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Sadhana Shivdasani  was one of the top stars during 60's and 70's and she had been a fashion icon for the youths of that period.She introduced tight Churidar tops and  a special hair style known to be 'Sadhana cut' which impressed many youngsters. This exquisite, charming girl was model for several cosmetic brands like 'Lux'.
Sadhana was born in a 'Sindhi' family  at Karachi on Sept. 2, 1941.She is the daughter of actor  Hari Shivdasani's brother.When India was partitioned, the family fled from Karachi to Mumbai and settled there.
She had the ambition to be an actress from her childhood which was made true  by her father.At the age of 15 she could act in a small role in Raj Kapoor's 'Shree 420' and in 1958 acted in India's first Sindhi film 'Abana'.
In 1960 she acted as heroine in R.K.Nayyar directed 'Love in Simla' in which Joy Mukherjee debuted as hero.
Then she appeared in an award winning film 'Parakh'.In 1961 she paired with Dev Anand in a hit film 'Hum Dono'.
The musical film 'Ek Musafir Ek Hasina'  which was directed by Raj Khosla in 1962 in which Joy Mukherjee was the hero became a box office hit.
1963 witnessed her first techni colour film 'Mere Mehboob.
'Woh Kaun Thi' was a suspense thriller directed by Raj Khosla in which Manoj Kumar was the hero and it was a success.Raj Khosla made two more suspense  thrillers with Sadhana which earned her the title 'Mystery girl' and those films 'Mera Saaya' and 'Anita' were super hit box office hits.
In Mera Saaya of 1966 Sunil Dutt was the hero and Sadhana acted in double role.Manoj Kumar and Sadhana acted in 1967 film 'Anita'.
Mera Saaya  had enchanting songs which are still popular among music lovers.
'Arzoo' directed by Ramanand Sagar in 1965 was a success at the box Office in which Rajendra Kumar and Feroz Khan acted along with her in lead roles.
'Intaquam' was directed by R.K.Nayyar which  was also a suspense thriller in which Sanjay Khan acted opposite to her.
Sadhana directed 1974 film 'Geeta Mera Naam' in which she herself was the heroine and Sunil Dutt was the hero.It was produced by R.K.Nayyar.
Sadhana married producer/director R.K.Nayyar in 1966.They were in love from the sets of 'Love in Simla' itself.The marriage lasted for thirty years till his death.
She is staying at Santracruz,Mumbai at present.


Selected Filmography
Shree 420
Hum Dono
Ek Musafir Ek Hasina
Asli Naqli
Mera Mehboob
Woh Kaun Thi
Raj Kumar
Dulha Dulhan
Mera Saaya
Ek Phool Do Mali
Aap Aye Bahar Ayee
Dil Doulat Duniya
Hum Sab Chor Hain
Geeta Mera Naam
Chhote Sarkar
Aakri Nischchay

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