Monday, February 27, 2012


Malayalam film viewers can not forget the yesteryear actress Ambika who entered in to Malayalam film field
in the 50's and was active during the 60's.She got married and settled in America quitting the acting profession.
Ambika, the gorgeous actress was loved by the film goers and her dancing skill and acting talent was appreciated widely.
Ambika  is close relative of Travancore Sisters Lalitha,Padmini and Ragini and had participated in dance programs with them.She  was trained in classical dances from childhood days itself.When Travancore sisters started acting in films Ambika also was initiated to go along that path and she was debuted in the film of Udaya Studio's 'Visappinte Vili' in 1952.It was directed by Kunchacko.

In the year 1956 with the film 'Koodapirappu' Ambika became a heroine.It was the debut film of Prem Nawas who was the brother of Prem Nazir in to Malayalam Cinema as the new hero.Koodapirappu was the debut film of J.D.Thottan as a director.That film was a success in the box office and the songs also got popular.Santha P.Nair's 'Thumbi Thumbi Vaa Vaa ... is still admired.The song 'Mani Varnane Innu njan Kandu sakhi...' sung by M.L.Vasantha Kumari also earned much appreciation and still popular also.

Ambika earned much fame with the film 'Koodapirappu' and was cast in several film in Malayalam as heroine
 after wards.She was better in acting sentimental and serious type roles and so was mostly selected as the
heroine of Sathyan films.

Some films in which Ambika presented her excellent acting skills.
Ummini Thanka
Thacholi Othenan
Aadya Kiranangal
School Master
Kandambecha coat
Chekuthante kotta
Kathirunna Nikkah
Kayamkulam Kochunni
Ninamaninja Kalpadukal
Oral Koodi Kallanayi
Sabarimala Sree Ayyappan

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Unnimary hails from Cochin and earned fame in childhood days itself winning the title as Little Miss.Cochin
in a beauty Contest.This paved way for entrance to film field as child artist.The teenage Sree Krishna Character of "Sree Guruvayoorappan' film produced and directed by Neela Productions P.Subramanyam was much noted.At an early age of fifteen years itself she became a heroine and got chance to act with Prem Nazir,Vincent,M.G.Soman,Sukumaran,Jayan, and later even Mammootty,Mohan Lal also.She had been pair to eminent
stars of Tamil,Kannada and Telugu also.In other languages she was known as Deepa.
Unnimary did not bother in acting  glamorously and  being sexy and was the heartthrob of youths of those period of 70's and 80's.
Unnimary was cast in almost all Vadakkan pattu films made during those period such as Kannappanunni,Thacholi Ambu etc and such costumes suited her very much.She was looking gorgeous in
Vadakkan pattu  story films and mythological story films.She had acted in several stunt films wearing  dress that
reveals body parts.
Unnimary had acted in many films in respectable type roles as well.In 'Jeevitham Oru Ganam' she was in a good role and Madhu and Sreevidya were in main roles.That film was directed by Sreekumaran Thampi.
In the film 'Nagamadathu Thampuratty' her transcendent appearance as the queen of the Serpents was very pretty and received accolades.The song scene  by singing  'Somarasam pakarum lahari...' was superb.
In the Only Maniratnam directed Malayalam film 'Unaroo' Unnimary handled an important role.Mohan Lal was the hero of that film.
In the films  'Thinkalazcha Nalla Divasam' and 'Arappatta Kettiya Gramathil' which were P.Padmarajan films
and in which Mammootty was the hero, Unnimary was in main female roles.Both the films were critically well acclaimed and were unforgettable films.
In the Balachandra Menon's  "Kanamarayathu' also Unnimary handled prestigious role which received much appreciation.
In the film 'Chitram' which was a blockbuster film of Priyadarshan in which Mohan Lal and Ranjini acted in
main roles, Unnimary acted as the daughter of Sukumari.Sreenivasan acted as her brother who was eagerly
trying to find out the secrets about Mohan Lal with the help of his sister.Sreenivasan peeping through the ventilation of the bedroom to take a photograph of Kalyani(Ranjini) sleeping alone created much laughter
when caught red handed by his Uncle.
Unnimary is not acting in films at present.

Selected Filmography
Dheera Sameere Yamuna Theere
Acharam Ammini Osaram Omana
Belt Mathai
Thacholi Ambu
Aval Viswasthayayirunnu

Thinkalazcha Nalla Divasam
Arappatta Kettiya Gramathil
Hridayathinte Nirangal
Jeevitham Oru Gaanam
Mukkuvane Snehicha Bhootham
Kizhakkunarum Pakshi
Patham Udayam
Ullasa Paraivagal
Meendum Kokila
Akbar Salim Anarkali
Ladies Tailor

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Menaka was one of the very popular heroines  of Malayalam cinema during the period of 1980-86 and had acted  in 116 films. She is
from Tamil Nadu State and debuted in Tamil cinema but got famous by acting the main female role in the

film 'Oppol' in 1980.That film was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair and directed by Sethumadhavan.An young girl was married to a retired military person who is very much older than her and taken to his native place,
a mountainous area.With his permission  she took her younger brother also with them.The boy was loving her too much  and used to sleep with her and in  all his needs were helped by her.After marriage she could not give
much attention to the boy and many consequences arises.Later it is revealed that the boy is her child.Somebody
who lived next to their house years back had cheated her.Her husband excuses her and allows the boy to live with them is the story.When acting in that film Menaka was very young and she had to take pains for acting fantastically well her part  for perfection.Balan K. Nair who acted as her husband in the film got National award
for best actor and the boy Master Aravind got National award for best child artist.The film earned Kerala Government awards also.
Menaka during the short career span could act with Prem Nazir,M.G.Soman,Sukumaran,Mammootty,Mohan Lal,Rajani Kanth,Suresh Gopi, Shankar etc.She maintained good opinion always and accepted mostly  respectable type roles.Her honesty,confidence in her ability, perception of the characters with sensibility etc are
well admired.
She had appeared in several films with Shankar and as a pair they were liked by the audience also.Poochakkoru Mookkuthy was a blockbuster film in which Nedumudi venu,Sukumari,Shankar and Mohan Lal acted and this comedy film was directed by Priyadarshan.In the film the character names of Sukumari and
Menaka are 'Revathy' and it creates so much misunderstandings. Nedumudi was suspected by his wife Sukumari and in contrary Sukumari was suspected by Nedumudi Venu which creates several comedy scenes.
Menaka as a salesgirl was excellent in that film.In the film 'Ente Mohangal Poovaninju' Shankar acted as a
Carnatic Musician and Menaka as a Carnatic music student.The film was critically  well acclaimed.
In the comedy film 'Akkare Ninnoru Maran' Menaka is the dauughter of Thankappan Nair. Thankappan Nair cheated his
sister and acquired her wealth also.Nedumudi Venu appears as Thakappan Nair and Sukumari as the sister.Nedumudi's daughter is 'Nandhini' which is played by Menaka.Maniyan Pillai Raju acts as Sukumari's son and performs tit for tat to his uncle with the aid of his friends Mukesh and Sreenivasan.Manian Pillai Raju loves Nandhini and thus they plans a plot by Raju acts that he is employed in Gulf which his uncle believes.Raju lives for some months in a lodge and returns as if coming back from Gulf.Several sequences are in the film which creates laughter as the one like Srenivasan coming in an Arab Person's costumes and meets Thankappan Nair calling him 'Harami, Harami'.Thankappan Nair doesn't know he is being called bad words.
In the film 'Boeing Boeing'  Mohan Lal acted as a flirt who keeps relation with three Air-Hostesses
at the same time and Mukesh and Sukumari acted nicely in the film.In that comedy entertainer Menaka
could manifest her role nicely.
She was always nice in any kind of roles and acted in some Tamil and Telugu films also.She married film
Producer Suresh Kumar and did not appear in front of  movie camera for a long period of time.Meanwhile
she was producer of several Malayalam films and practiced  classical dance under Dr.Padma Subramanyam.
She gained knowledge in mural painting, artworks etc also.She lives with her husband and two daughters.
Last year she acted in Fazil's film 'Living together'.
Selected Filmography
Ponnum Poovum
Thirakkil Alpa Samayam
Swanthamevide Bandhamevide
Parayanum Vayya Parayathirikkanum Vayya
Piriyilla Naam
Rnte mohangal Poovaninju
Manase Ninakku Mangalam
Boeing Boeing
Ayalvasi Oru Daridravasi
Poochakkoru mookuthy
Snehamulla Simham
Doore Doore Oru Koodu Koottam
Revathikkoru Pavakkutty
Akkare ninnoru Maran
Kandu Kandarinju
Ambada njane
Engirunthalum Vazhga
Justice Raja
Thookku Medai
Prem Nazirine Kanmanilla
Sesham Kazhchayil
Chankya Soothrangal
Archana Aaradhana
Hello Mydear Wrong number
Soundarya Pinakka

Sunday, February 19, 2012


The viewers of Malayalam cinema will be amazed to find that Sudheesh has completed twenty five years in
the Malayalam film industry as an actor.Most of the viewers will be still thinking him as an young man  below
twenty five years old.God has not made him much changes and he looks  still  very young.He was
mostly acting in such roles as the younger brother of the hero or heroine or as the friend of the  young hero
like Kunchacko Boban.
Sudheesh hails from Kozhikode and entered film field by acting in 'Varikkuzhy' a film of M.T.Vasudevan Nair
as a child artist at the age of eight.But his entry from 'Anantharam' film of 1987 is noted only.He acted in the film 'Anantharam' which was directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan at the age of 15.He was selected from 70 applicants to play the teenage part of character acted by 'Asokan'.In 89 he was lucky to act in a film 'Mudra'
which was written by Lohithadas and directed by 'Sibi Malayil'.Mudra was a fantastic film in which Mammootty was the hero and it was a good grosser at the box office.The film earned good opinion from the critics and the role of Sudheesh has much importance in the film for which he got wide appreciation.From
there on he was cast in many films as an younger member of a family.
Sudheesh got much accolades for the film 'Aadharam' which was directed by 'George Kithu'.It was a beautiful
film which had a nice story and presented well.Murali,Geetha,Sukumari,Janardhanan etc acted in that film in
which Sudheesh acted in the role as 'Ramesan' the younger brother of 'Sethulakshmi', Geetha's character.
Bapputty, Murali's character catching Ramasan for stealing coconuts and understanding that they were in
poverty, he took him also to his work place.When coming on leave Ramesan expressing his happiness and
pride as the earning member of the family to his sister by saying 'Oppole enikku santhoshama oppole' and happily running through the paddy fields was acted fantastically well by Sudheesh.
In the film 'Manichitra thazhu' Sudheesh as an young member of the family was quite afraid of the Psychiatrist
from America(Mohan Lal) that he might charge him for the bad happenings in the house.So when the Doctor

sees him at mid night and teases him by calling 'Kindi' he was not knowing what to do.That role was perfectly
handled by Sudheesh.

In 'Aniyathi Pravu' a film which was released in 1997 Sudheesh handled the  role as Radhu' who was the
friend of the hero role of Boban Kunchacko.As a good helpful friend he was nice in that picture.
In the film 'Balettan' as the brother of Mohan Lal he had much importance in the film.Without knowing the
secrets of his brother Sudheesh was blaming him unnecessarily and causing so much problems to him.
In the film Mambazhakkalam also he had much importance and earned good opinion.That film of Mohan Lal
and Shobhana was a block buster film.
Sudheesh is capable of acting comedy type roles and in several films he has proved that ability. Such a role was that in the film  'Sreekrishna Purathe Nakshatra Thilakkam'.That film was a comedy film
in which 'Nagma' was the heroine.In the award winning film of Sreenivasan 'Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala'
he handled a good role as 'Suku'.
Sudheesh used to accept all roles offered to him without being selective.He is type cast  generally in usual
roles as brother of hero or heroine but he portrays those characters always with perfection and in a lovely manner.
Selected Filmography
Mani chitra thazhu
Vardhakya puranam
Varana Malyam
Avittam Thirunal Arogyasreeman
Udayapuram Sultan
Randu pennum oranum
Cheppady Vidya
Oomapenninu Uriyada Payyan
Aniyathi pravu
Kakkakkum poochakkum kalyanam
Melvilasam Sariyanu
Sreekrishnapurathe Nakshatrathilakkam
Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Mohini is a talented and charming film actress who was very active during the period 1991-2005 in main
roles of all the south Indian languages of Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam.That exuberant actress
could manifest several succulent and susceptible roles with exalted ingenuity.
She debuted in Tamil film 'Eeramana Rojave' in the year 1991 which was highly acclaimed film and then she got a string of films such as Adithya 369, Dancer,Chinna Marumagal etc.
Her Malayalam films were also critically acclaimed and she was excellent in films such as 'Parinayam,Varam,Sainyam etc.In several pictures she acted opposite to Mammootty in Malayalam.
When Lal Jose debuted as a director with his film 'Oru Maravathur Kanavu' he made Mohini as the heroine
and Mammootty as the hero.The film dealt with water scarcity of a place and the consequences.'Sainyam' film
was the story of an Indian Airforce  Officer who was engaged in a project called 'Red Alert'.The officer who
was a bachelor of 35 was handled by Mammootty.Mohini had so many interesting sequences in that movie
and was nicely presented.
In the film 'Ee Puzhayum Kadannu' Mohini and Chippy acted as the elder sisters of heroine 'Anjali' which was
handled by Manju Warrier.Anjali loved Gopi, the character which was portrayed by Dileep.The film was a
commercial success and got critical acclamation also.
In the film 'Punjabi House' Mohini was the heroine as the endearing loved girl of the family who was deaf and
dumb and  she acted that role  fantastically well with nice gestures and  apt actions.The character Pooja falls in love with 'Unni'
the character  handled by Dilip in sympathy thinking that he was also mute like her.But later when understood
the truth about him she was not able to forget him.The film dealt with typical story which was very much
sentimental but presented as a comedy musical entertainer which was liked by all.It was a blockbuster film
and earned good appreciation to actors and directors alike.
In the film 'Pattabhishekam' which was also a blockbuster film she acted opposite Jayaram.The theme of the film  was also unusual and intelligently presented by the director.All the actors including Jayaram,Mohini,
Jagathy,Harisree Asokan,Indrans and the baby elephant also acted stupendously well in that movie.There
were so many good comedy scenes in that film which the audience will not forget.One scene was in which
Jayaram and Asokan arrives in the palace for treatment of the female elephant 'Kalyani' and the Palace
members mistake them as bridegroom came for the proposal of the girl Kalyani of the palace.Jayaram telling
that he needs some urine of Kalyani and that he would collect it himself aroused much laughter.When the

original bridegroom Kottayam Nazeer and party were arrived earlier  they were received as elephant physicians
created roaring laughter in the theaters. Afterwards the conflicts between Mohini and Jayaram in the film was very much
interesting for the viewers.
"Vesham' film was also a Mammootty film  in which Mohini acted as the wife of a  businessman Appu, the
role handled by Mammootty  and the movie  was a good entertainer.
Mohini was excellent in Telugu film 'Hitler' in which Chiranjivi was the hero and in that film  Rambha also handled an equal role like Mohini.'Mama Bagunnava' was another reputed Telugu film in which Bhanupriya acted
along with Mohini. 'Lali'  was a Kannada film which earned good appreciation for Mohini in which Vishnu
Vardhan was her hero.
After two years of her marriage with 'Bharath' Mohini took a two year break from films but came back
and started acting in supporting roles.In 2011 she appeared in  the Malayalam film 'Collector' as the
Mayor of Cochin and Suresh Gopi acted as the hero of that film.
Selected Filmography
Eeramana Rojave(Tamil)
Aditya 369(T)
Nadodi Pattukaran(T)
Chinna Marumagal(T)
Ee puzhayum Kadannu
Ikkaraeyanente Manasam
Lali (Kannada)
Mama BagunnavaaTelugu)
Punjabi House
Oru Maravathur Kanavu
Meenakshi Kalyanam
Kudumba Varthakal
Cheran Chozhan Pandyan(Tamil)
Pranaya Nilavu
Innathe Chintha Vishayam


Sunday, February 12, 2012


Annie is a very lucky actress who became very famous by the debut film itself in Malayalam Cinema, remained
in the field for only a short span of three years but created good impression as a talented actress and she could
act in a handful of pictures of  efficient directors with in that period.
Annie is born in Trivandrum  to parents Jobbie and Mariamma Jobbie and did her schooling at Holy Angels School and then joined at All Saints College for higher studies and it was during that time that she entered in to
Annie when a 10th Standard Student got a Chance to interview famous Director/Producer Balachandra Menon
on behalf of a T.V. Channel and Menon was quite impressed by her performance during the interview.
After three years when she was first year degree student he offered her  the main role of his new film 'Ammayane Sathyam'.It was a typical story that the role was of  a dual type  role as a young boy 'Ram Kumar Thomas' and then as 'Parvathy, which  earned much appreciation and applause.The film was a huge success and she became
star overnight. Because of an agreement with Balachandra Menon she could not accept the immediate offers
there after for a particular period of time  but later she was cast for Suresh Gopi's  film 'Rudraksham' which was directed by Shaji Kailas.
During the sets of that film Shaji Kailas and Annie fell in love and determined to get married.A film by Sibi Malayil 'Aksharam'  mean while gave her much appreciation and  earned good opinion from critics also.Suresh Gopi,Madhavi,Narendra Prasad etc  acted in that film.
Rudraksham film was a flop but the performance of Annie was well acclaimed and she got chance in  director
Kamal's film 'Mazhayethum Munpe' which was one of the best films during her acting career.The character 'Shruthi' a college student who was always indulged in several pranks was very well loved by the audience.'Parvathy Parinayam' directed by P.G.Viswambharan  and in which Mukesh was the hero was a good film.'Puthukottayile Puthu Manavalan' directed by Raffi-Mecartin was a comedy type film and a super duper hit.Jayaram,Prem Kumar etc acted in that film which had several  scenes of good comedy and Annie proved  in that film also that she could  handle any type of roles easily.In all the films Annie was always the best.
She married director Shaji Kailas,  accepted Hinduism and changed her name as Chitra Shaji Kailas.She is residing at Thiruvananthapuram with her husband  and Children.
Ammayane Sathyam
Mazhayethum Munpe
Aalamcherry Thamprakkal
Kalyanji Anandji
Mazhavil Koodaram
Parvathy Parinayam
Tom and Jerry
Indian Military Intelligence
Puthukkottayile Puthu Manavalan
Swapnalokathe Bala Bhaskaran
Mookkilla Rajyathu Murimookkan Rajavu
Kireedamillatha Rajakkanmar

Friday, February 10, 2012


Samyuktha Varma  entered in to the Malayalam film field as a gorgeous girl of just seventeen years old performing the lead female role of Sathyan Anthikkad film 'Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal.'She belongs to the Nedumpuram Palace clan of Thiruvalla and was born  there but she was settled at Thrissur with her Parents
Ravi Varma and Uma Varma.She was a student of Trichur Kerala Varma College when director Sathyan Anthikkad cast her for his film.
Neither Samyuktha Varma nor her parents had the plan of taking acting as a profession for her.Her aunt Urmila Unni who is a well renowned dancer and her dance teacher also used to act occasionally in films and T.V.Serials.When the offer from eminent director came for the lead role in his film they accepted it and in the debuted film itself she proved her acting talents which received much acclaim.
Another eminent director   Joshi offered her role in 'Vazhunnor' that year itself and  by that film Samyuktha Varma was approved as the new heroine of Malayalam film industry.
After the success of Maravathur Kanavu the first directional debut of Lal Jose he was on look out for two
heroines for his second venture 'Chandranudikkunna Dikkil' in which he took Samyuktha Varma and Kavya Madhavan.That film also was noted by the critics and  she got much appreciation.
Director Fazil's 'Life is Beautiful' clicked well and she acted opposite Mohan Lal in that film which boosted
her film career.
It was Lenin Rajendran's  'Mazha' that revealed her acting talents to the fullest.She proved that she could handle any type of roles precisely well by performing the character 'Bhadra' in that film.It was a film made
from the novel 'Nastapetta Neelambari' written by Madhavikutty.Her palpable expressions and gestures

revealed the sensitive feelings of Bhadra and conveyed to the audience.As her lover and music teacher
Sasthrikal Biju Menon also excelled in his character.Like that in another block buster film 'Madhura Nombara Kattu'  again  which contained several sentimental sequences she could portray her character well to the
accolades of  the audience.In that film also Biju Menon was the hero.
In 'Swayamvarapanthal' she handled  an insane character 'Priya' opposite Jayaram  which she did justice.
'Thenkassi Pattanam' was a  blockbuster film in which three heroines were there and she acted opposite
Suresh Gopi in that picture.It was a lighter role as the character 'Meenakshi' which she handled well.
In 'Narendran makan Jayakandan Vaka' of Sathyan Anthikkad,Kamal's Meghamalhar,K.Madhu's Nariman
etc also she got much accolades from the audience. In the film Narendran makan Jayakanthan Vaka Boban Kunchacko was the hero.It is in that film that today's superstar  'Asin' debuted in Malayalam.Samyuktha Varma retired from the acting career
after her marriage with actor Biju Menon.The couple have two children.
Samyuktha Varma is the recipient of several awards
also.Kerala Government Best actress award was given to her for film 'Veendum Chila Veettu Karyangal' in 1999 and in 2000 for films Madhura Nombarakattu,Mazha and Swayamvarapanthal.Asia net best actress award was given to her in 2000 and 2001.She got awards from many other organisations also.
Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal
Chandranudikkunna Dikkil
Angane oru Avadhikalathu
Swayamvara Panthal
Nadan Pennum Nattu Pramaniyum
Madhura Nomparakattu
Life  is Beautiful
Thenkasi Pattanam
Saivar Thirumeni
Megha Sandesam
Narendran Makan Jaya Kanthan Vaka
Oneman Show

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


K.Bhagyarj is loved by all film goers as a wonderful writer,Director,Actor,Music Composer, and Producer
of Mainly Tamil Films for the past 35 years.He has directed some  Hindi and Telugu films as well. He knew
the pulse of the audience and got appreciation for film making as per the taste of the society.He finds socially
important themes and presents it in an elaborate manner with an essence of humor.In most of  the films
directed by him he was the producer and handled the lead role also in an appealing manner always.
K.Bhagyaraj is well noted for his screenplay and dialogues which are strongly effective and witty also.He started the film career as an assistant director and the famous Director Bharathi Raja is his mentor as an actor
and  Director. As a director the second film directed by Bharathiraja 'Kizhakkepokum Rail' was scripted by
K.Bhagyaraj.It was a story which dealt with village life and  the next film directed by Bharathi Raja was again
scripted by K.Bhagyaraj with an entirely different story of a psychic character who hates women and with that
film both Bharathi Raja and  K.Bhagyaraj got established in Tamil film industry.
K.Bhagyaraj is the son of  Krishna Swamy and Amaravathy Amma and belonged to Vellankoil of Erode District.He was born on 7 June 1952.
K.Bhagyaraj had been given small roles in Bharathi Raja's films when he was working as his assistant director
and Bharatiraja made him hero for his film 'Puthiya Varpukal' in which 'Rati Agnihotri'acted as the heroine.
The film turned to be an award winning one and as an actor also Bhagyaraj received applause.
He made his directional debut in the film 'Sivarillatha Chithirangal' in 1979 and it was also well received.
As a writer his script and dialogues for the action movie of Kamal Hassan in 1981 'Tik Tik Tik" got much appreciation  and for its director Bharatiraja also.

His film 'Antha 7 Natkal' was a great hit and  as a writer,director and main actor he was well accepted by the
audience.The character 'Palakkad Madhavan' who was a poor music composer who loved Vasanti was a
different story.Financially struggling Madhavan loves Vasanti(Ambika) who lives on the ground floor and
the happenings in the film creates much humor and later turns to be sentimental when Vasanti marries Dr.Anand.The film was remade in Telugu as 'Radha Kalyanam' and in Hindi as 'Woh 7 Din'.In Hindi the lead
roles were handled by Anil Kapoor and Padmini Kohlapuri.In Hindi and Telugu also it was big success and much appreciation received for Bhagyaraj for his creation of those characters.
The 1983 film 'Mundane Mudiuchu' was a super duper hit which was liked by all sectors of the society and
a good entertainment film in which actress 'Urvashi' debuted  as heroine.
In the film 'Chinna Veedu' of 1985 'Kalpana' who is sister of actress Urvashi  debuted as heroine which had
also a typical story which received much acclamation.
In the film 'Sigappu Manithan' he acted with Rajanikanth and Sathyaraj  which was directed by Chandrasekhar.
In 1984 he directed a Hindi film of Amitabh Bachchan who appeared in dual role in it.It was 'Aakhree Rasta' in which sreedevi and Jayapradha acted.That film was the remake of Kamal Hassan's Tamil film
'Oru Kaithiyin Diary'.
He has also directed Mr.Bechara, a Hindi film of Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in which Nagarjuna also acted.
'Ithu Namma Aalu'   'Sundara Kandam'  'Rasukkutty'  'Veetla Viseshangal' 'Oru Oorile Oru Rajakumari'
etc were all well accepted films  written directed  and acted in main role by him.In these films heroines
Bhanupriya,Pragathi,Meena etc acted opposite to him.
In 1981 Bhagyaraj married actress Praveena  but sadly she succumbed to death due to jaundice in 1983.
Bhagyaraj married Poornima Jayaram who was his heroine in the 1982 film 'Darling Darlig Darling'
The couple have two children 'Saranya Bhagyaraj' and   'Shantanu Bhagyaraj'.Saranya Bhagyaraj was
debuted in 2006 film 'Parijatham' which was written and directed by Bhagyaraj.'Pritviraj' acted as hero
of this film.In another Pritviraj film 'Ninaithale Inikkum' he acted in a supporting role.
In 2009 his son 'Shantanu Bhagyaraj was debuted in main role for the film 'Siddu +2' which was made
by Bhagyaraj.He directed the film and acted in a supporting role.
He was awarded Best Dialogue writer award for 'Puthiya Varpukal'  Best film award for 'Ithu Namma Aalu'
Best actor award for 'Oru Kai Osai' etc.'Kanni Paruvathile'  'Indru poyi Nale Vaa'  'Vaettiya Madichu Kattu' 'Vagai sooda vaa'  ' Mouna Geethangal'   'Aararo Aareeraro' etc are
some of his other films  which were all viewers delights.