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During the early 70's a sector of the audience got stressed  with the usual crime filled themes of cinema and they got bored about the roaring Villains and boasting heroes alike.The trend of art-house movies started as a result in many languages in India by genius film makers like V.Santaram,Girish Karnad,Adoor Gopalakrishnan,G.Aravindan,John abraham and many more.They approached the subject very seriously and the common film viewers such as the labourers  found it difficult to understand what is being said by reading between lines and so  kept away from cinema theatres where they were exhibited.
In such a situation many directors and writers came up with middle path films which were not fully commercial and were not art-films also.Such films which when poised with the poignant terror,crime and violence filled films, provided a cool, soothing breeze like affect for the film lovers.Writer cum film director Gulzar made several fantastic films in this category.In Malayalam director Bharathan  and Padmarajan made several classic films of this sort.Such films handled a usual subject in a natural well defined subtle way so artistically and brilliantly.They never included any costly sets or gimmicks.There were no hallucinate scenes and shots.But they were manipulated in a conspicuous way and stood varied  with eminence.People of all categories liked them and these low budget films were super hits at the box office.The hero and heroine of such films represented common people and depicted as possessing all up and downs as well as faults and mistakes.
Vidya Sinha is a famous Bollywood actress who acted in several middle path films as heroine and received much accolades.She has also made winning appearances in commercial hits like 'Pati Patni aur Woh'.
'Rajnigandha(1974) and Chchoti si baat(75) are her most renowned films.
She was born on 15 November 1947 in Mumbai.Her father Rana Pratap Singh was a film producer.Vidya Sinha got married at the age of 21 to Venkiteswaran.She entered film field as an actor after her marriage and  with the consent of her husband.She was noted by her heroine role of 'Rajnigandha' in 1974 which was directed by Basu Chatterjee.The low budget film was a blockbuster, box office hit.Afterwards she was cast in many more low budget,art house films and middle path films like Choti si baat.Later she got chance in main stream films also.She took a long leave from films in 1986

when her career was at its peak.Her daughter 'Janhavi' was born in 1989.Her husband Venkiteswaran Iyer died in 1996.
Vidya Sinha returned to act  for T.V. Serials  in 2000 and acted in Bahu Rani,Bhabi,Neem Neem,Shahad Shahad,Kavyanjali,Zaara,Qubool Hai etc.
Selected Filmography
Chchoti si baat
Jeevan Mukti
Tumhare Liye
Pati Pati aur Woh
Pyara Dushman
Love story(1981)

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