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Bhanu Priya is an Indian actress and classical dancer who is well famed in all south Indian languages and also
in Hindi films.She possess excellent acting skill using appropriate expression always with beautiful  gestures,voice modulation  and
using her wide and beautiful eyes.Many directors,cinematographers and co-stars have expressed appreciation
about her dancing skill,expressive eyes,wonderful body shape and photogenic nature.She is beautiful on
the screen in all angles and was on the top as the heroine of several languages in 80's and 90's.She used to
appear in many popular T.V.Serials also.
Bhanu Priya was born in Rajamundri,Andhra Pradesh on 15 January 1964.She was trained in all types of
Classical dances like Bharatanatyam and Kuchupidi and became an expert in that field.Her two sisters Shanti Priya and Jyothi priya are also actresses and classical dancers but Bhanupriya gained more fame than them.
Bhanupriya debuted in Telugu cinema in the year 1983 with the film 'Sitaara' and in the same year she could act in a Tamil film by name 'Mella Pesungal'.The new heroine was very much liked by the audience and so she was
cast in many films and  in languages such as  Kannada,Malayalam and Hindi also. During her career in films she has acted in 55 Telugu films,40 Tamil films,14 Hindi,9Malayalam, and 6 Kannada films.
She was acclaimed for her classical dance sequences in several films.Many of her films contained the theme of 
classical dance like the K.Viswanath's 'Swarnakamalam' a Telugu film released in the year 1988 with Venketesh and Bhanupriya in lead roles.In Malayalam 'Rajasilipi' was a film which gave importance to classical dance in which Mohan Lal was the hero and directed by R.Sukumaran in 1992.Bhanu Priya presented fantastic dancing sequences in that film with Mohan Lal.It was a super hit movie.
Sathyan Anthikkad's film 'Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal' also contained a competitive dance performance
of Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and Bhanupriya.
In Bollywood she has acted in several films with Jeetendra like 'Khudgarz,Mar mitenge,Dav pech, Zahreelay,Tamacha,Kasam Vardi ki, etc'.In the film 'Bhabhi' she acted with Govinda and Juhi Chowla.
In the film Garibon ke Daata Mithun Chakraborty was the hero.'Dosti Dushmani,Insaaf ki pukar' etc were also
famous Hindi films of Bhanu Priya.'Dosti Dushmani' was a super hit film directed by T.Rama Rao in which Rishi Kapoor,Jeetendra,Poonam Dhillon  and Rajani Kanth acted  along with Bhanu Priya.

'Khudgarz' was also a super hit film which was directed by Rakesh Roshan in 1987 in which Jeetendra,Shatrughnan  Sinha,Amrita Singh etc were in the cast.
In the film 'Mar Mitenge' Madhavi was the heroine and Jeetendra and Mithun Chakraborthy acted which
was directed by Kamal Sharma.Bhanu Priya played the character as 'Jenny'.
The Tamil film 'Azhagan' of 1991 which was directed by Kailasam Balachander was a super duper hit and Bhanu Priya got Tamil Nadu Government special award as Best Actress for that film.
The 'Brahma' of Satyaraj released in 91 was a well noted Tamil film.Super duper hit 'Talapathi' of 91 was

a highly acclaimed film of director Mani Ratnam.Rajani Kanth,Mammootty,Shobhana,Bhanu Priya,Aravind Swamy,Sri Vidya etc manifested excellent acting skill in this picture. K.Bhagyaraj produced and directed 'Aariro Arariro' a nice film for which she received Tamil Nadu Government special prize in 1989.
Satyaraj film 'Kattalai' of 93 and 'Uzhavan' of the same year were also super hits.'Uzhavan' was directed
by 'Kathir' in which nice acting was presented by Prabhu Ganesan, Bhanu Priya and Rambha.The story dealt with
a positive thinking farmer who was willing to help others too.
!996 film 'Azhakiya Ravanan' of Mammootty and 1997 film 'Kulam' of Suresh Gopi were good films in
Malayalam in which Bhanu Priya acted as heroine.
Bhanu Priya got Nandi award for Best actress and Filmfare award for Best actress in 1988 for film 'Swarna Kamalam'.In 89 she got Tamil Nadu Government special prize for film 'Ariro Arariro' and Tamil Nadu Government special prize in 91 for film 'Azhagan'.She got Nandi award for Best Supporting actress in 2002 and in 2005.
Bhanu Priya used to appear in some T.V. serials also out of which 'Shakthi' shown on Sun T.V. Net works dubbed in different languages was very much popular.
Selected Filmography
Sitaara (Telugu)
Mella Pesungal (Tamil)
Rowdy (Telugu)
Chadarangam (Telugu)
Jwala (Telugu)
Dosti Dushmani (Hindi)
Apoorva Sahodaralu (Telugu)
Insaf Ki Pukar (Hindi)
Khudgarz (Hindi)
Donga mogudu (Telugu)
Mar mitenge (Hindi)
Tamacha (Hindi)
Garibon ka Daata (Hindi)
Kasam Vardi Ka(Hindi)
Dav Pech (Hindi)
Araro Ariraro (Tamil)
Bhabhi (Hindi)
Brahma (Tamil)
Talapathi (Tamil)
Magudam (Tamil)
Bharathan (Tamil)
Amaran (Tamil)
Nalla Nalla Irukkanam(Tamil)
Rasika (Kannada)
Uzhavan (Tamil)
Rajasilpi (Malayalam)
Azhakiya Ravanan (Malayalam)
Annamayya (Telugu)
Aasha (Tamil)
Endrendrum Kadhal (Tamil)
Jayam Manadera (Telugu)
Naina (Tamil)
Kochu Kochu Santoshangal(Malayalam)
Pollathavan (Tamil)
Meshtri (Kannada)
Devathalu (Kannada)
Hridayathil Sookshikkam(Malayalam)
Kulam (Malayalam)
Chatrapathi (Telugu)
Jore (Tamil)

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