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Poornima Jayaram was a  very active actress in Malayalam and Telugu during the 80's and also acted
in some Hindi films.She studied in Mumbai University and her role in 'Manjil Virinja Pookkal' was noted
by the critics and audience and she became a star over night.Manjil Virinja Pookkal was made by 'Appachan'
brother of 'Kunchacko' who was one of the pillar of Malayalam cinema.Appachan gave young director Fazil
all freedom to choose new faces for that film as well as a romantic story.The film with fantastic
location,nice photography and evergreen songs was accepted by both hands by the viewers.It was the second
film of Mohan Lal (The first film 'Thiranottam' was nevewr released) and he appeared in villain role in that film.
The hero role was portrayed by Shankar and Poornima Jayaram acted fantastically well in that film. Since she knew Tamil,Malayalam and Hindi fluently acting in these languages was quite easy for her.The percipience to
understand the situations and character mannerisms and acting talents to skilfully manifest them was inborn to her.
Poornima Jayaram was in the acting career for only four years from 1980 to 1984 but she will be ever remembered for the quality and perfection she displayed to present her characters on celluloid.Mostly she
appeared in middle stream cinema which all contained a realistic story and usually pictured by eminent
directors with a varied vision.Balachandra Menon,Balu Mahendra,K.Bhagyaraj,Fazil etc  were some of
her directors.
The films 'Olangal' in Malayalam in which 'Amol Palekar' was the hero was a successful film with an unusual
story which was directed by Balu Mahendra.Like that the 1983 Malayalam film 'Oomakkuyil' was another
fantastic film of Balu Mahendra in which Y.G.Mahendra acted as Poornima Jayaram's pair.Both films got good acclamation from the critics, contained nice songs and excellent cinematography of Balu Mahendra.
In Bala Chandra Menon films 'Kelkkatha Sabdam', 'Karyam Nissaram', 'Prasnam Gurutharam' Poornima
acted as his pair which were also successful films and liked by the audience.
K.Bhagyaraj directed 'Darling Darling Darling' in which Poornima was the heroine and  Poornima married him later  and became Poornima Bhagyaraj.K.Bhagyaraj a genius director,actor,producer and script writer was
living a lonely life after the death of his first wife who was also  an actress 'Praveena' and  Pornima Jayaram
became his life partner and quit films.They have two Children son Shantanu and daughter Saranya who has
debuted in the film 'Parijatham'.Poornima Jayaram's lastly appeared film in Malayalam was 'Onnanu Nammal'.
Selected Filmography
Paheli (Hindi)
Dillagi (Hindi)
Cheriyachante Kroora Krityangal(Mal)
Manjil Virinja Pookkal(Mal)
Ahimsa (Mal)
Ithiri Neram Othiri Karyam (Mal)
Kelkkatha Sabdam (Mal)
Karyam Nissaram (Mal)
Prasnam Gurutharam (Mal)
Olangal (Mal)
Oomakkuyil (Mal)
Marakkillorikkalum (Mal)

AaRathri (Mal)
Manthrigari Viyyankudie (Telugu)
Pin Nilavu (Mal)
Thanga Magan (Tamil)
Kilinjalgel (Tamil)
Oothy Kachiya Ponnu (Mal)
Inllo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya (Telugu)
Nanayam (Mal)
Vidhi (Tamil)
Padayottam (Mal)
Ente Mamattikutty Ammakku(Mal)
Davani Kanavugal (Tamil)
Vijetha Vikaram (Telugu)
Rachana (Mal)
Payanangal Mudivathillai (Tamil)

Hello Madras Girl (Mal)

Onnanu Nammal (Mal)

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