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Sharada earned reputation for her skill to portray characters  with grief and pain and so  that
several movies were purposely made in Malayalam to exploit that extraordinary talent of her.Stories were suitably designed  for her in earlier times  as  the lead female character  to shed a lot of
tears and she  would be without anybody's help struggling  in a miserable and pathetic condition- not knowing  what to do.The audiences also felt sympathy for such characters of  her when she portrayed several of them  emotively as if real.Sharada is possessing exceptional talent and
skill to act quite naturally and she is well versed to play any kind of roles but this versatile actress  would be
marvelous to display sorrowful grievances of poor women in the society.
Sharada received National Award as Best Actress thrice, two times for Malayalam films and the other for a Telugu film.
Sharada earned name and fame by acting in Malayalam films.She was concentrating only in
Malayalam films for a long period in her career.
Sharada was born as 'Saraswathi Devi and her parents were Venkiteswara Rao and Sathyavathi Amma.She was born on 12 June 1945 at Tenali,Guntur,Andhra Pradsh.Sharada
lived with her Grandmother Kanakamma in the childhood at Madras  and learned dancing with an intention to join films.
She debuted in a Telugu film at the age of 13.From 1959 on wards she began to act in the name 'Sharada'.She got chance to act in Nageswara Rao film 'Iddaru Muthrulu' and in Tamil films and Malayalam films substantially.
In 1965 she  was the heroine of some famous films of Malayalam such as 'Murapennu,Inapravukal,Kattu Thulasi' etc which were all successful films.Murapennu was
a grand success at the box Office in which Prem Nazir,Ummer etc acted and it was based on 
the screenplay of M.T.Vasudevan Nair, who is 'Njan Peeth ' holder.It was M.T's debut venture as a screen play writer.She acted in another blockbuster film 'Sakunthala' with
Prem Nazir and K.R.Vijaya.The songs  of Sakunthala and Murapennu are still popular.
Her performance in the film 'Iruttinte Athmavu' earned critical acclaim in 1966 which was
a nice  spectacular portray of character and she got National Honourary Award for that film and
other various films of that year.Prem Nazir was also well appreciated for his excellent acting
performance in the film 'Iruttinte Athmavu' in 1966.
Sharada received National Award as Best Actress for the Malayalam film 'Thulabharam' in
1969 which was directed by A.Vincent.That film won National award as second best feature film of that year.Sheela, Thickurissi,Prem Nazir,Madhu  etc acted  in Thulabharam with Sharada.
'Pareeksha' was another blockbuster film which was written by T.N.Gopinathan Nair.It contained beautiful songs and the hero was Prem Nazir.
'Adimakal' of 69 was another successful film in which Sheela and Sathyan also acted with
Sharada and got National  award as best feature film of Malayalam.
'Mooladhanam' was a film in which Sharada portrayed the character as the wife of Sathyan,
a political leader who was arrested by the police.Sharada and her children had to suffer a
lot and she had so many sequences to act emotively which she presented brilliantly.
'Nadhi' was another film of grand success at the box office in which P.J.Antony,Thickurissi,
Nellikkodu Bhaskaran,Prem Nazir,Ambika, Baby Sumathi etc acted  which was of an unusual
story and contained melodious songs.
'Thriveni' of 1970 was also a nice film of Sathyan,Prem Nazir,Sharada etc .That film was also
a challenge to her acting skill.Sathyan was superb in this film as a rich old man who married
Sharada's character to protect her dignity in the society but loved her like a father  and he loved  the child born to
her also very much.
Sharada received the Second National Award as Best Actress for the Malayalam film 'Swayamvaram' in 1972 which was directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan.It was the debut
directional venture of the genius director and the film was a  neo- realistic film in Malayalam.She
could act in another such film of Adoor Gopalakrishnan 'Elipathayam' in 1987 also.
Swayamvaram bagged other National award as best feature film of the year,Best Director

Award and Best Cinematographer award for ' Mankada Ravi Varma.'
Madhu and Sharada was in the leading roles of 'Swayamvaram' which was a new experience
for the spectators.
From around 1972 on wards she started acting in Telugu films along with Malayalam films and occasionally acted in some Hindi films and Tamil films.
The film 'Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam' was a blockbuster film and super duper hit
at the box office which was directed by Bharathan.Nedumudi Venu and sharada portrayed
retired teachers and as childless couple in this film.Parvathy and Devan with M.S.Thrippunithura displayed fantastic acting skills.
Sharada acted brilliantly and majestically as a Judge 'Usha Varma' in 'Kashmiram',  a Suresh Gopi film.
In 2011 her role in the film 'Nayika' is also unforgettable.Jayaram and Padma Priya acted
nicely in this picture.
Sharada married Telugu actor/producer Jhalam but divorced later.She is also a film producer and produced some Malayalam films also.She was selected as a Parliament Member from her hometown.
Sharada received National Honourary Award for Iruttinte Athmavu as Best Actress in 1966
She received National Best actress Award in 1969 for Malayalam film Thulabharam
She received National Best Actress Award in 1972 for Malayalam film 'Swayamvaram'
She received National Best Actress Award in 1977 for Telugu film 'Nimajjanam'.
In 1970 she received Kerala Government Best actress award for film Thiruvonam
In 1977 she received Lifetime Achievement Award from Filmfare.
In 2010 she received NTR National Award.
Selected Filmography
Kathirunna Nikah
Kattu Thulasi
Iruttinte Athmavu
Gnana Oli
Theertha Yathra
Kalam Marindi
Manevudu Danavudu
Agni Rekha
Karthika Deepam
Ravana Brahma
Donge Ramudu
State Rowdy
Coolie No.1
Mechanic Alludu
Pelli Gola
Sabse Bada Maweli
Mazhathulli Kilukkam


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