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Menaka was one of the very popular heroines  of Malayalam cinema during the period of 1980-86 and had acted  in 116 films. She is
from Tamil Nadu State and debuted in Tamil cinema but got famous by acting the main female role in the

film 'Oppol' in 1980.That film was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair and directed by Sethumadhavan.An young girl was married to a retired military person who is very much older than her and taken to his native place,
a mountainous area.With his permission  she took her younger brother also with them.The boy was loving her too much  and used to sleep with her and in  all his needs were helped by her.After marriage she could not give
much attention to the boy and many consequences arises.Later it is revealed that the boy is her child.Somebody
who lived next to their house years back had cheated her.Her husband excuses her and allows the boy to live with them is the story.When acting in that film Menaka was very young and she had to take pains for acting fantastically well her part  for perfection.Balan K. Nair who acted as her husband in the film got National award
for best actor and the boy Master Aravind got National award for best child artist.The film earned Kerala Government awards also.
Menaka during the short career span could act with Prem Nazir,M.G.Soman,Sukumaran,Mammootty,Mohan Lal,Rajani Kanth,Suresh Gopi, Shankar etc.She maintained good opinion always and accepted mostly  respectable type roles.Her honesty,confidence in her ability, perception of the characters with sensibility etc are
well admired.
She had appeared in several films with Shankar and as a pair they were liked by the audience also.Poochakkoru Mookkuthy was a blockbuster film in which Nedumudi venu,Sukumari,Shankar and Mohan Lal acted and this comedy film was directed by Priyadarshan.In the film the character names of Sukumari and
Menaka are 'Revathy' and it creates so much misunderstandings. Nedumudi was suspected by his wife Sukumari and in contrary Sukumari was suspected by Nedumudi Venu which creates several comedy scenes.
Menaka as a salesgirl was excellent in that film.In the film 'Ente Mohangal Poovaninju' Shankar acted as a
Carnatic Musician and Menaka as a Carnatic music student.The film was critically  well acclaimed.
In the comedy film 'Akkare Ninnoru Maran' Menaka is the dauughter of Thankappan Nair. Thankappan Nair cheated his
sister and acquired her wealth also.Nedumudi Venu appears as Thakappan Nair and Sukumari as the sister.Nedumudi's daughter is 'Nandhini' which is played by Menaka.Maniyan Pillai Raju acts as Sukumari's son and performs tit for tat to his uncle with the aid of his friends Mukesh and Sreenivasan.Manian Pillai Raju loves Nandhini and thus they plans a plot by Raju acts that he is employed in Gulf which his uncle believes.Raju lives for some months in a lodge and returns as if coming back from Gulf.Several sequences are in the film which creates laughter as the one like Srenivasan coming in an Arab Person's costumes and meets Thankappan Nair calling him 'Harami, Harami'.Thankappan Nair doesn't know he is being called bad words.
In the film 'Boeing Boeing'  Mohan Lal acted as a flirt who keeps relation with three Air-Hostesses
at the same time and Mukesh and Sukumari acted nicely in the film.In that comedy entertainer Menaka
could manifest her role nicely.
She was always nice in any kind of roles and acted in some Tamil and Telugu films also.She married film
Producer Suresh Kumar and did not appear in front of  movie camera for a long period of time.Meanwhile
she was producer of several Malayalam films and practiced  classical dance under Dr.Padma Subramanyam.
She gained knowledge in mural painting, artworks etc also.She lives with her husband and two daughters.
Last year she acted in Fazil's film 'Living together'.
Selected Filmography
Ponnum Poovum
Thirakkil Alpa Samayam
Swanthamevide Bandhamevide
Parayanum Vayya Parayathirikkanum Vayya
Piriyilla Naam
Rnte mohangal Poovaninju
Manase Ninakku Mangalam
Boeing Boeing
Ayalvasi Oru Daridravasi
Poochakkoru mookuthy
Snehamulla Simham
Doore Doore Oru Koodu Koottam
Revathikkoru Pavakkutty
Akkare ninnoru Maran
Kandu Kandarinju
Ambada njane
Engirunthalum Vazhga
Justice Raja
Thookku Medai
Prem Nazirine Kanmanilla
Sesham Kazhchayil
Chankya Soothrangal
Archana Aaradhana
Hello Mydear Wrong number
Soundarya Pinakka

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