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Raveendran is a famous South Indian Film Star who was very active during 80's and had acted as hero
or in prime roles in numerous films in Malayalam and Tamil during those period.Later he deliberately took
a break from films proclaiming  that he would come back and he returned as promised and  now also
appear in character roles and villain roles.
Raveendran was well noted for his skill in dancing and in many films he was utilized to present fantastic dancing
sequences.In Tamil films of Kamal Hassan and Rajanikanth he was given second hero roles because of his
dancing skills.

Raveendran debuted in a Tamil block buster film 'Oru Thalai Ragam' and got appreciation from critics.Later he
could act in other block buster movies of Super Stars like "Sagala Kala Vallavan, Per Sollum Pillai,Rama Lakshman,Ranga,Thangamagan,Pokkiri Raja etc".
Raveendran was but interested to concentrate on Malayalam movies than Tamil films.In many Malayalam
films he presented impressive acting talents.He was also very energetic and was exceptionally good in stunt
scenes,bike riding etc also.His overall looks was also well suited for villainous type roles and so in many
films he was given villain type roles.
In the film 'Iniyenkilum' as the college student and the son of a rich business man 'Karunakaran' which the role
was handled by T.G.Ravi, he is doing all kind of nuisances like kissing a poor college girl in front of several
other students etc and earned all the hatred from the audience.In the film 'Rangam' as the villain in the film
harassing the hero Mohan Lal's character was done extremely well by Raveendran.
In the film 'Pappayude Swantham Appoos', the small kid Appu got injured by the villain role of Raveendran
and the audience was also upset with the father of the boy the role which was handled by Mammootty.
He has signed in new projects and  we can watch his performance in the upcoming films.
Selected Filmography
Oru Thalai Ragam
Sindhoora sandyakku mounam
John Jaffer Janardhanan
Innallenkil Nale
Per sollum Pillai
Thanga Magan
Sagala Kala Vallavan
Bharatchandran I.P.S
Pappayude Swantham Appoos
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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Madhuri Dixit is a versatile actress of Bollywood who fascinated millions by her wonderful acting talents and
exceptionally fantastic dancing skills.She is extremely beautiful so that world famous artist M.F.Hussain  also
praised her.Her movies were usually big hits because the audience loved her performance always.
Madhuri Dixit was born in Mumbai in a Marathi Brahmin family as the daughter of Shankar and Snehlata Dixit
on 15 May 1967.She studied Micro Biology from Mumbai University.
Her debut film was 'Abodh' of Rajasree Productions in 1984.The film 'Tezaab' of 1988 in which she was the heroine and Anil Kapoor was the hero was a super duper hit and she rose to stardom.That film was the highest grosser of that year.Then again Subhash Ghai's 'Ram Lakhan' in which Anil Kapoor paired with her resulted as the highest grosser film of that year.Next film 'Prem Pratigyaa' was with Mithun Chakravarthy and the multi starrer 'Tridev' was with Sunny Deol.Another film 'Parinda' against Anil Kapoor resulted as big success.

The film 'Dil' opposite Aamir Khan in which she played the role of a rich and arrogant  girl was superb.She received best actress award for the  biggest box office hit of that  year.
The movie of 1991 opposite Salman Khan 'Saajan' was also very much liked by the audience.Sanjay Dutt
was also in that film.That movie was also the highest grossing one of that year.

In 1992 another block buster film,  Indra Kumar's  'Beta' opposite Anil Kapoor  made history and a song scene was exceptionally nice and she was being called as 'Dhak Dhak girl' from there on.
In 1994  the film 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' opposite Salman Khan became the Bollywood's highest grossing film.Next year in 1995 her film 'Raja' with Sanjay Kapoor was the fourth highest grossing film of the year.She received critical acclaim for the film 'Dil to Pagal Hai' in 1997 acted opposite Sharukh Khan.It was also a
super hit movie.Then followed her hit films 'Pukar' in 2000, Lajja in 2001 and  Devdas in 2002.
In the film Devdas she manifested the role of a prostitute 'Chandramukhi' and that film was selected for 'Cannes
Film Festival'.
Madhuri Dixit's dancing skill is highly appreciated by critics and audience.Dance sequences for songs 'Ek Do
Teen'  from 'Tezaab', 'Didi tera devar dewana' from 'hum aapke hain kaun' 'Choli ke Peeche'  from Khalnayak,
'Akhiyan Miaun' from 'Raja' etc etc are still viewed and enjoyed by the masses.
In 2002 she retired from films for a few years but returned in 2007 with the film 'Aaja Nachle'.
She married Dr.Shriram Madhav  and they were living  in USA till 2011but returned and residing in India now with their two children.
Madhuri was given Best Actress Award by Film Fare four times and one award as best supporting actress.
In 2008 she was given 'Padma Shri' Award by Government of India.
Selected Filmography
Khatron ke Khiladi
Ram Lakhan
prem Pratigya
Kanoon Apna Apna
Maha Sangram
Jeevan Ek Sangharsh
Pyar ke Devta
Hum Aapka Hain Kaun
Dil to Pagal Hai

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Karthika is  a charming, elegant, and exuberant  actress  who handled mainstream roles in Malayalam Cinema
during 1985 to 89 and  quit the film field at the peak of her career due to marriage.
Once the intellectual film director Balachandra Menon was attending a marriage  ceremony  in Trivandrum and he happened
to witness a lovely young girl talking to a baby girl of about 3 or 4 years.He just watched their conversation for
fun and was impressed by the way of that young girl talking to the little girl.The young girl  understood that Menon was watching them, but she continued the gestures and expressions which  she was
using to make the baby girl cheerful and interested to speak up.The movements and expressions  of that
young girl was impressive so that Balachandra Menon asked  about her details.He revealed to her that he was
searching for a new face as heroine for his next movie and offered her that role.
Thus Karthika unexpectedly became the heroine of 'Manicheppu Thurannappol' as heroine of Balachandra Menon in 1985.Menon's films would not be flops and as usual that film also  clicked fairly well  and Karthika became part
of Malayalam film industry.Karthika hails from  Trivandrum and her father is a retired Military Officer.
Karthika was in the film field only for 4 years but she was able to portrait several unmemorable characters
in that period.She was heroine of Mohan Lal  films quite often and the pair was always liked by the audience.
In her career the Sathyan Anthikkad films 'Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam'  and 'Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street'
were super duper hits  and excelled in comedy sequences which  are still remembered by the audience.Mohan Lal
was superb in these films and in both these films as a charismatic girl who was very  bold was portrayed by her.
Sreenivasan was also having important roles in both those films.The 'House Owner' and 'Goorkha' of  Mohan
Lal  were  marvelous and excellent.
In the film 'Desadanakkili Karayarilla' directed by P.Padmarajan  Sari and Karthika manifests  school students
who are immature  teenage students committing   foolishness  and facing so many problems later..In another Padmarajan film 'Kariyila Kattu pole' also she was the heroine since she was able to portray her characters effectively well and admired by Padmarajan also.
In the film  'Thalavattam' she was a doctor and also the daughter of Dr.Ravindran who owned  a  mental
Hospital.Mohan Lal acted as the mental Patient 'Unni' who was under treatment in Dr.Ravindran's hospital
and he fell in love with Karthika's character.Dr.Ravindran had his revenge against 'Unni'  which made the spectators very sad indeed.
Her film 'Idanazhiyil oru kalocha' with actor Vineeth revealed her dancing talents and  the film directed by Bhadran was  nice.Karthika is well trained in classical dances and presented
dance programs many times on stage.
She had also acted in a Tamil film 'Nayagan' as the daughter of 'Velu Naykar' played by Kamal Hassan and also in another Tamil film 'Poovizhi Vasalile'.
She quit films for marriage and now lives in Maldives with her husband who is a medical doctor.
Selected Filmography
Manicheppu Thurannappol
Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam
Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street
Nilakurinji Poothappol
Ente Entethu Mathram
Desadanakkili Karayarilla
Kariyila Kattu pole
Adukkan Entheluppam
Idavazhiyil Oru Kalocha

Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam
Neeyethra Dhanya
January Oru Orma
Ivide Ellavarkkum Sukham
David David Mr.David
Avanikkunnile Kinnaripookkal
Poovizhi Vasalile(Tamil)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Geetha is a renowned actress of Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and also acted in some Hindi films.She debuted in the Tamil film 'Bairavi' in 1979 at the age of seventeen  which is a Tamil film and acted in the title role.Rajanikanth acted in that film as her brother.In that year itself the film 'Ninaithale Inikkum' which was a blockbuster film which was
mostly shot in Singapore boosted her acting career.Kamal Hassan and Jayapradha were in the mainstream roles
in which Rajani Kanth was also having an important role.That film was a super duper hit and after wards Geetha was continuously cast in several Telugu films which were all success.The film of 1983 'Sagara Sangamam' excelled very well artistically and financially in which Kamal Hassan and Jaya Pradha handled
main roles.That film was dubbed as 'Salangai Oli' in Tamil and dubbed to Malayalam in the original name  and
Geetha became familiar in Kerala.
Then Geetha appeared in some Kannada films and acted as heroine in films of Anant Nag, Ambarish etc.In
1986 she was made heroine in a Malayalam film of Venu Nagavally 'Sukhmo Devi' which was a success  and
her performance as 'Thara', Mohan Lal's lover was well noted.Then she again appeared as heroine of
Mohan Lal in the film 'Panchagni' which was a super duper hit.All the songs are still top on the charts and it

was debut film of Superstar Murali.
Geetha was very suitable as pair to Mammootty also and in several films they performed nicely to the excitement of the viewers."Avanazhi' was a hit film in that genre,'Geetham',Vatsalyam,Iyer the Great,Athinumappuram,etc all revealed the fantastic acting skills of both of them.
In 'Oru Vadakkan Veera Gadha' which was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair and directed by Hariharan
Mammootty fared very well and grabbed National award for best actor and Geetha acted in that film as
'Kunji'  the daughter of 'Aringodar' which received accolades.Her performance in 'Vaishali' was very nice as 'Malini', the heroine's mother who suffered a lot to bring 'Rishyasringan, but was neglected by the
joyous crowd and the King and so received pity from the spectators.
In the 1992 film 'Aadharam' it was one of the best performances of Geetha in Malayalam and the character
'Sethu Lakshmi' was excellent in her hands.
'Kurithipunal' and 'Jeans' were Tamil films which she portrayed her characters with much care and drew
much appreciation from spectators.
She had acted as wife of Suresh Gopi also in several films which were also well liked by the audience.
In 1997 she quit films for a short period because of her marriage and was living in USA but she returned
and presented nice characters in all south Indian languages later also.Tamil Films 'Santosh Subramaniam'
and 'Unakkum Enakkum' are films acted after her marriage.She acted in a Malayalam film 'Mele Varyathe
Malagha Kuttikal' in 2002 and in 'Anwar in 2010..In 2011 she acted in Tamil/Telugu movie by name '180'.
Selected Filmography
Ninaithale Inikkum(Tamil)
Andamaina Anubhavam(Telugu)
Karthika Deepam(Telugu)
Kondaveetti Simham(Telugu)
Sagara Sangamam(Telugu)

Aruna Raaga(Kannada)
Sukhamo Devi(Mal)
Sayam Sandhya(Mal)
Devatha Manushya(Kannada)
Puthu Puthu Arthangal(Tamil)
Oru Vadakkan Veera Gadha(Mal)
Radha Madhavam(Mal)
Lal Salam(Mal)
Iyer the Great(Mal)
Mele Varyathe Malagha Kuttikal(Mal)
Azhakiya Tamil Magan(Tamil)
Santosh Subramanyam(Tamil)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Geethu Mohandas is a profoundly talented actress of Malayalam Cinema who evinced her ingenuity through
several characters of films directed by eminent directors like Adoor Gopalakrishnan,K.Balachander,Balachandra Menon,Shyama Prasad etc.Her real name is Gayatri Mohandas
and took Geethu Mohandas as her screen name which is the name fondly called by her family.
She entered film field as a child artist in the film 'Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare' which was directed by
'Raghunath Paleri' which was a Mohan Lal film and was a huge success.It was in 1986 and she was only five years old then  and the character of the film was of the same age too.That character which was throughout
the film was played brilliantly well by baby Geethu Mohandas who earned accolades and appreciation from
viewers and critics alike.
Director Fazil when determined to remake  his Malayalam film 'Ente Mamattikuttiyammakku' in Tamil as 'En
Bommakutty Ammavukku' it was not necessary for him to think twice to hand over the role to Geethu Mohandas.
She could present that character very efficiently and charmingly like Baby Shalini who presented  that role in
'Akale' of 2004 directed by 'Shyama Prasad' in which Sheela,Pritviraj, acted Geethu Mohandas was the heroine and could get good opinion about her acting skill.
In the film 'Nala Damayanthi' which was a Tamil film she acted fantastically well in which Madhavan was her hero.
In the 2006 Tamil film 'Poi'directed by K.Balachander she could manifest a very good character and Vimala
Raman was also having an important role in that film.
'Seetha Kalyanam' which was released in 2009 was actually made earlier in which Jyothika was the heroine
and Jayaram the hero.That film was directed by T.K.Rajeev Kumar.
'Thakarachenda' was a typical bold film of 2007 which told the story of slum dwellers.Geethu Mohandas
presented the role of a maid in that film and Sreenivasan acted as a beggar.The film earned awards for Sreenivasan and the director.
'Choonda' of 2003 was a noted film of Geethu in which Jishnu was the hero.
Film 'Nalu Pennungal' of Adoor Gopalakrishnan which was released in 2007 was an award winning film
she was one among the 'Nalu Pennungal'(four women).The film was based on a short story written by
Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai.Padma Priya,Geethu Mohandas,Manju Pillai and Nanditadas were in the
main roles of that film.Adoor Gopalakrishnan earned National award for that film.That film was selected for
more than twenty film festivals.In the Miami film festival that film was selected and Geethu Mohandas could
also participate in that film festival along with the director and producer.
'Akasa Gopuram' of 2008 was a big budget film directed by K.P.Kumaran .Mohan Lal was in the main role.
In 2009 Geethu Mohandas got married.
Selected Filmography

Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare
En Bommakutty Ammavukku
Life is Beautiful
Thenkasi Pattanam
Pakal Pooram
Mullavalliyum Thenmavum
Akasa Gopuram
Seetha Kalyanam

Nammal Thammil
Krishna Gopal Krishna
Nala Damayanthi
Seetha Kalyanam
Sahodaran Sahadevan

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Malayali film goers who are not familiar with Tamil films will not be knowing actor Karan who is actively
engaged in Tamil films as an actor  for the last eighteen years but the same viewers must be knowing Master Raghu for sure.

Master Raghu was the famous child artist of Malayalam cinema during 70,s and 80's.He is hailing from Tamil Nadu and was born in the year 1969.He  got famous by acting in Malayalam films as child artist.In several Malayalam films he  manifested
the childhood days of the hero artists.
Master Raghu received the best child artist award from Kerala Government for  'various films'  in the year 1974.
In the year 1975 again he got best child actor award from Kerala Government for the films 'Swamy Ayyappan'
and 'Prayanam'.
As a teenager he was made hero in a teenage love story film 'Ina' directed by I.V.Sasi in which a teenage
girl 'Devi' acted opposite to him.
He was hero of another Malayalam film 'Kuyiline Thedi' again a teenage love story in which several comedy
sequences were there of actor V.D.Rajappan who acted as a musician in that film.
Later in 1994 as an adult actor he made a name change as 'Karan' and entered Tamil film field  acting  in a Kamal Hassan film  'Nammavar' which was a good exposure for him and got established as an actor in that language.
He got important roles in films of 'Ajith'  'Vijay' etc and was lucky to act in many films during the last eighteen years.
In the year 2006 he became an action hero  with the film 'Kokki' which fared well at box office and it continues
with successful action films of 'Karan' till today.His recent successful films are 'Karuppusamy'  'Kuththagaithavar'  and 'Kathavarayan'.
Selected Filmography
As Master Raghu-Child Artist

Jagad Guru Aadi Sankaran
Tholkkan Enikku Manassilla
Swamy Ayyappan
Ammini Ammavan
Kuyiline Thedi
As an adult Actor -Karan
Gokulathil Seethai
Kadhal Kottai
Love today
Nerukku Ner
Kalamellam Kathurippen
Kadhal Mannan
Unnai thedi
Poovellam Kettuppar
Minsara Kanna
Engalukkum Kalam Varum
Kabadi Kabadi
Alli Arjuna
Thee Nagar
Irandu Mugam

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Remember the cute little girl of 1969 film 'Nadhi' which was a super duper hit in Malayalam?Nobody can forget that film and those who saw that movie will never forget the little charming  girl acted  along with
Prem Nazir and Sarada.At that time she was known as 'Baby Sumathi' and was the most sought female child artist in south Indian languages.In the film Nadhi she had an important role and the turning point of the film happens due to her charater's  death.
The story was of a typical type, three families spending vacation in big three wooden boats berthed  on a serene
river shore.The song scene in which  the character of actress Sarada singing "Kunjine veno. Kunjine Veno ...Kunjine vangan alundo...Thappu
Kottamburam Thakilu kottamburam...." holding Baby Sumathi in her hand was an appealing sequence and
the sentimental song scene when Baby Sumathi drowned  "Aayiram Paadasarangal Kilungi...Aaluva puzha pinneyum Ozhuki...created much pains in the hearts of all viewers.That song is immortal and still young.
Baby Sumathi hails from Madurai in Tamil Nadu and was born on August 19, 1964.Her father was running businesses like Printing press and Photo Studio.Her third elder brother Prabhakar joined Tamil movies as
child artist first and later at the age of two Baby Sumathi also became a child artist.Her second elder brother Kumar also became an actor.Several of her cousins were in acting field and handling  cinematography and working  as assistant directors.
Baby Sumathi had acted in Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada,Telugu and Hindi as a child artist.She was lucky enough
to act with M.G.Ramachandran,Sivaji Ganesan,Gemini Ganesan,Prem Nazir,Madhu,RajaniKanth,Bhagyaraj etc.
In the Malayalam film 'Sethu Bandhanam' she handled dual roles as twin sisters.In that  film Prem Nazir and Jaya Bharathi acted as the children's parents but living apart in conflict and both of them were taking care of a child each.The children happened to became class mates and their plans became successful to make  join their  parents was the story.In that film Baby Sumathi acted fantastically well.
In the film 'Hridayam Oru Kshetram' she handled the role of a patient in a hospital not knowing the seriousness
of her disease.She earned the love of all the staff and other patients in the hospital.In that film also no body can forget the marvelous acting skill of that actress displayed  in her childhood.
In the film 'Rathi Nirvedam' she presented a teen age role but was really very nice.
It was Bhagyaraj that made her a heroine for the first time in 1979 for his directional debut film 'Suvarillatha
Chitrangal' in which he acted as the hero.
In 1989 Sumathi got married and settled in America.
She got Kerala Government Best female child artist award in the year 1969,1972 and in 1977.
Selected Filmography
Iru Kodugal

Vaa Raja Vaa
Pani Theeratha Veedu
Velli Vizha
Sethu Bandhanam
Hridayam Oru Kshetram

Rathi Nirvedam
Swamy Ayyappan
Swarg Narak
Suvarillatha Chitrangal
Nan Sigappu Manithan