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K.R.Vijaya is an exceptionally fantastic actress who is active in the tinsel world for the last five decades.She is blessed with a cute highly expressive face and emotive voice quality.Her smile is very attractive.She could portray any type of roles and shines well to display sentimental and sorrowful roles.
In her youthful days she was looking gorgeous and marvelous  but  preferred to act in dignified roles only.In Tamil,Telugu and Malayalam she presented
somewhat  equal number of films.In Kannada she acted in a half a dozen films and she appeared in a Hindi film also with Raj Kumar and Feroz Khan in 1965.Altogether in her career K.R.Vijaya 
acted in more than 400 films.
The Hindi film ' Ooncha Log' received critical acclaim and was a success and she got more offers from Hindi films but since she was very busy in the South Indian Films she did not accept that offers.
K.R.Vijaya's mother was from Kerala and her Father was from Andhra Pradesh.Her father acted in the drama troupe of M.R.Radha.During her childhood period  she stayed at Palani in Tamil Nadu.She was born on 30 Nov 1948.
K.R.Vijaya debuted in the Tamil film 'Karpagam' in 1963 directed by K.S.Gopalakrishnan.Interestingly  K.S.Gopalakrishnan directed her 100th film
'Nadhiyil Muthu' also.
K.R.Vijaya could act with all eminent actors of  Tamil,Telugu and Malayalam 
like MGR,Sivaji Ganesan,Gemini Ganesan,Jai Shankar,Kamal Hassan,Rajani Kanth,Muthu Raman,NTR,Sathyan,Prem Nazir etc.
In 1964 'Server Sundaram' was a film by K.Balachander in which Nagesh acted as a waiter along with Muthuraman.K.R.Vijaya was the heroine of that film.The film earned Filmfare award as Best film of the year.
'Sakunthala', a Malayalam film directed by Kunchakko in 1965 earned her much
appreciation.She presented brilliant acting at that  young age of 17 and she was a
a stunning beauty in those days.The hero of that film was Prem Nazir.The film
was a super duper hit which contained melodious songs by Vayalar-Devarajan team which are still popular.
'The Tamil film 'Saraswathi Sapadham' of 1966 was a blockbuster film in which
Savithri,Devika and Padmini appeared as the three Goddesses Lakshmi,Parvathy and Saraswathi.Among them had a dispute about their powers was the theme of the film.K.R.Vijaya acted as a character 'Selvambika' in this film.Sivaji Ganesan and Gemini Ganesan also acted in it.
                            In 1966 'Odayil Ninnu' was a nice film  which was based
on a novel written by P.Kesava Dev.Sathyan presented the character as  a rikshaw puller by name 'Pappu' which earned him much prestige.Prem Nazir was having equal importance as Sathyan in that film in which Kaviyoor Ponnamma had a pivot 
role too.
'Anarkali' was a beautiful historical Malayalam film of 1966 directed by Kunchakko in which K.R.Vijaya portrayed the beautiful court dancer Anarkali.Prince Salim was acted by Prem Nazir and Sathyan acted as Emperor Akbar.The songs of that film are still very popular.
'Iru Malargal' of 1967 was a Tamil  film  of Sivaji Ganesan in which a man caught in between his lady love and his loving wife was the theme.
'Anweshichu Kandethiyilla' of 1968 was a fantastic film of Sathyan and K.R.Vijaya which was directed by P.Bhaskaran.It contained nice songs.K.R.Vijaya portrayed the role as a nurse in this film.It received National award as best feature film in Malayalam.

'Annai Velankanni' was about the famous  Church at Velankanni and the film was a huge success.The experiences of some devotees of that Shrine was shown in the film.
'Ayodhya' was a 1975 Malayalam film in which Prem Nazir and K.R.Vijaya  were in the important roles.In this film Kishore Kumar sang a Malayalam song "A B C D Chettan KD aniyanu pedi" which was liked by the audience.
'John Jaffer Janardhanan' was 1982 film of I.V.Sasi taken in Malayalam and it was the remake of Hindi film 'Amar Akbar Anthony'.Mammootty,Ratheesh and Raveendran acted in main roles of this film.
'Parannu Parannu Parannu' was a Malayalam film directed by Padmarajan  in which Rehman and Rohini acted as the main pair.
'Sreedharante Onnam Thirumurivu' was a Sathyan Anthikkad's Malayalam film in which Mammootty was the hero  as a man who was running a car repairing workshop.
The search for a bride to him was the theme of the film.
'Appu' was a Malayalam film of 1990 in which Mohan Lal was the hero.Nedumudi Venu,Murali,Vijaya Raghavan etc acted in key roles.K.R.Vijaya
as the mother of Murali who loves the character 'Appu' of Mohan Lal was excellent.This  film also contained  beautiful songs.
'Mr.Brahmachari' was a Thulasidas's Malayalam film of 2003 in which K.R.Vijaya acted as the mother of heroine Meena.In this film she was the mother of four girls.
In the 2010 Telugu film 'Simha' she acted as the grandmother of hero Balakrishna.Namatha and Nayanthara acted in this film.The hero Nandamuri Balakrishna received 'Nandi' award for this film.
Selected Filmography
Server Sundaram
Odayil Ninnu
Saraswathi Sapatham
Pattanathil Bhootham
Kandan Karunai
Iru Malargal
Anweshichu Kandethiyilla
Ootty varai Uravu
Thirumal Perumai
Annai Velankanni
Mayor Meenakshi
General Chakravarthy
Justice Gopinath
Rishi Moolam
John Jaffer Janardhanan
Dheerga Sumangali
Raja Rajeswari
Idhaya Kamalam
Nechirukkum Varai
Namma Veettu Theivam
Parannu Parannu Parannu
Champakkulam Thachan
Bhairava Deepam

Pranaya Nilavu
Raman Ethanai Ramanadi
Kurathi Magan
Naan Aen Piranthen
Panam Padaithavan
Nalla Neyram
Sri Rama Rajyam
Scene from Malayalam film 'Sakunthala'

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