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Swapna is a beautiful actress who had manifested several roles in Malayalam in the 80's and then shifted
to Bollywood and at present she is not acting in movies.
She had her debut film in Telugu and her second film was in Tamil opposite Kamal Hassan.She is married to
Raman Khanna and engaged in organizing event management company activities.Mostly they organize Bollywood and Indian Classical dances abroad.
The Tamil film Tik Tik Tik directed by Bharati Raja in 1981 was the entry of Swapna to Tamil and  Kamal
Hassan was the hero of that film.The film was a blockbuster film and Swapna gained popularity in South India.
Malayalam films 'Ahimsa' and 'Thrishna' released in 1981 which were directed by I.V.Sasi were grand
successes at the  Box Office and with these pictures Mammootty got very much established as a versatile

actor in Malayalam.In 'Ahimsa' Mohan Lal was also in the  cast.In both these films Ratheesh  also acted.
Thrishna scripted by M.T.Vasudevan Nair was a charismatic film in every sense.The location of the film,
photography and presentation was superb.Along withMammootty and Swapna, Kaviyoor Ponnamma,Jose
Prakash,Lalu Alex,Rajyalakshmi,Premji,Sankaradi etc also acted.
In the film Ahimsa, Ratheesh was the hero and Mammootty,Sukumaran,Mohan Lal,Menaka,Poornima Jayaram, etc acted which was also a blockbuster film which contained nice songs.
'Chiriyo Chiri' was a comedy film written and directed by Balachandra Menon in which Mammootty,Sukumari,Swapna,Adoor Bhasi,etc were  in the cast.'Innallenkil Nale' was directed by I.V.Sasi and released in the year 82 which emphasized political and social issues.It was penned by T.Damodaran and Balan K,Nair,Ratheesh,Mammootty,Seema,Lalu Alex etc acted which again was a super hit film.
'Kadathanadan Ambadi' was another film in which Swapna acted in the year 85-86 but it was released in 1990
only.Prem Nazir and Mohan Lal appeared together in that film.The screenplay of that film was written by Cochin Haneefa and dialogues was by Sarangapani.
In the midst of 80's Swapna shifted her arena to Bollywood where she could get several films to her credit
but could not establish as a superstar.
'Dacoit' was a film directed by Rahul Rawail in which Meenakshi Seshadri was the heroine.Sunny Deol
was the hero.Swapna acted in that film.
1987 film 'Hukumat' was a super duper hit film Dharmendra,Rati Agnihotri,Prem Chopra,Swapna,Shammi Kapoor, etc were in the cast.The film was directed by Anil Sharma.
Malayalam film 'Uyarangalil', 'Swanthamevide Bandhamevide', Hindi films 'Haqeequat', 'Izatddaar' etc
were also well acclaimed films of Swapna.
Selected Filmography
Tik Tik Tik
Chiriyo Chiri
John Jafer Janardanan
Oru Thira Pinneyum Thira
Innallenkil Nale
Varanmare Aavasyamundu
Onnu Chirikku
Ek Din Bahu ka
Kanchana Ganga
Prema Lekhanam
Kadathanadan Ambadi
Swanthamevide Bandhamevide
Teri Meharbaniyam
Aage ki soch
Tuche Nahin Chodunga
Janam se Pahle
Sachche ka Bol Bala

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