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Many of the film viewers will be still remembering the  'Rajashree Productions' film  'Geet Gaata Chal'.The scenic beauty of its locations, enchanting music by Ravindra Jain, and the cute lovely young pair Sachin and Sarika etc can not be forgotten.With that film both Sachin and Sarika entered in to the heart of millions so that several other Hindi and Marathi films were made with them as the centre characters.
Sarika was born  as 'Sarika Thakur' in New Delhi on 3 June 1962.Her entry in to films was as at a tender age as a child artiste and initially  she acted as a boy.She could act in several films as a child artiste and also acted in Children's films before acting in 'Geet Gaata Chal'.
Sarika later worked in a number of films with all eminent actors.She married Kamal Hassan whom she worked with in the film 'Karishma' in 1984.After marriage she moved to Chennai and appeared in less number of films only during those periods.
After divorce with him,  again she became active and worked in some good projects which boosted her acting talents.She could grab National Award for Best Actress for the film 'Parzania' in 2005.
In 2000 she was the recipient of National Award for Costume Design for the film 'Hey Ram'.
In 2006 she appeared along with Amitabh Bachchan,Hema Malini,Salman Khan in the film 'Baabul' in the role of  'Pushpa Kaur' -a widow.
In 2007 she has acted with 'Vinay Pathak',  'Rajat Kapoor' , 'Milind Soman' etc in the film 'Bheja Fry' which became a big success at the box Office.
A thriller film 'Manorama Six feet Under' which was directed by 'Navdeep Singh' in 2007  saw her in the character  as 'Manorama', a small but important role.
In 2012  the film 'Shoe bite' released in which Amitabh Bachchan and Sarika acted in pivot roles.It is  the story of a man in his early 60's and  direction is by Shoojit Sircas.
Selected Fimlography
Majhli Didi
Haar Jeet
Geet Gaata Chal
Madhu Malti

Dil Aur Deewar
Rakhi ki Saugandh
Griha Pravesh
Yeh Kare Insaf
Pyara Dushman
Nazrana Pyar ke
Jyoti Bane Jwala
Plot No.5
Nai Imarat
Satte pe Satta
Ye Vaade Raha
Teesri Aankh
Badle ke Aag
Razia Sultan
Bagga Daku
Bade Dil Wala
Raj Tilak
Ek Bhool
Ek Daku Sahar Mein
Mangal Dada
Punnagai Poove
Ameican Day light
Sacred Evil
Bheja Fry
Manorama Six feet under
U Me aur Hum
Kacha Limbu
Shoe bite

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