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It was in 1980 that  a  Malayalam film by name 'Thakara' was released and it became a sensational hit which
ran in fully packed cinema houses for several weeks and became a scoring success.The new face hero and heroine 'Prathap Pothen and Surekha'  became very popular by that film.
The theme of that film is as follows.Thakara was an orphan and an young man who was immature in behavior.He was in close relation as a friend with 'Subhashini' who was the daughter of Mathu Moopppan.
Subhashini  was the beauty queen of the village and the heart throb of young men.Chellappanasari, who made friendship with Thakara injected the venom of sex in to his mind and  according to his instructions Thakara
starts physical contacts with Subhashini.Mathu Mooppan happens to see their love acts one day and he beat
Thakara to unconscious.Thakara who went some where from that village  returns after wards and killed Mathu Mooppan.He requests Subhashini to
live with him which she rejects and he suicides.
This story if somebody other than Padmarajan scripted  and any other director instead of  Bharathan directed
it  the result would have turned to be  a  Masala film only.But Padmarajan who could create wonders with his pen and
intelligence utilized sex themes in a different way and persuaded  the audience to view it differently.The concept
of the films  'Rathi Nirvedam'  'Prayanam'  'Lorry'  etc   dealt with sex theme but in an artistic way
and Director Bharathan could understand what the writer intended with those scenes.Bharathan being an Oil
Painter on Canvas was able to portray artistic frames with his movie camera as well.He created beautiful
films from Padmarajan scripts and we got not masala movies  with vulgar sex but beautiful films which could be seen by all family members together.Bharathan was very well knowing  what to 'show', how to 'show' and  about its limits.
Film 'Thakara' which was an artistic feature film also boosted 'Nedumudi Venu' who was  in his intial acting stage and handled the role of 'Chellappanasari'. The role of Chellappanasari was of much importance in the film
and it was nicely handled by Nedumudi Venu.For at least next fifteen years mimicry artists selected the role
of Chellppanasari to imitate Nedumudi Venu.That much was the impact the roles of Thakara,Subhashini and
Chellappanasari created.It was the combined magic of  Padmarajan and Bharathan.
In a recent interview the heroine of 'Thakara' film Surekha  revealed that she is coming back after all these long gap on silver screen  in roles which will be suitable for her
 like mother roles and character roles.
Before acting in 'Thakara' Surekha had acted in a Telugu film 'Karunamayidu' which was directed by
'Bhim Singh'.Surekha who was a school student at that time was given the role of 'Mother Mary' in that film.The film was a big success and she also participated in several  celebrations  regarding that.
  At that time one friend of her father told them about Bharathan and told them that Bharathan was a good director capable of taking artistic films and was on look out for a new heroine for his next venture. They contacted him and she got chance in the
film 'Thakara'.They were told that it would be an art film and Surekha and her parents expected some awards and fame and accepted the role.As the new heroine in Malayalam and since the story demanded a little exposure she had to act some scenes against her will and wish.Even though she became very famous the role affected negatively
so that later she was called for glamorous roles only.Surekha was not happy to act in films to reveal her body and determined  to leave the acting career.After acting very few films she stopped  that  career.
Surekha belongs to a Christian family in Andhra Pradesh  and she has her Parents and her brother at home..After quitting films she  is involved in some businesses and she is partner of two or three firms which are all running smoothly.She married Dr.Sreenivas in 1995 but they had to divorce after few years. A baby girl was born to them and her daughter is a school student now.
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