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Sumalatha is a popular actress of South India who has acted mostly as heroine in Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and also in several Hindi Films.She belongs to a Telugu family and was
settled in chennai.Sumalatha was bron on 27 August 1963 and was entered in to films by acting in a Tamil film at the age of 16 in 1979.She could act in Rajani Kanth's Murattu Kalai and  'Kazhugu' during those period.
Soon she appeared in Telugu films and was victorious there also.She could act in numerous films with Chiranjeevi in Telugu..She established as a pioneer artist in Kannada also and could act with eminent actors of that language..Her films 'Antha', 'Avathara Purusha' 'Tayi Kanasu'  'Karna' etc earned much fame in Kannada.
In Malayalam Sumalatha could establish fame and reputation  as a very nice actress and got chance to portray
some very best characters in films of eminent directors.
In the film 'Kolilakkam' Sumalatha was also in the cast and that was the film which resulted fatal to Superstar
Jayan.On 16 November 1980 during the shooting of a fight scene Jayan  met with  an accident resulted from a faulty
helicopter.He was hanging on the helicopter which ditched him to the ground and he  died because of the injuries.
'Nirakkoott' was a blockbuster film of 1985 in which Mammootty and Sumalatha presented gorgeous acting
skills and the fantastic songs and song sequences of that film  were also highly acclaimed by critics and viewers.Mammootty
presented the character Ravi Verma and Sumalatha acted as 'Mercy'.Sumalatha's character was being killed
and 'Urvashy's character  as a journalist  revealing the truths  about her death  was the theme of the film.That film was the highest grosser of that year.
Character 'Clara' of film 'Thoovanathumbikal' will be always remembered because of the novelty  acting

talents of Sumalatha.Her dedication to the  acting profession was praised by the  director of the film  P.Padmarajan  also.There was
a beach scene in the film in which Sumalatha's character 'Clara' and MohanLal's character Jaya Krishnan
playing for fun in the shallow water and on shore.Sumalatha's saree was wet and the undergarments were
visible which the director wanted to shoot in that way to show the glamour of the heroine.There was break
in between the shoot and  the same scene was continued next day from the place they had pictured on the
previous  day.Neither the director nor the assistant director noticed that the color of undergarments of Sumalatha  was not the same as of the previous day when the shooting was in progress.But it was Sumalatha herself understood the mistake and said
about that to the director,  and got it changed to the same color as of the previous day.This was praised by Padmarajan himself  in an interview about the love and dedication to the profession by certain artists like Sumalatha.
'New Delhi' was also a hit film of Sumalatha directed by Joshi in which she played the character Maria Fernandes, a professional dancer.'Nair Saab' was also a well reputed film of Joshi in which Sumalatha and
Geetha presented equally important roles.In the film 'Thazhvaram' written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair, and which dealt a theme of revenge Sumalatha and Mohan Lal acted well.
She received Nandi award for the  film 'Sruthi layalu' in 1987.The film 'Kallarali Hoovagi' received National award for National integration.
Sumalatha married Kannada actor Ambarish in 1991,  who became a famous politician also.They have a son by
name 'Abhishek'.
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