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L.Vijaya Lakshmi as the heroine of 'Jnana Sundari' and 'Laila Majnu' was  very popular in Kerala during early 60's.The very beautiful actor with fantastic dancing skill was very familiar to all film goers  during that period.Her entry in to film world was through Telugu films.Then she entered Tamil films and  in Tamil also films like 'Iru Vallavargal', 'Vallavan Oruvan',
'Kudiyiruntha Kovil','Kaakkum Karangal', 'Pancha Varnakili' etc
made her a top artiste who was loved by the audience.
Vijayalakshmi  is an accomplished dancer who was born at Tirunalveli  and she shifted from Pune from where they were living  to Chennai to learn Bharatanatyam.She selected a Bharatanatyam exponent Guru 'Kamala' and got trained in that art form and became a graceful dancer in that art form also.At that time itself she was expert of some other classical dance forms.
L.Vijaya Laksmi, after her 'arangetram' of Bharatanatyam got offer from a Telugu film.She had a character role in it and  performed a classical dance also for that film which was liked by the audience.She continuously got chance to act and   dance in several films afterwards since Telugu audience loves classical dance.Soon she became a great star.In Telugu she acted along with NTR,ANR and other super

At that stage she got offer from Tamil films and acted in super hit films of M.G.R, Sivaji Ganesan,Jai Shankar etc.
'Bangra dance number' of film 'Kudiyiruntha Kovil' with the song "Aadaludan Padal kettu rasipathilethan sugam sugam" became a tremendous hit.The dance sequence as well as the song was very much liked by the audience.It is said that MGR took adequate training of 'Bangra Dance' to dance along Vijaya Lakshmi for the sequence.Vijayalakshmi got appreciation always for her excellence in dance presentation,perfection of speed,expressions,and elegance.At that period she equalled or excelled any other dancer on the Indian film screen.
In Malayalam also she acted in several pictures out of which three were  with Prem Nazir. ' Jnana Sundari,Laila Majnu,Sathya Bhama' were super hits during early 60's.
She got married to Surjaj Kumar Datta after 7-8 years of acting career when she was a top heroine in Telugu,Tamil and Malayalam. Her husband Dutta  was employed  abroad.Later they moved to USA.She is now living there.
L.Vijayalakshmi was familiar as 'Viji' in the film industry.
She has acted in some Hindi films as well.She acted with Sanjeev Kumar in 'Husn Aur Ishq(1966),Baadal,Alibaba and 40 thieves. In some other Hindi films also she acted like 'Shabnam' which was along with Mehboob..During her acting career she has acted in more than 100 films.
Selected Filmography
Sumai Thangi
Kakkum Karangal
Iru Vallavargal
Vallavan Oruvan
Ayirathil Oruvan
Ootty varai Uravu
Kudiyiruntha Kovil
Jnana Sundari
Sathya Bhama
Laila Majnu

Snapaka Yohannan
Padhai Theriyudu Paar
Ramudu Bheemudu
Gundamma Katha
Jagadeka Veeruni Katha
Mahamantri Timmarasu
Anbu Vazhi
Bhama Vijayam
Mangamma Sapadham
Bhakta Prahalada 
Bobbili Yudham
Sabash Thambi


  1. HI thanks for the valuable in formation about this legendary actor and dancer, I would like to know where is she staying ..I am a kuchipudi dancer inspired by her dance and I would like to meet her before I die, any help would be really appreciated

  2. Did this person act in Bommai, a Tamil thriller movie by S. Balachandar?

  3. L.Vijaya Lakshmi's where about details are given in the blog
    L.Vijaya Lakshmi acted in the film Bommai directed by S.Balander along with Veenai S.Balachander,V.S.Raghavan etc

  4. A.R. Rao
    I have no words to say about her. She is an ultimate legendary actor and dancer. My only wish is to meet her(Natyamayuri) personally. I hope that my wish should come true.

  5. A.R. Rao
    I have no words to say about her. She is an ultimate legendary actor and dancer. My only wish is to meet her(Natyamayuri) personally. I hope that my wish should come true.

  6. I am very glad to remwmber her roles in the golden telugu movies after a big gap of 30 years. while seeing the old movies, still we are eagarly waiting for her dances. Still fond of her about her dances. Only wish is to see her before MY DEATH. THIS IS MY LAST DESIRE......