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Mohini is a talented and charming film actress who was very active during the period 1991-2005 in main
roles of all the south Indian languages of Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam.That exuberant actress
could manifest several succulent and susceptible roles with exalted ingenuity.
She debuted in Tamil film 'Eeramana Rojave' in the year 1991 which was highly acclaimed film and then she got a string of films such as Adithya 369, Dancer,Chinna Marumagal etc.
Her Malayalam films were also critically acclaimed and she was excellent in films such as 'Parinayam,Varam,Sainyam etc.In several pictures she acted opposite to Mammootty in Malayalam.
When Lal Jose debuted as a director with his film 'Oru Maravathur Kanavu' he made Mohini as the heroine
and Mammootty as the hero.The film dealt with water scarcity of a place and the consequences.'Sainyam' film
was the story of an Indian Airforce  Officer who was engaged in a project called 'Red Alert'.The officer who
was a bachelor of 35 was handled by Mammootty.Mohini had so many interesting sequences in that movie
and was nicely presented.
In the film 'Ee Puzhayum Kadannu' Mohini and Chippy acted as the elder sisters of heroine 'Anjali' which was
handled by Manju Warrier.Anjali loved Gopi, the character which was portrayed by Dileep.The film was a
commercial success and got critical acclamation also.
In the film 'Punjabi House' Mohini was the heroine as the endearing loved girl of the family who was deaf and
dumb and  she acted that role  fantastically well with nice gestures and  apt actions.The character Pooja falls in love with 'Unni'
the character  handled by Dilip in sympathy thinking that he was also mute like her.But later when understood
the truth about him she was not able to forget him.The film dealt with typical story which was very much
sentimental but presented as a comedy musical entertainer which was liked by all.It was a blockbuster film
and earned good appreciation to actors and directors alike.
In the film 'Pattabhishekam' which was also a blockbuster film she acted opposite Jayaram.The theme of the film  was also unusual and intelligently presented by the director.All the actors including Jayaram,Mohini,
Jagathy,Harisree Asokan,Indrans and the baby elephant also acted stupendously well in that movie.There
were so many good comedy scenes in that film which the audience will not forget.One scene was in which
Jayaram and Asokan arrives in the palace for treatment of the female elephant 'Kalyani' and the Palace
members mistake them as bridegroom came for the proposal of the girl Kalyani of the palace.Jayaram telling
that he needs some urine of Kalyani and that he would collect it himself aroused much laughter.When the

original bridegroom Kottayam Nazeer and party were arrived earlier  they were received as elephant physicians
created roaring laughter in the theaters. Afterwards the conflicts between Mohini and Jayaram in the film was very much
interesting for the viewers.
"Vesham' film was also a Mammootty film  in which Mohini acted as the wife of a  businessman Appu, the
role handled by Mammootty  and the movie  was a good entertainer.
Mohini was excellent in Telugu film 'Hitler' in which Chiranjivi was the hero and in that film  Rambha also handled an equal role like Mohini.'Mama Bagunnava' was another reputed Telugu film in which Bhanupriya acted
along with Mohini. 'Lali'  was a Kannada film which earned good appreciation for Mohini in which Vishnu
Vardhan was her hero.
After two years of her marriage with 'Bharath' Mohini took a two year break from films but came back
and started acting in supporting roles.In 2011 she appeared in  the Malayalam film 'Collector' as the
Mayor of Cochin and Suresh Gopi acted as the hero of that film.
Selected Filmography
Eeramana Rojave(Tamil)
Aditya 369(T)
Nadodi Pattukaran(T)
Chinna Marumagal(T)
Ee puzhayum Kadannu
Ikkaraeyanente Manasam
Lali (Kannada)
Mama BagunnavaaTelugu)
Punjabi House
Oru Maravathur Kanavu
Meenakshi Kalyanam
Kudumba Varthakal
Cheran Chozhan Pandyan(Tamil)
Pranaya Nilavu
Innathe Chintha Vishayam


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