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Bhanu Priya is an Indian actress and classical dancer who is well famed in all south Indian languages and also
in Hindi films.She possess excellent acting skill using appropriate expression always with beautiful  gestures,voice modulation  and
using her wide and beautiful eyes.Many directors,cinematographers and co-stars have expressed appreciation
about her dancing skill,expressive eyes,wonderful body shape and photogenic nature.She is beautiful on
the screen in all angles and was on the top as the heroine of several languages in 80's and 90's.She used to
appear in many popular T.V.Serials also.
Bhanu Priya was born in Rajamundri,Andhra Pradesh on 15 January 1964.She was trained in all types of
Classical dances like Bharatanatyam and Kuchupidi and became an expert in that field.Her two sisters Shanti Priya and Jyothi priya are also actresses and classical dancers but Bhanupriya gained more fame than them.
Bhanupriya debuted in Telugu cinema in the year 1983 with the film 'Sitaara' and in the same year she could act in a Tamil film by name 'Mella Pesungal'.The new heroine was very much liked by the audience and so she was
cast in many films and  in languages such as  Kannada,Malayalam and Hindi also. During her career in films she has acted in 55 Telugu films,40 Tamil films,14 Hindi,9Malayalam, and 6 Kannada films.
She was acclaimed for her classical dance sequences in several films.Many of her films contained the theme of 
classical dance like the K.Viswanath's 'Swarnakamalam' a Telugu film released in the year 1988 with Venketesh and Bhanupriya in lead roles.In Malayalam 'Rajasilipi' was a film which gave importance to classical dance in which Mohan Lal was the hero and directed by R.Sukumaran in 1992.Bhanu Priya presented fantastic dancing sequences in that film with Mohan Lal.It was a super hit movie.
Sathyan Anthikkad's film 'Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal' also contained a competitive dance performance
of Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and Bhanupriya.
In Bollywood she has acted in several films with Jeetendra like 'Khudgarz,Mar mitenge,Dav pech, Zahreelay,Tamacha,Kasam Vardi ki, etc'.In the film 'Bhabhi' she acted with Govinda and Juhi Chowla.
In the film Garibon ke Daata Mithun Chakraborty was the hero.'Dosti Dushmani,Insaaf ki pukar' etc were also
famous Hindi films of Bhanu Priya.'Dosti Dushmani' was a super hit film directed by T.Rama Rao in which Rishi Kapoor,Jeetendra,Poonam Dhillon  and Rajani Kanth acted  along with Bhanu Priya.

'Khudgarz' was also a super hit film which was directed by Rakesh Roshan in 1987 in which Jeetendra,Shatrughnan  Sinha,Amrita Singh etc were in the cast.
In the film 'Mar Mitenge' Madhavi was the heroine and Jeetendra and Mithun Chakraborthy acted which
was directed by Kamal Sharma.Bhanu Priya played the character as 'Jenny'.
The Tamil film 'Azhagan' of 1991 which was directed by Kailasam Balachander was a super duper hit and Bhanu Priya got Tamil Nadu Government special award as Best Actress for that film.
The 'Brahma' of Satyaraj released in 91 was a well noted Tamil film.Super duper hit 'Talapathi' of 91 was

a highly acclaimed film of director Mani Ratnam.Rajani Kanth,Mammootty,Shobhana,Bhanu Priya,Aravind Swamy,Sri Vidya etc manifested excellent acting skill in this picture. K.Bhagyaraj produced and directed 'Aariro Arariro' a nice film for which she received Tamil Nadu Government special prize in 1989.
Satyaraj film 'Kattalai' of 93 and 'Uzhavan' of the same year were also super hits.'Uzhavan' was directed
by 'Kathir' in which nice acting was presented by Prabhu Ganesan, Bhanu Priya and Rambha.The story dealt with
a positive thinking farmer who was willing to help others too.
!996 film 'Azhakiya Ravanan' of Mammootty and 1997 film 'Kulam' of Suresh Gopi were good films in
Malayalam in which Bhanu Priya acted as heroine.
Bhanu Priya got Nandi award for Best actress and Filmfare award for Best actress in 1988 for film 'Swarna Kamalam'.In 89 she got Tamil Nadu Government special prize for film 'Ariro Arariro' and Tamil Nadu Government special prize in 91 for film 'Azhagan'.She got Nandi award for Best Supporting actress in 2002 and in 2005.
Bhanu Priya used to appear in some T.V. serials also out of which 'Shakthi' shown on Sun T.V. Net works dubbed in different languages was very much popular.
Selected Filmography
Sitaara (Telugu)
Mella Pesungal (Tamil)
Rowdy (Telugu)
Chadarangam (Telugu)
Jwala (Telugu)
Dosti Dushmani (Hindi)
Apoorva Sahodaralu (Telugu)
Insaf Ki Pukar (Hindi)
Khudgarz (Hindi)
Donga mogudu (Telugu)
Mar mitenge (Hindi)
Tamacha (Hindi)
Garibon ka Daata (Hindi)
Kasam Vardi Ka(Hindi)
Dav Pech (Hindi)
Araro Ariraro (Tamil)
Bhabhi (Hindi)
Brahma (Tamil)
Talapathi (Tamil)
Magudam (Tamil)
Bharathan (Tamil)
Amaran (Tamil)
Nalla Nalla Irukkanam(Tamil)
Rasika (Kannada)
Uzhavan (Tamil)
Rajasilpi (Malayalam)
Azhakiya Ravanan (Malayalam)
Annamayya (Telugu)
Aasha (Tamil)
Endrendrum Kadhal (Tamil)
Jayam Manadera (Telugu)
Naina (Tamil)
Kochu Kochu Santoshangal(Malayalam)
Pollathavan (Tamil)
Meshtri (Kannada)
Devathalu (Kannada)
Hridayathil Sookshikkam(Malayalam)
Kulam (Malayalam)
Chatrapathi (Telugu)
Jore (Tamil)

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In the year 1984 when  Director Fazil was planning about his film 'Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu'
he thought of introducing a new face as the heroine character 'Girlie' who should had to be very smart,
energetic and capable of performing  some funny sequences also.His search ended at Mumbai from where he
selected a Keralite girl itself who was born and brought up there. She is Nadia Moidu and also
known as Zareena and Nadhia.She acted the lead role of film 'Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu' which was
written and directed by Fazil in a lovely manner.The story was unusual  and in that picture actress Padmini
had a very important role as grandmother of Girlie.Padmini acting in a Malayalam film after a long gap was very much appreciated by the audience as well as the attractive and talented new heroine was also well accepted.
Nadia's hairstyle, style and movements were quite appealing and she excelled nicely as the character 'Girlie'.The
next year that film was remade in Tamil in the name 'Poove Poo Chooda Vaa' which was directed by Fazil again.In the Tamil version also Nadia Moidu presented the same role as 'Girlie' and Padmini the same role as grandmother of Girlie.Other characters were presented by Tamil actors.The Tamil film was also a big success

and Nadia could establish as a new heroine in Tamil also.
 1986 film 'Panchagni' of Malayalam was a super hit film in which Mohan Lal and Geetha were in lead roles.
Actor 'Murali' debuted in Malayalam in that film.It was directed by Hariharan and in that film Nadia presented
the character 'Savithri'.
'Shyama' was a beatiful romantic film directed by Joshi in which Mammootty and Nadia Moidu acted in lead roles.Mukesh also handled an important role in this film in which there were some nice songs.Sumalatha also
acted in this picture.
In 1987 'Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi' a Tamil film of Sathyaraj and Prabhu was super hit.It was directed
by Manivannan.In 1987 'Anbulla Appa' was a good film in which Sivaji Ganesan acted.In 1989 'Rajadhi Raja' directed by Sundara Raja was a super hit film in which Rajani Kanth,Vijaya Kumar,Radha etc acted.
The Malayalam film 'Vadhu Doctaranu' in which Jayaram was the hero was a nice one.Jagathy Sree Kumar,
Oduvil Unni Krishnan,K.P.A.C. Lalitha etc handled important roles and was a super hit film.
Nadia got married and was staying in U.S.A. for a long period.They have returned from there and settled in Mumbai  and again  she entered acting
in Malayalam and Tamil films occasionally.
The Tamil film 'M.Kumaran S/O. Mahalakshmi  was a blockbuster film which was remake of Telugu film
'Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi' in which Ravi Teja,Prakash Raj,Jayasudha etc acted.In the Tamil version
Jayam Ravi,Asin,Prakash Raj,Nadiya etc acted and Nadia's role was as the mother of hero character.
The 2007 film 'Thamirabharani' was also a well noted film and super hit in which 'Vishal' manifested the role as 'Bharani' an angry man.
In Malayalam Nadia was superb in recent  Mammootty film 'Doubles' and also  as a Police Officer in Kunchakko Boban
film 'Sevens'.
Selected Filmography
Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu
Koodum Thedi
Kandu Kandarinju
Onningu Vannengil
Poove Poo Chooda Vaa
Uyire Unakkaga
Nilave Malare
Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi
Mangai Oru Gangai
Anbulla Appa
Poomazhai poliyudhu
Irandril Ondru
Rajadhi Raja
Vadhu Doctaranu
Chinna Madam
Raja Kumaran

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It was in 1982 that a very beautiful girl debuted in Bollywood in the film 'Painter Babu' acting against Rajiv Goswami, the younger brother of Manoj Kumar.The critics and audience were very much impressed by her.

cute appearance and skillful classical dance performance.The actress rose to stardom by the movie 'Hero'
which was released  in 1983 in which Jackie Shroff was  in the lead role and directed by Subhash Ghai.

Meenakshi Seshadri was born on 16 November 1963  at Sindri,Jharkhand to  Tamil speaking Iyer Brahmin

Parents.She got trained in classical dances like Bharatanatyam etc from the childhood and when became
an actress of Bollywood her dance sequences were included in most of her films.She
got fame when selected as Miss India in 1981 and got entry in to films at an ease.
In the 1983 film 'Awara Baap' she acted with Rajesh Khanna.Madhuri Dixit  was also in the cast.

The 1986 film 'Main Balwan' was a super hit film in which Dharmendra,Mithun Chakravarthy and Suresh Oberoi
acted.It was directed by Mukul S.Anand.
'Intequam' of 1988 was a blockbuster film in which Sunny Deol and Anil Kapoor were in main roles
It was directed by Raj Kumar kohli.
In another Raj Kumar Kohli picture 'Bees Saal Baad' Mithun Chakravsarthy was the hero.Dimple Kapadia was  also in that film.In that 1988 film Vinod Mehra handled the role as Inspector Verma.This was a horror
 family drama and the female lead role as 'Kiran Thakur' was nicely handled by Meenakshi Seshadri

In the  year 1990 another blockbuster film of Meenakshi released 'Jurm' in which Vinod Khanna was in the
main role.It was directed by Mahesh Bhatt.In the film Vinod Khanna was in the role of Inspector Sekhar

Verma and Meenakshi Seshadri as his wife 'Meena' and acted  fantastically.
She had acted in a few Tamil and Telugu films also.Bhagyaraj made her heroine in his Tamil film 'Rathathin Rathame'.
Meenakshi Seshadri married Harish, an investment Banker and settled in Texas.They have two children.
Selected Filmography
Painter Babu
Do Gulab
Paisa Yeh Paisa
Awara Baap
Maha Guru
Meri Jung
Lover Boy
Main Balwan
Alla Rakha
Inam Dus Hazaar
Satyamev Jayathe
Shahen Shah
Teri Payal Mere Geet
En Rathathin Rathame
Aag se Khelenge
Pyar ka Karz
Yeh Raat phir na Ayegi
Aaj ka Gunda Raj
Apathbandha Vadu
Badi Bahen

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Jayasudha is a very popular actress of South India who has acted mostly in Telugu films and appeared in
Kannada,Tamil,Malayalam as well.She has also acted in some Hindi films also.
Jayasudha was born in Chennai on 17 Dec 1958 in a Telugu speaking family who were settled there.She studied in Chennai and so even if she could speak Telugu fluently she was not able to read and write in Telugu.
The famous South Indian film star 'Vijaya Nirmala'  is her aunt.Vijaya Nirmala  was the heroine of 'Bhargavee Nilayam' which was the first Malayalam  horror film.
Jayasudha debuted in a Telugu film at the age of 12 'Pandanti Kapuram'.
Later Director K.Balachander gave her a noted role in his prestigious film 'Arangetram' in which Kamal Hassan
was given a major role for the first time in his career.The film was a big success in which actress Prameela  acted very nicely.Afterwards Jayasudha was given noted roles in other Balachander films such as 'Sollathan
ninaikkiren' 'Nan Avanillai' 'Apoorva Ragangal' etc.In that period she changed her real name 'Sujatha' to
'Jayasudha' since there was another Sujatha in South Indian films.
Jayasudha debuted as heroine in a Telugu film 'Laksmana Rekha'(75) but rose to stardom by acting the lead role in a Telugu film 'Jyothi'. That film was  the remake of Hindi film 'Mili' and Jayasudha handled the role that was played by Jayabhaduri in Hindi.She received accolades from Critics and viewers and acted in several
other remakes films from Hindi to Telugu.
In the career altogether she has acted in more than 225 films and most of them were in Telugu.
Noted film maker Dasari Narayana Rao made several films with Jayasudha in lead roles.In the year 1982 when
she was at the peak of her fame he made a film 'Jayasudha' named after her in which she was the heroine also.
Jayasudha married film producer Nitin Kapoor  in 1985 who is cousin of actor Jitendra.They have two sons 'Nihar'
and 'Shreyan'.

Jayasudha was the heroine of Malayalam film 'Rasaleela' in 1975 at the age of 17.It was directed by N.Sankaran Nair and Kamal Hassan was the hero.It was the remake of Tamil film 'Unarchigal'.Jayasudha's
glamour was nicely shown in that film by Sankaran Nair and the film was a roaring success.Since  she became
busy in Telugu Jayasudha only appeared occasionally in Malayalam films.She has acted in some films including   2001 Malayalam film 'Ishtam'.
Rasaleela film is still remembered for the wonderful songs contained in that film.'Oh Ayilyam padathe ....

..............kiliyekilikiliye neelanjana painkiliye ee karukavyal kathiru koyyan nee koodi va'....   and the song
'Manackale thathe marakkuda thathe  ye innalle mangalathira rathri aadanam pol padanam pol....' are
still very young.
The film 'Rasaleela' is being remade in Malayalam at present.
Jayasudha has produced several films also.She entered politics and has won from Secunderabad as a congress M.L.A.
Selected Filmography
As a producer
Mera Pati sirf mera hai

Vinta kodallu
Hands Up
As an actress
Pandanti Kapuram
Bharata vilas
Thangathile Vairam
Apoorva Ragangal
Ame katha
Ninaithale Inikkum
Andamaina Anubhavam
Idi Katha kaadu
Prema Tarangalu
Griha Pravesam
Anuraga Devatha
Madhura Swapnam
Kali Kaalam
Kanchana Sita
Jeevitha Khaidi
Money Money
Daddy Daddy
Alai Payudhe
Vijaya Dasami

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Sumalatha is a popular actress of South India who has acted mostly as heroine in Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and also in several Hindi Films.She belongs to a Telugu family and was
settled in chennai.Sumalatha was bron on 27 August 1963 and was entered in to films by acting in a Tamil film at the age of 16 in 1979.She could act in Rajani Kanth's Murattu Kalai and  'Kazhugu' during those period.
Soon she appeared in Telugu films and was victorious there also.She could act in numerous films with Chiranjeevi in Telugu..She established as a pioneer artist in Kannada also and could act with eminent actors of that language..Her films 'Antha', 'Avathara Purusha' 'Tayi Kanasu'  'Karna' etc earned much fame in Kannada.
In Malayalam Sumalatha could establish fame and reputation  as a very nice actress and got chance to portray
some very best characters in films of eminent directors.
In the film 'Kolilakkam' Sumalatha was also in the cast and that was the film which resulted fatal to Superstar
Jayan.On 16 November 1980 during the shooting of a fight scene Jayan  met with  an accident resulted from a faulty
helicopter.He was hanging on the helicopter which ditched him to the ground and he  died because of the injuries.
'Nirakkoott' was a blockbuster film of 1985 in which Mammootty and Sumalatha presented gorgeous acting
skills and the fantastic songs and song sequences of that film  were also highly acclaimed by critics and viewers.Mammootty
presented the character Ravi Verma and Sumalatha acted as 'Mercy'.Sumalatha's character was being killed
and 'Urvashy's character  as a journalist  revealing the truths  about her death  was the theme of the film.That film was the highest grosser of that year.
Character 'Clara' of film 'Thoovanathumbikal' will be always remembered because of the novelty  acting

talents of Sumalatha.Her dedication to the  acting profession was praised by the  director of the film  P.Padmarajan  also.There was
a beach scene in the film in which Sumalatha's character 'Clara' and MohanLal's character Jaya Krishnan
playing for fun in the shallow water and on shore.Sumalatha's saree was wet and the undergarments were
visible which the director wanted to shoot in that way to show the glamour of the heroine.There was break
in between the shoot and  the same scene was continued next day from the place they had pictured on the
previous  day.Neither the director nor the assistant director noticed that the color of undergarments of Sumalatha  was not the same as of the previous day when the shooting was in progress.But it was Sumalatha herself understood the mistake and said
about that to the director,  and got it changed to the same color as of the previous day.This was praised by Padmarajan himself  in an interview about the love and dedication to the profession by certain artists like Sumalatha.
'New Delhi' was also a hit film of Sumalatha directed by Joshi in which she played the character Maria Fernandes, a professional dancer.'Nair Saab' was also a well reputed film of Joshi in which Sumalatha and
Geetha presented equally important roles.In the film 'Thazhvaram' written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair, and which dealt a theme of revenge Sumalatha and Mohan Lal acted well.
She received Nandi award for the  film 'Sruthi layalu' in 1987.The film 'Kallarali Hoovagi' received National award for National integration.
Sumalatha married Kannada actor Ambarish in 1991,  who became a famous politician also.They have a son by
name 'Abhishek'.
Selected Filmography
Rajadhi Raja
Murattu Kalai
Thenum Vayambum

John Jaffer Janardhanan
Justice Chakravarthy
New Delhi
Anthima Theerpu

Dina Rathrangal
Unnikrishnante aadyathe Christmas
Nair Saab
No.20 Madras Mail
Ee Thanutha veluppan Kalathu
Gang Leader
Dabbu Bale Jabbu
Aaj Ka Gunda Raj
Dushman Duniya Ka
Sri Manjunatha

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Chippy is a famous South Indian actress hailing from Trivandrum and was active in films during the period
1992 to 2001 and acted mainly in Malayalam and Kannada films.Chippy is her screen name in Malayalam whereas her screen name in Kannada  is 'Shilpa'.In Malayalam she has acted in lead roles and supporting roles
but in Kannada she rose to stardom with a movie 'Janumoda Jodi' against actor Shivraj Kumar in 1996.
It was directed by National award winner T,S.Nagabharana and the film became a blockbuster which was running
in packed houses for more than 500 days.That film bagged Karnataka Government awards for Best Actress(For Shilpa which is Chippy),Special Jury award for director,Best Lyricist and Best Music awards,Best script and best dialogues awards also.The director also received filmfare award for Best director.Chippy was
accepted by Kannada film viewers and she got chance to act in several Kannada films from there on.
Chippy was debuted in a Malayalam action thriller film 'Thalasthanam' in which Suresh Gopi was  the hero and directed by Shaji Kailas in the year 1992.But she became popular by the Bharathan film 'Padheyam' in which
she acted as daughter of Mammootty.The critics acclaimed for her acting skills in that film.

Afterwards she was cast in several Malayalam films either in the lead role,second heroine or in supporting roles.
What ever be her roles Chippy used to make it memorable with her acting talents.
In the film 'Ee Puzhayum Kadannu' she acted as the second sister of Manju Warrier's character as Anjali.It was an important role since during her marriage with Sudheesh so many consequences are happening.
In the film Sphadikam as 'Jancy Chacko' the sister of 'Aadu Thoma' Mohan Lal's character she was quite nice.
Jancy and her mother was loving Thomas Chacko but Chacko Master who created all the problems was not
realizing his own mistakes.The meeting of Jancy and Aadu Thoma were all touching scenes.
In the film 'Hitler' in which Madhavankutty (Mammootty) who protects his five sisters Chippy was one among them.The film was very much liked  by the audience because of its fabulous presentation.
in the  2001 film 'Kattu Vannu Vilichappol' Chippy was the heroine who acted against Krishna Kumar.
The song and sequence of 'Katte Nee Veesaruthippol Kare nee peyyaruthippol' which was written by Thirunallur Karunakaran so many years back and newly tuned for the film by M.G.Radhakrishnan became very popular.
Chippy married 'Ranjit' who produced several Malayalam films under the banner 'Raja Puthra films' and both
Chippy and Ranjith concentrates on T.V.Serials now.Ranjith produced so many T.V.Serials which got
appreciation from the viewers and Chippy used to act in those serials.Presently Chippy is acting the lead role
of 'Aakasadooth' on Soorya T.V.
Selected Filmography
CID Unnikrishnan B.A. B.Ed
Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Njanum
Minnaminunginum Minnukettu
Janumoda Jodi
Poothiruvathira Nalil
Prayikkara Pappan
Sarga Vasantham
Santhana Gopalam
Kalyana Sowganthikam
Kathil Oru Kinnaram
Aadyathe Kanmani
Ee Puhayum Kadannu
Asura Vamsam
Kattu Vannu Vilichappol