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Y.G.Mahendran has earned name and fame as a good businessman,Film Actor,Singer,Comedian,Dramatist,Playwright etc.He is in the acting field for a long span of four decades.His
Father,Y.G.Parthasarathy owned his own drama troupe in Chennai  and has contributed much for improvement
of modern drama.Y.G.Mahendran used to act in school plays  and was good at studies also.He has passed Chemical Engineering degree course and has also taken MBA.
He selected acting as the career and joined in the drama troupe of his father and acted in several dramas and
earned acclaim. He is the cousin of Film Star Vyjanthimala and also of Latha Rajani Kanth.
In 1971 he debuted in films by acting in K.Balachander film 'Navagraham'.
After acting in many films he was involved with a ceramic production plant which was running successfully.
Due to his love towards films and actin in 2001 he sold his business and returned to film field as a producer
and actor.His latest appearance in 'Kanthaswamy' also received much appreciation.
Y.G.Mahendran is also known as Y.Gee.Mahendra.He is still acting in dramas and very much interested to
act on stage.
Y.G.Mahendra keeps good relationship with Rajani Kanth and Kamal Hassan.He has acted in several pictures of both these superstars.He had acted with Sivaji Ganesan and Prabhu Ganesan also.He has also acted in Vijayakanth films.He is familiar to Keralites since he was in the main role of 1983 film 'Oomakkuyil'
in which Poornima Jayaram was the heroine.That film directed by Balu Mahendra was a block buster film.
Balu Mahendra handled cinematography also and it is considered as one of the best films of Y.G.Mahendran.
Selected Filmography
Annai Oru Aalayam
Manmadha Leelai
Athisaya piravigal
Miruthanga Chakravarthy
Sivappu Sooryan
Vamsa Vilakku
Nallavanakku Nallavan
Anbulla Appa
Annai En Daivam
Chinna Vadyar
Aduthethu Albert
Sri Raghavendra
Nalla Thambi
Padikkatha Pannaiyar
ZIndra Vizha
Kantha Swamy

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Poornima Jayaram was a  very active actress in Malayalam and Telugu during the 80's and also acted
in some Hindi films.She studied in Mumbai University and her role in 'Manjil Virinja Pookkal' was noted
by the critics and audience and she became a star over night.Manjil Virinja Pookkal was made by 'Appachan'
brother of 'Kunchacko' who was one of the pillar of Malayalam cinema.Appachan gave young director Fazil
all freedom to choose new faces for that film as well as a romantic story.The film with fantastic
location,nice photography and evergreen songs was accepted by both hands by the viewers.It was the second
film of Mohan Lal (The first film 'Thiranottam' was nevewr released) and he appeared in villain role in that film.
The hero role was portrayed by Shankar and Poornima Jayaram acted fantastically well in that film. Since she knew Tamil,Malayalam and Hindi fluently acting in these languages was quite easy for her.The percipience to
understand the situations and character mannerisms and acting talents to skilfully manifest them was inborn to her.
Poornima Jayaram was in the acting career for only four years from 1980 to 1984 but she will be ever remembered for the quality and perfection she displayed to present her characters on celluloid.Mostly she
appeared in middle stream cinema which all contained a realistic story and usually pictured by eminent
directors with a varied vision.Balachandra Menon,Balu Mahendra,K.Bhagyaraj,Fazil etc  were some of
her directors.
The films 'Olangal' in Malayalam in which 'Amol Palekar' was the hero was a successful film with an unusual
story which was directed by Balu Mahendra.Like that the 1983 Malayalam film 'Oomakkuyil' was another
fantastic film of Balu Mahendra in which Y.G.Mahendra acted as Poornima Jayaram's pair.Both films got good acclamation from the critics, contained nice songs and excellent cinematography of Balu Mahendra.
In Bala Chandra Menon films 'Kelkkatha Sabdam', 'Karyam Nissaram', 'Prasnam Gurutharam' Poornima
acted as his pair which were also successful films and liked by the audience.
K.Bhagyaraj directed 'Darling Darling Darling' in which Poornima was the heroine and  Poornima married him later  and became Poornima Bhagyaraj.K.Bhagyaraj a genius director,actor,producer and script writer was
living a lonely life after the death of his first wife who was also  an actress 'Praveena' and  Pornima Jayaram
became his life partner and quit films.They have two Children son Shantanu and daughter Saranya who has
debuted in the film 'Parijatham'.Poornima Jayaram's lastly appeared film in Malayalam was 'Onnanu Nammal'.
Selected Filmography
Paheli (Hindi)
Dillagi (Hindi)
Cheriyachante Kroora Krityangal(Mal)
Manjil Virinja Pookkal(Mal)
Ahimsa (Mal)
Ithiri Neram Othiri Karyam (Mal)
Kelkkatha Sabdam (Mal)
Karyam Nissaram (Mal)
Prasnam Gurutharam (Mal)
Olangal (Mal)
Oomakkuyil (Mal)
Marakkillorikkalum (Mal)

AaRathri (Mal)
Manthrigari Viyyankudie (Telugu)
Pin Nilavu (Mal)
Thanga Magan (Tamil)
Kilinjalgel (Tamil)
Oothy Kachiya Ponnu (Mal)
Inllo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya (Telugu)
Nanayam (Mal)
Vidhi (Tamil)
Padayottam (Mal)
Ente Mamattikutty Ammakku(Mal)
Davani Kanavugal (Tamil)
Vijetha Vikaram (Telugu)
Rachana (Mal)
Payanangal Mudivathillai (Tamil)

Hello Madras Girl (Mal)

Onnanu Nammal (Mal)

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Mohan Sharma was very active during the 70's in Malayalam films mostly in main roles and could gain the love and appreciation of the audience.While acing in Malayalam films during those days he was known as 'Mohan'
and in the film titles his name was shown in that manner but later he  became popular as 'Mohan Sharma'.
Mohan Sharma is now settled at Chennai and he acts in T.V.serials in prime roles.To his credit he has acted in
some 100 films and in 25 T.V.Serials.He is a famous film producer who has produced more than 15 films in
all South Indian Languages of Telugu,Kannada,Tamil and Malayalam.
Mohan Sharma belongs to Tattamangalam of Palaghat District and his education was completed at Tattamangalam and Chitoor of Palaghat.Afterwards he joined the Film and T.V. Institute of Pune, and graduated in the acting course.He was the first South Indian to get that qualification in acting from that prestigious Institute of Government of India.
Mohan Sharma started his career in acting Malayalam films.Before getting the acting degree he had  one or two
small appearances like in the film 'Panimudakku' which was directed by P.N.Menon.Later he got much acclamation for his hero role in the film 'Chattakkari' which was directed by K.S.Sethumadhavan in 1972.
The film which dealt with the life style of Anglo Indian Community in Kerala.The film was made from a novel written by 'Pamman' in the same title which was a super hit.It was a well defined film in which all the stars acted
fantastically well including Mohan Sharma.Lakshmi was the heroine of this film and when it was remade in Hindi
Lakshmi  was the heroine in that also.
In the 1974 blockbuster film 'Nellu' which was directed by Ramu Kariat, Mohan Sharma handled the role of
'Mallan' which had much importance.
In another blockbuster film 'Theekkanal' which was directed by actor Madhu  who handled the hero role, an
equally important role as the husband of Vidhubala's character  was handled by him.In that film all actors including 'Sreevidya' presented fantastic acting skill.In that film Kanaka Durga was superb.
In the film 'Kayalum Kayarum' which was directed by K.S.Gopalakrishnan Mohan Sharma was in the main role.That film contained good melodious songs like 'Sararandal thiri thanu mukilin kudulil... and Chithira thoniyil
akkare pokan... etc. The song sequence of 'Chithirathoniyil akkare pokan ethidamo penne ...Chirayinkeezhile
penne...' was acted nicely by Mohan Sharma rowing a boat.
Like that in the film 'Jeevikkan Marannu poya Sthree in which Sheela and Vijaya Sree had equally important roles, the song sequence of 'Veena Poove Kumaranasante Veena Poove''' was nicely presented by him.
He had acted in several Tamil films also like Enipadigal,Nadakame Ulagam,Salangai Oli, etc.
He served three times as National Film Jury member and once as Indian Panorama Jury member.
He has recently directed a film which he was the producer also which is known as 'Namma Gramam' in Tamil and 'Gramam' in Malayalam.
He is well trained in Carnatic music and Hindusthani music and has rendered play back singing in some films.
Malayalam films 'Ivide Thudangunnu and Bandham was produced by him.Tamil film 'Thavam' 'Tony,Sedina Hakku,Ibani Karagithu etc in Kannada,'Bava Bhakti,Hima Bindu,Mantra Sakti etc in Telugu are produced by him.
Selected Filmography
Kayalum Kayarum
Jeevikkan Marannupoya Sthree
Thoondal Meen
Nadakame Ulagam(Tamil)
Sagara Sangamam(Telugu)

General Chakravarthy
Salangai Oli

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Poonam Dhillan is a beautiful Indian actress who entered the Bollywood arena in the late 70's rose to stardom
very soon and remained so for more than a decade.
Poonam Dhillon was born on April 18, 1962 at Kanpur to parents Aeronautical Engineer Amrik Singh and
Gurcharan Kaur.She had her schooling done at Carmel Convent High School Chandigarh.She has a sister and she is practicing as a Doctor in Mumbai.Poonam Dhillon got married to film maker Ashok Thakaria and have two children, a son and a daughter.She got divorced in 1997.
Poonam Dhillon who was very attractive was selected as Miss India in 1977 and this paved way for her entry in to films when Producer/Director Yash Chopra offered her role in the film 'Trishul'. Her song sequence 'Gapuchi Gapuchi Gam Gam' in that film was well noted and received applause.The title role she held in
the film 'Noorie' in 1979 gave name and fame to her and she became a star overnight.That film was produced by Yash Chopra and directed by Man Mohan Krishna.The film contained beautiful songs composed by Khayyam and the song 'Aja Re Aja Re  O  Mere Dilbar Aja Dil Ki Pyas....' is still super hit.For that film she was nominated for Filmfare Best actress award.
Poonam Dhillon was cast for several films upon the victory of 'Noorie' and she has the credit of pairing for six
films with Superstar Rajesh Khanna out of which only one did not succeed at the Box Office.But that film "Red
Rose' also got good opinion from the critics.
'Kala Pathar'  which was Produced and directed by Yash Chopra, an Amitabh Bachchan film in which Rekha,Neetu Singh and Parveen Babi also acted along with Poonam Dhillon was a successful film.
'Biwi O Biwi,Karma, Batware,Sohni Mahiwal,Yeh to Kamal ho Gaya,Dard,Nishaan,Zamana, Awam etc are
all super hit films of Poonam Dhillon.
'Yeh to Kamal Ho Gaya' was a Kamal Hassan film in which he played a dual role.It is the remake of Tamil film 'Sattam En Kayyil'.
In the film 'John Jani Janardhan Superstar Rajani Kanth appeared in triple role.It is the remake of film 'Moodru Mugam' and Rati Agnihotri also acted in this film.
In the film 'Gereftar' Amitabh Bachchan,Kamal Hassan and Rajani Kanth acted together.The film portrayed
ideal friendship between Hindu and Muslim.
'Jai Shankar' was a 1992 film which was produced by Rajesh Khanna in which Dimple Kapadia also acted.
She  had guest appearance in the film 'Judai' (1996).She also appeared in regional films 'Nyay Dande'(Bengali),Yudha Kanda(Kannada) Ishtam(Telugu) etc.She also acts in plays and the play 'Perfect Husband'  in which she acted got best comedy award in 2005.She is acting in plays 'The Perfect Wife" and
"Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi".She is engaged in business as partner of Makeup Van Production.She is currently
also appearing on T.V. serials and as T.V. host.She is also engaged in social activities like drug awareness,
Family planning,AIDS awareness etc.
Selected Filmography
Kala Pathar
Yeh to Kamal Ho Gaya
Teri Kasam
John Jani Janardhan
Dosti Dushmani
Hisaab Khoon Ka
Namastey London
Chakk Do Phatte
Dil Bole Hadippa
Mile Na Mile Hum
Amiri Garibi
Police Public
Qurbani Rang Laggi
Mard ki Zaban
Ek Saudaagar
Galion ke Badshah
Jhoohi Shaan
Jai Shiv Shankar


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Ambika  is an Indian actress who is having intrinsic acting abilities and handled all types of versatile roles
in all South Indian languages like Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu and Kannada.She was able to keep her predominent
position unflinching for a long period of time and in the 80's and early 90's she paired with Superstars like
Mohan Lal,Mammootty,Sukumaran,Jayan,M.G.Soman,Balachandra Menon,Kamal Hassan,Rajani Kanth,Sivaji Ganesan,Akkineni Nageswara Rao,Karthik,Vijaya Kanth,Siva Kumar,Bhagya Raj,Vishnu Vardhan,Ambareesh,Anant Nag,Shankar Nag,Ravichandran,Mohan Babu etc.
Ambika hails from Kallara of Thiruvananthapuram District and her date of Birth is 16Nov. 1962.The famous
South Indian actress Radha is her younger sister.Her Mother's name is Sarasamma and the three owns a
movie studio 'ARS' Studios, the Studio name being the first letter of their names.
Ambika debuted in a Malayalam film 'Seetha' which was released several years later and her first released film was  'Neelathamara'.That film was a huge success at that time and she was cast in several films there upon.
'Lajjavathy' and  'Thuramukham' increased her star value and critics certified that Ambika possess wonderful acting abilities.Films of Balachandra Menon 'Ishtamanu Pakshe' and 'Aniyatha Valakal' brought out her vibrant
acting skills to a large extent.The song scene 'Oru Mayil Peeliyayi Njan Janichuvenkil ...' was very much loved by the younger generation.Sukumaran and gang interfering with 'Entho'  during that song scene created sympathy and laughter  at the same time.In 'Kelkkatha Sabdam  and  Maniyan Pillai Adhava Maniyan Pillai' also Ambika acted in main roles.Sukumaran was her hero in several pictures during those period.
She handled an efficacious role of an advocate who had to face gritty dilemma in 'Rajavinte Makan'.It was a
challenge and the character 'Nancy' got much appreciation.
Ambika earned good opinion for her role as a teacher in 'Kakkothikkavile Appooppan Thaadikal'.The agony
of the elder sister who lost her younger sister at a small age when a beggar kidnapped her was a touching theme and both Revathy and Ambika  handled their roles up to the mark brilliantly.
In the film Swathi Thirunal she paired with Anant Nag and handled the role as the queen.In the comedy film
'Pattana Pravesam' of Mohan Lal and Sreenivasan  she had to handle a mature role.After a long gap she
handled the mother role in 'Niram' superbly which was loved by all film goers.
When Ambika earned name and fame in Malayalam films her younger sister was  proceeding  victorious in Tamil Films.When Ambika was also on the lookout to get good chance in other languages  she was called by
eminent director K.Bhagya Raj and offered role in 'Andha 7 Natkal'.That movie was a big success and she
got chances with all the  well known stars of that language.With Rajani Kanth her films 'Padikkathavan,Maveeran,Kakki Sattai,Kathal Parisu etc were all hits.In Kathal Parisu her sister Radha also acted.The story was about two sisters
 having conflicting personalities.In the films 'Enkeyo ketta kural,Anna Nagar,Mudhal Theru,Idhaya Kovil and Vellai Roja also Ambika and Radha acted together.She acted with Meena and Meera Jasmine
in the film 'Mariyathai' in which Vijaya Kanth played the roles of father and son.After a long gap she acted
in a film 'Periyamanushyan' with Sathyaraj.In Kannada Ambika handled several winning roles with 'Ambareesh'.Ambika was one of the top heroines of Kannada movies during those period.In recent past she acted in Malayalam films Angel John,Thanthonni etc and presently concentrating on Tamil T.V.serials.
Selected Filmography
Enikku Njan Swantham
Ishtamanu Pakshe
Prema Geethangal
Aniyatha Valakal
Kelkatha Sabdam
Enikku Visakkunnu
Anuraga Kodathy
Maniyan Pillai Adhava Maniyan Pillai
Dooram Arike

Edavazhiyile poocha Minda poocha
Kaval Madam
Oru Nokku Kaanan
Rajavinte Makan
Swathi Thirunal
Kakkothikkavile Appooppan Thaadikal
Irupatham Nootandu
Pattana Pravesam
Varna Kazhchakal
Udayapuram Sulthan
Ben Johnson
Antha 7 Natkal
Kadal Meengal
Sagala Kala Vallavan
Enkeyo Ketta kural
Vellai Roja
Pournami Alaigal
Kakki Sattai
Naan Sivappu Manithan
Idaya Kovil
Nanum oru Thozhilali
Kathal parisu
Kan Simittum neram
Uyirodu Uyiraga
Poovellam Kettupar
Uthama Puthran
Avan Ivan
Mudhal Theru
Idhaya Kovil
Anna Nagar

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It was in 1980 that  a  Malayalam film by name 'Thakara' was released and it became a sensational hit which
ran in fully packed cinema houses for several weeks and became a scoring success.The new face hero and heroine 'Prathap Pothen and Surekha'  became very popular by that film.
The theme of that film is as follows.Thakara was an orphan and an young man who was immature in behavior.He was in close relation as a friend with 'Subhashini' who was the daughter of Mathu Moopppan.
Subhashini  was the beauty queen of the village and the heart throb of young men.Chellappanasari, who made friendship with Thakara injected the venom of sex in to his mind and  according to his instructions Thakara
starts physical contacts with Subhashini.Mathu Mooppan happens to see their love acts one day and he beat
Thakara to unconscious.Thakara who went some where from that village  returns after wards and killed Mathu Mooppan.He requests Subhashini to
live with him which she rejects and he suicides.
This story if somebody other than Padmarajan scripted  and any other director instead of  Bharathan directed
it  the result would have turned to be  a  Masala film only.But Padmarajan who could create wonders with his pen and
intelligence utilized sex themes in a different way and persuaded  the audience to view it differently.The concept
of the films  'Rathi Nirvedam'  'Prayanam'  'Lorry'  etc   dealt with sex theme but in an artistic way
and Director Bharathan could understand what the writer intended with those scenes.Bharathan being an Oil
Painter on Canvas was able to portray artistic frames with his movie camera as well.He created beautiful
films from Padmarajan scripts and we got not masala movies  with vulgar sex but beautiful films which could be seen by all family members together.Bharathan was very well knowing  what to 'show', how to 'show' and  about its limits.
Film 'Thakara' which was an artistic feature film also boosted 'Nedumudi Venu' who was  in his intial acting stage and handled the role of 'Chellappanasari'. The role of Chellappanasari was of much importance in the film
and it was nicely handled by Nedumudi Venu.For at least next fifteen years mimicry artists selected the role
of Chellppanasari to imitate Nedumudi Venu.That much was the impact the roles of Thakara,Subhashini and
Chellappanasari created.It was the combined magic of  Padmarajan and Bharathan.
In a recent interview the heroine of 'Thakara' film Surekha  revealed that she is coming back after all these long gap on silver screen  in roles which will be suitable for her
 like mother roles and character roles.
Before acting in 'Thakara' Surekha had acted in a Telugu film 'Karunamayidu' which was directed by
'Bhim Singh'.Surekha who was a school student at that time was given the role of 'Mother Mary' in that film.The film was a big success and she also participated in several  celebrations  regarding that.
  At that time one friend of her father told them about Bharathan and told them that Bharathan was a good director capable of taking artistic films and was on look out for a new heroine for his next venture. They contacted him and she got chance in the
film 'Thakara'.They were told that it would be an art film and Surekha and her parents expected some awards and fame and accepted the role.As the new heroine in Malayalam and since the story demanded a little exposure she had to act some scenes against her will and wish.Even though she became very famous the role affected negatively
so that later she was called for glamorous roles only.Surekha was not happy to act in films to reveal her body and determined  to leave the acting career.After acting very few films she stopped  that  career.
Surekha belongs to a Christian family in Andhra Pradesh  and she has her Parents and her brother at home..After quitting films she  is involved in some businesses and she is partner of two or three firms which are all running smoothly.She married Dr.Sreenivas in 1995 but they had to divorce after few years. A baby girl was born to them and her daughter is a school student now.
Ee Naadu
John Jaffer Janardhanan
Novemberinte Nashtam
Katturumpinu Kathu Kuthu
Ellam Impamayam(Tamil)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


G.K.Pillai is a veteran actor of Malayalam Cinema who is literally the 'Legend of Malayalam Cinema'.He  is  active
on the silver screen from the past five and a half decades.He still acts in films and also appears on T.V. serials
in character roles.Earlier he was mostly handling villainous roles,Police Officer type roles and of course in
different types of character roles also.His 'Vadakkan Pattu films' roles were very much admired.G.K.Pillai in an
interview revealed recently that he is still strong enough to perform 'Kalari Payattu' (the display of fight using
swords  and  special swords known as 'Urumi' which are flexible and very long).He has the knowledge of
that  kind of martial arts and an expert in horse riding also.
G.K.Pillai hails from Chirayinkeezhu, in Trivandrum District which is the birth place of  evergreen 'Prem Nazir'.
G.K.Pillai has also acted in many of Prem Nazir films.
G.K.Pillai entered in to Malayalam film field at the age of 29 for the film 'Sneha Seema'  in 1954 and got the appreciation as a well talented actor with the film 'Nayaru Pidicha Puli Vaal' of 1958.
He has acted in almost all films of Udaya Studios which were  Produced and directed by Kunchacko.He has
given important roles in all 'Vadakkan Pattu' films produced by Udaya Studios such as
Unniyarcha,Thacholi Othenan,Othenante Makan,Aaromalunni,Kannappanunni,Kadathanattu Maakkam etc.
G.K.Pillai revealed in the T.V. interview that during those days they used weapons which were sharp enough
to make injuries even though not real.After fight scenes and 'Kalari Payattu' scenes there occurred small cuts
which they usually ignored as part of the play.But once in a scene of Kalari payattu scene for the film 'Othenante Makan' with Ragini he got injured on the face for which medical treatment was needed.The devotion  and hard work executed for the perfection of films in earlier times was more in his opinion.Today
the advancement in technologies has made the things more easier is his observation.
For the last many years he is appearing regularly on T.V. acting important roles for Serials.He is appearing
in an important role for 'Kumkumapoovu' a T.V. serial for Asianet at present.
His impressive smile,Masculine voice and clear  and unique style of dialogue presentation are highly acclaimed.
Last year he was selected for 'Prem Nazir Award' which is given in memory of Prem Nazir and also 'Ragamalika Jayan Award' which is given in memory of actor Jayan and presented to him in crowded functions
which were attended by eminent personalities like Sreekumaran Thampi and Dr.M.K.Muneer.
The versatile actor who is engaged on the film screen for five and a half decades and acted in more than 325 films  has not yet  received any
Official Awards till now  and  he is very much worth and eligible for that  which we hope will be  given to him  soon.
Selected Filmography
Sneha Seema
Vimochana Samaram
Vidhichathum Kothichathum
Thacholi Ambu
Panchavan Kadu
Sthanarthi Saramma
Sreerama Pattabhishekam
Othenante Makan

Seemantha Puthran
Raju Rahim
Padunna puzha
minnunnathellam Ponnalla
Swarga rajyam
Udyana Lakshmi
Kottayam Kola Case
Ollathu mathi
Nayaru pidicha puli valu
Manassinte theerthayathra
Kalayum Kaminiyum
Kadathanattu Makkam
Kayal Karayil
Njana Sundari
Jambu Lingam
Ezhuthatha Kadha
Ee Raavil
Ee Naadu
Danger Biscuit
Chora Chuvanna Chor
Cochin Express
Aval Oru Devalayam
Aana Pachan
Achanum  Makanum
Kaduvaye Pidicha kiduva
The Metro
G.K.Pillai as Sage Viswamitra