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The viewers of Malayalam cinema will be amazed to find that Sudheesh has completed twenty five years in
the Malayalam film industry as an actor.Most of the viewers will be still thinking him as an young man  below
twenty five years old.God has not made him much changes and he looks  still  very young.He was
mostly acting in such roles as the younger brother of the hero or heroine or as the friend of the  young hero
like Kunchacko Boban.
Sudheesh hails from Kozhikode and entered film field by acting in 'Varikkuzhy' a film of M.T.Vasudevan Nair
as a child artist at the age of eight.But his entry from 'Anantharam' film of 1987 is noted only.He acted in the film 'Anantharam' which was directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan at the age of 15.He was selected from 70 applicants to play the teenage part of character acted by 'Asokan'.In 89 he was lucky to act in a film 'Mudra'
which was written by Lohithadas and directed by 'Sibi Malayil'.Mudra was a fantastic film in which Mammootty was the hero and it was a good grosser at the box office.The film earned good opinion from the critics and the role of Sudheesh has much importance in the film for which he got wide appreciation.From
there on he was cast in many films as an younger member of a family.
Sudheesh got much accolades for the film 'Aadharam' which was directed by 'George Kithu'.It was a beautiful
film which had a nice story and presented well.Murali,Geetha,Sukumari,Janardhanan etc acted in that film in
which Sudheesh acted in the role as 'Ramesan' the younger brother of 'Sethulakshmi', Geetha's character.
Bapputty, Murali's character catching Ramasan for stealing coconuts and understanding that they were in
poverty, he took him also to his work place.When coming on leave Ramesan expressing his happiness and
pride as the earning member of the family to his sister by saying 'Oppole enikku santhoshama oppole' and happily running through the paddy fields was acted fantastically well by Sudheesh.
In the film 'Manichitra thazhu' Sudheesh as an young member of the family was quite afraid of the Psychiatrist
from America(Mohan Lal) that he might charge him for the bad happenings in the house.So when the Doctor

sees him at mid night and teases him by calling 'Kindi' he was not knowing what to do.That role was perfectly
handled by Sudheesh.

In 'Aniyathi Pravu' a film which was released in 1997 Sudheesh handled the  role as Radhu' who was the
friend of the hero role of Boban Kunchacko.As a good helpful friend he was nice in that picture.
In the film 'Balettan' as the brother of Mohan Lal he had much importance in the film.Without knowing the
secrets of his brother Sudheesh was blaming him unnecessarily and causing so much problems to him.
In the film Mambazhakkalam also he had much importance and earned good opinion.That film of Mohan Lal
and Shobhana was a block buster film.
Sudheesh is capable of acting comedy type roles and in several films he has proved that ability. Such a role was that in the film  'Sreekrishna Purathe Nakshatra Thilakkam'.That film was a comedy film
in which 'Nagma' was the heroine.In the award winning film of Sreenivasan 'Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala'
he handled a good role as 'Suku'.
Sudheesh used to accept all roles offered to him without being selective.He is type cast  generally in usual
roles as brother of hero or heroine but he portrays those characters always with perfection and in a lovely manner.
Selected Filmography
Mani chitra thazhu
Vardhakya puranam
Varana Malyam
Avittam Thirunal Arogyasreeman
Udayapuram Sultan
Randu pennum oranum
Cheppady Vidya
Oomapenninu Uriyada Payyan
Aniyathi pravu
Kakkakkum poochakkum kalyanam
Melvilasam Sariyanu
Sreekrishnapurathe Nakshatrathilakkam
Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala

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