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Raveendran is a famous South Indian Film Star who was very active during 80's and had acted as hero
or in prime roles in numerous films in Malayalam and Tamil during those period.Later he deliberately took
a break from films proclaiming  that he would come back and he returned as promised and  now also
appear in character roles and villain roles.
Raveendran was well noted for his skill in dancing and in many films he was utilized to present fantastic dancing
sequences.In Tamil films of Kamal Hassan and Rajanikanth he was given second hero roles because of his
dancing skills.

Raveendran debuted in a Tamil block buster film 'Oru Thalai Ragam' and got appreciation from critics.Later he
could act in other block buster movies of Super Stars like "Sagala Kala Vallavan, Per Sollum Pillai,Rama Lakshman,Ranga,Thangamagan,Pokkiri Raja etc".
Raveendran was but interested to concentrate on Malayalam movies than Tamil films.In many Malayalam
films he presented impressive acting talents.He was also very energetic and was exceptionally good in stunt
scenes,bike riding etc also.His overall looks was also well suited for villainous type roles and so in many
films he was given villain type roles.
In the film 'Iniyenkilum' as the college student and the son of a rich business man 'Karunakaran' which the role
was handled by T.G.Ravi, he is doing all kind of nuisances like kissing a poor college girl in front of several
other students etc and earned all the hatred from the audience.In the film 'Rangam' as the villain in the film
harassing the hero Mohan Lal's character was done extremely well by Raveendran.
In the film 'Pappayude Swantham Appoos', the small kid Appu got injured by the villain role of Raveendran
and the audience was also upset with the father of the boy the role which was handled by Mammootty.
He has signed in new projects and  we can watch his performance in the upcoming films.
Selected Filmography
Oru Thalai Ragam
Sindhoora sandyakku mounam
John Jaffer Janardhanan
Innallenkil Nale
Per sollum Pillai
Thanga Magan
Sagala Kala Vallavan
Bharatchandran I.P.S
Pappayude Swantham Appoos
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