzoo(50) a classic film  directed by Shahid Lateef.
She got Filmfare Best Actress Award for her film 'Biraj Bahu(55).
From 1965 she shifted to character roles with the film 'Shaheed'.
She excelled nicely in character roles of seven films of  Manoj Kumar up to the  film 'Dus Numbri'in 1976.
She is also a producer of some T.V.Serials and  has acted in them.
Selected Filmography
Neecha Nagar
Jail Yatra



Nadia Ke Paar
Chalis Baba Ek Chor
Biraj Bahu
Night Club
Bank Manager
Janam Janam Ke Saathi
Bheegi Raat
Meri Bhabhi
Do Raste
Bada Bhai
Night Club
Purab Aur Paschim
Har Jeet
Roti Kapda Aur Makan
Prem Nagar
Circus Sundari
Apne Rang Hazar
Dus Numbri
Rahu Ketu
Heeralal Pannalal
Dil Aur Deewar
Maha Chor
Chandi Sona
Swarg Narak

Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega
Chori Chori
Chennai Express

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Shyama, a very popular actress during 50's and 60's was born as 'Khurshid Akhtar' on 7 June 1935 at Lahore.Director Vijay Bhatt gave her the screen name 'Shyama' by which she is credited.
She portrayed her best performance with Gurudutt in 'Aar Paar(54) and Barsat Ki Raat(60).She was also excellent in films like Milan,Sharda,Dil Diya Dard Liya,Sawan Bhadon,Tarana etc.
She is appreciated for her skill to synchronize lip movement exactly  to the rhythm and  lyrics of the  music when songs were picturized on her.
She was heroine of several films of 50's and 60's and acted opposite all top stars of that period.
She married Director/Cinematographer Fali Mistry.He died in 1979 and she is staying at her apartment in  Mumbai.She is having Children and grandchildren.

Raj Kapoor, Nargis and Shyama were in pivot roles of 1950 film 'Jan Pahchan' directed by Fali Mistry.
In the 1950 film 'Nili' Suraiya,Shyama and Agha were the main  the cast.
Dev Anand,Nimmi and Shyama were in the main roles of 1951 film 'Sazaa'.In this film Kamini(Shyama) while driving a car runs over a young man (Dev Anand) who got seriously injured.Kamini takes him to a hospital where he was treated for several weeks to recover and further developments was  the story.

In the 1952 film 'Aasman' Nasir Khan and Shyama acted together.

Shammi Kapoor acted opposite to  her in the 1953 film 'Thokar'.
She was the heroine of 1953 film 'Suhag Sindoor'.
Talat Mehmood and Shyama were the main pair of 1953 film 'Dil-e-Nadan
Suresh was the hero and Shyama was the heroine of Char Chand(53).
In the film 'Tulsidas' which narrated the story of sage/poet Tulsidas, Mahipal acted in title role and Shyama was the heroine.
Pran and Shyama paired in the 1954 film 'Pipili Saheb'.
Karan Dewan and Shyama were the main pair of Ladia(54) and they paired in the famous film 'Taqdeer'(58).
Shekhar and Shyama acted together in the 1954 film 'Darwaza'.
Guru Dutt and Shyama paired in the 1954 film 'Aar Paar'.It is  the story of a taxi-driver in Mumbai who has two girl friends.One of the girl's father is involved in gangster type activities and the consequences are the theme of the film.
In the 1957 film 'Johny Walker' actor 'Johny Walker' acted opposite to her.
Alcoholic Murli Manohar gets employment using forged documents and fells in love with Managers's secretary and further happenings are the theme of 'Johny Walker'.
Shyama was the heroine of 1956 film 'Chhoo Mantar'.
In the film 'Sharda' Raj Kapoor,Meena Kumari and Shyama were in the cast.It was the story of a young man 'Chiranjeev' who had two sisters out of which one was dumb.The film was directed by L.V.Prasad.Shyama  got Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance for  this film.
Selected Filmography
Jan Pahchan
Suhag Sindoor
Char Chand
Pipili Saheb
Aar Paar
Bhagawat Mahima
Bhai Bhai
Hill Station
Apna Ghar
Ghar Basake Dekho
Dil Diya Dard Liya
Sawan Bhadon
Shadi Ka Baad
Gomti Ke Kinare
Suraj aur Chandra
Naya Din Naya Raat
Honey Moon
Khel Khel Mein
Payal Ki Jhankar  

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Nimmi  was born on 18 Feb 1933 at Agra as 'Nawab Banoo'.Her mother was a noted actress and singer by name 'Wahidan'  in Bollywood films during 30's but unexpectedly  she died when Nimmi was only nine years old.
Her father was staying at Meerut where he was a military contractor.After the death of her mother she went and stayed with her grandmother in 'Abbottebad'.They settled in Bombay after partition of India.
Her mother was in good terms with film maker Mehboob Khan and because of that  affection he invited Nimmi to watch the shooting of his film 'Andaz' at Centra Studios  and at the film studio she met 'Raj Kapoor'.
Raj Kapoor was on the lookout of a  second female lead for his upcoming film project 'Barsat' in which 'Nargis' was to play the lead role.Nimmi was cast to act the second lead female role which was  of a shepherd girl who falls in love with a city man.The role drew much attention and love  from the audience and the film was a super hit.The songs were also mesmerizing.Actor Prem Nath acted opposite her  in this film and both of them received much accolades.
Nimmi acted opposite top heroes of that period.

Nimmi acted opposite Raj Kapoor in film 'Banwara'.
With Dev Anand she paired in films 'Sazaa and Aandhiyan'.
With Dileep Kumar she acted  in films 'Deedar(51)  Daag(52),Amar,Aan,Uran Khatola'   which were all  successful films.
In the film Amar she played the role of a Poor milkmaid.
Aan was the first Techni colour feature film of India and it was  made by Mehboob Khan.It was a big budget film which was released world wide.The title of the English version was 'Savage Princess'.During that period Nimmi got appreciation from Western countries also for her nice portrayal of the character in that film.
Nimmi produced the film 'Danka'(54) which was also a box office success.She also acted in that film.
In the film 'Uran Khatola' she paired with Dilip Kumar and it was the biggest box office hit of her career.
Basant Bahar(56) and Bhai Bhai(57) were also super hit films.
Rajendra Kumar,Sadhana,Ashok Kumar and Nimmi were the main  actors of 1963 film 'Mere Mehboob'.It was a block buster film and the highest box office hit of that year. 
She acted as  second lead female roles of certain  top heroines i  films and such films of  Madhubala,Suraiya,GeetaBali,Meena Kumari etc. were all successful films  Some of them are  'Amar,Usha Kiran,Shamma,Char Dil Char Rahein.
Nimmi was also a singer and for the film 1951 film 'Bedardi' she sang the songs for her character in that film herself, but later she never sang songs for films.
She married screenwriter S.Ali Raza and he died in 2007 following a heart attack.
Nimmi at present stays alone in her apartment at Juhu,Mumbai.

Selected Filmography

Badi Bahu
Usha Kiran
Alif Laila
Pyase Nain
Uran Khatola
Char paise
Bhagavat Mahima
Bhai Bhai
Chotte Bahu
Pehli Raat
Char Dil Char Rahhein
Mere Mehboob
Pooja Ke Phool