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Rehana Sultan is an Indian actress who was very popular in the 70's and possess immaculate acting talents which was further polished from the Film and TV Institute of India,Pune  where she joined  for studies in 1967.
Rehana Sultan was born at Allahabad on 19 Nov. 1950.After acting in her diploma film 'Shadi ki Pehli Salgirah' she got the lead role of 1970 film 'Dastak' which  was the directorial debut of Rajender Singh Bedi who was also the producer of the film.
Rehana Sultan was the first actress from the Pune Film Institute to become the lead actress of a commercial film, and she got National Film Award as the Best Actress for it.That film bagged two other National awards; one for actor Sanjeev Kumar as Best actor and the other for music director Madan Mohan.
               During the shooting of that film,  writer/director B. R.Ishara  cast her in lead role of his film 'Chetana' and completed it in 28 days.The film focused on the rehabilitation of sex workers and she was admired for the bold portrayal of the character in the film.She was but unfortunately typecast after this film which reduced her chances to get varied subjects and roles.
'Man Tera Tan Mera' was another film directed by B.R.Ishara in 1971,Man Jaiye in 72, and a comedy film 'Dil Ki Rahen' was directed by him in 1973  in which she was in female lead roles.
Rehana Sultan acted in lead role and directed the 1972 film ' Tanhai'.
Rehana Sultan and Vinod Mehra acted as the leading pair of the  1974 film 'Albeli' 
in which Ashok Kumar acted in main role along with Devan Verma, who was also the director of the film.
She acted along with Shabana Azmi and Raj Babbar in the 1977 political satire 'Kissa Kursi Ka'.
Agent Vindod was a 1977 spy thriller in which Mahendra Sandhu  acted as Agent Vinod, and Rehana acted in it along with Asha Sachdev.
She acted with Danny and Waheeda Rehman for the 1979 film 'Aaj ki Dhara'.
She got married to director B.R.Ishara in 1984 and had almost quit films.She appeared in some T.V.Serials etc but after the death of her husband she is set for a come back in character roles and mother roles.
Selected Filmography

Dil ki Rahen
Khotte Sikkay
Man Tera Tan Mera
Sajjo Rani
Yeh Sach Hai
Oopperwala Jaane
Nawab Sahib
Deen aur Iman
Aaj ki Dhara
Ek Ladki Badnam Si
 Agent 009
Bada Kabutar
Man Jaiye
Jwala Daku
Agent Vinod
Kissa Kursi Ka
Haar Jeet
Hum Rahen Na Rahen
Putt Jattan De

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