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The versatile actress Moushumi Chatterjee earned  love and admiration of 
all film goers by her excellent character presentation in several films.She was born in Calcutta on 26 April 1953 and her entry to film field was by a Bengali Film 'Balika Badhu' directed by 'Tarun Majumdar' in 1969.For that first film itself  she got award as Best actress.
Her entry to Bollywood was by the film 'Anurag' in 1973 directed by a famous Bengali director Shakti Samanta and the film received much acclaim from critics and viewers.Thus Moushumi Chatterjee established as an actress of Hindi films and she used to  appear in some Bengali films also.She was already a  married woman  when she acted in Anurag.Her husband is Jayant Mukherjee who is the son of 
Music Composer and Singer Hemant Kumar.
Moushumi Chatterjee is a trained Commercial Pilot also and she used to fly Air India flights to U.S., Europe and Middle East destinations.
Her first film dealt with the theme of Child marriage which was common in some parts of India and  she presented excellent acting skills.Like that in her debut Hindi film 'Anurag'  she paired with Vinod Mehra and acted quite naturally.Ashok Kumar and Nootan also acted in it.Rajesh Khanna had a special appearance in Anurag.The film was a super hit and Moushumi's  acting as a blind girl was  fantastically well in this film.This film was remade in Malayalam as 'Raagam'  and Malayalam version  was directed by A.Bhimsingh.
1974 film 'Roti Kapada Aur Makan' which highlighted the three essentials of mankind which  are food,clothing and shelter  was written, produced and directed by Manoj Kumar.Shashi Kapoor,Zeenat Aman acted in it along with Manoj Kumar and Moushumi.In this film she portrayed a poor girl 'Tulsi'.
In 1975 the film 'Benaam' in which Amitabh Bachchan and Moushumi acted was a super hit film.In 1975 she had several films in main roles such as "Umar Qaid,Raftaar,Natak,Mazaaq,Do Jhoot,Anari' etc.
In 1976 she acted as 'Devi Maa Sita' in the film 'Jai Bajrangbali' which was a mythological theme.Dara Singh acted as Humanji in this film.

In 76 'Zindagi' was a noted film directed by Ravi Tandon in which Sanjeev Kumar,Vindod Mehra,Mala Sinha etc acted along with her.Sanjeev Kumar received Filmfare Best actor Award for this film.
'Swarg Narak' was also a successful film of Sanjeev Kumar,Jeetendra,Vinod Mehra,and Moushumi in 78 directed by Dasari Narayana Rao.It was the remake of Telugu film by the same director in the same name.
'Dil Aur Deewar' was also another successful film of the pair Moushumi-Jeetendra in 78 directed by K.Bapaiah.It was the remake of Telugu film 'Jeevan Tarangalu'.
'Prem Bandhan' of 79 was a nice film in which Rajesh Khanna gave a touching performance and regained his popularity as the  Superstar of Bollywood.'Pyaasa Sawan' was yet another   big hit of Jeetendra,Moushumi ,Reena Roy and Vinod Mehra in 1981.
'Ogo Bodhu Sundari' was a super  hit Bengali film released in 81 in which Moushumi was the heroine.
In the 82 film 'Angoor' directed by Gulzar she portrayed the role as wife of Sajeev Kumar's character 'Ashok R. Tilak'.It was about identical twins separated at birth and meets in adulthood.
'Ghar ek Mandir' was a nice family drama directed by K.Bapaiah in 84.
"Aag Hi Aag' of 87 was the biggest hit of that year in which Dharmendra,Shatrughan Sinha and Moushumi Chatterjee acted.
In the 1989 film 'Sikka' she acted as wife of  Dharmendra's character  'Vijay'.Jackie Shroff and Dimple Kapadia acted in important roles also.
In the 2006 film 'Zindagi Rocks' she acted in dual roles as Sushmita Sen's mother and Mausi.
In the 2010 film 'The Japanese Wife' she presented an important character.
Moushumi Chatterjee is still acting in films in character,supporting roles and mother roles.She is involved in politics also.
Moushumi Chatterjee is having two daughters and one of them has entered in to acting field.
Selected Filmography
Balika Badhu
Ghulam Begam Badshah
Zehreela Insaan
Do Jhoot
Sabse Bada Rupaiyah
Jai Bajrangbali
Anand Ashram
Ab Kya Hoga
Tumhari Kasam
Swarg Narak
Phool Khele Hain Gulshan
Dil aur Deewar
Bhole Bhale
Prem Bandhan
Goutam Govinda
Maang Bharo Sajna
Chambal ki Kasam
Do Premee
Pyasa Sawan
Ogu Bodhu Sundari
Itni si Baat
Justice Choudhari
Ghar ek Mandir
Mera Karam Mera Dharam
Aag Hi Aag
Param Dharam
Khule Aam
Ikke pe Ikka
Na Tum Jaano Na Hum
Hum Kaun Hai
Zindaggi Rocks
The Japanese Wife

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