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Parvathy is a well known actress of  Malayalam  Film field who was active during the period 1986 to 1996 in main roles and quit the industry with her marriage to the Malayalam film Hero Jayaram.
Her real name is Aswathi Kurup and was born in Kaviyoor of Thiruvalla in Kerala.She joined Malayalam Cinema while she was studying for Pre-Degree Course at N.S.S.Hindu College Changanacherrry.Her debut film was at the age of 17 in Balachendramenon's 'Vivahithare Ithile Ithile.' She was given big spectacles to have a mature look for the role in that film by Menon in which she acted well according to the critics.She was cast in Hariharan's 'Amritham Gamaya' which was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair in which Mohan Lal was in the lead role in the next year.Parvathy could present her role very naturally in that film which made her position stable.Jalakam, and Oru Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam' in which

Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam made her position intact and she became a household name in Kerala.She was much acclaimed for her role in '
as Unnimaya, the character she was very apt and the viewers loved her same as like Nedumudi Venu and Sarada.The old couple Nedumudi Venu and Sarada  acted fantastically well in that movie as if real and to compete with them Parvathy also tried her level best.
In the film 'Vaishali' which was directed by Bharathan, Parvathy was in the role as 'Shantha' the daughter of
Maharajah Lomapada who ruled Angarajya..In the film more importance was given for the roles of Geetha  as "Malini'and Suparna Anand as
"Vaishali' who were dancers at the palace; and Vaishali was Malini's daughter..Wrought caused much deaths and ruins in the princely state where a 'Yaga' was to be performed by
a Young Saint of Celibacy.Such a person who never saw women was brought there  with severe efforts by
Malini and Vaishali.The Yaga was performed by the young Saint 'Rishyasringan' and there happens heavy rains in which people danced and enjoyed
wildly and joyfully.Vaishali was the daughter of the King which even he was unaware of but Malini could not
reach the King to reveal the truth.In that joyous mob she was killed under the feet of dancers.Vaishali also fell down and her fate might be as trampled  similar.The King proclaimed the Marriage of his daughter 'Shanta' (Parvathy)
with the young saint 'Rishyasringan' which the crowd received with applause..Parvathy made her role memorable in the film.Each and every frame of the movie was made excellent by director Bharathan for the film 'Vaishali'.
In the film 'Aparan' Jayaram was introduced in Cinema by Director Padmarajan in which Parvathy was the heroine.It was the story of an young man who resembled somebody else and the consequences.
'Kireedam' was a film Directed by Sibi Malayil which was written by Lohitha Das and  which was a Block buster film.All characters in the film was well suited and acted fantastically well.The story and its presentation  was liked by all and the scenes are also well remembered.All the dreams and expectations of the happy family of Thilakan and his son Mohan Lal were crushed to pieces by an unexpected incident which caused
shock and sorrow  in the hearts of the viewers also.Many of the audience also felt sympathy to 'Devi' the innocent girl who loved Mohan Lal and wept with her.Parvathy as 'Devi' was quite lovable in the film.
'Vadakku Nokki Yanthram' was a typical  story which was written by Sreenivasan and he Directed the film and handled the main role also.As the hero 'Thalathil Dinesan' he could perform as if real.The inferior complex of Thalathil Dinesan and the problems it caused to his innocent and lovely wife 'Sobha' created
 comedy as well as a serious thought also.All the incidents in the film was enjoyable and for the great success
of the film the contribution with fantastic  acting of Parvathy was great.
In the film 'Akkare Akkare Akkare' the foolish C.I.D's Dasan and Vijayan goes to America to get back the stolen Gold Crown and to arrest Paul Barber.In the film Mohan Lal and Sreenivasan were the C.I.D's and Parvathy acted as a nurse who was working in an American Hospital.The film directed by Priyadarshan
was a commercial success and Parvathy excelled well in her character.
Dr.Pasupathy was a full length comedy film directed by Shaji Kailas and in the film Parvathy was as the Character 'Ammukkutty' who was in love with the character of 'Riza Bava' but was being  forced to  marry
Dr.Pasupathy, the character handled by innocent.
The film 'Subha Yathra' dealt with the life and difficulties of Malayalees living in Mumbai.The film in which
Jayaram and Parvathy acted in main roles was directed by Kamal.
Thalayanamantram was  a  film directed by Sathyan Anthikkad and in that film Urvashy and Parvathy acted
in competition.In that film  Sreenivasan and Jayaram had to split because of the words of their wives and
they realizes the truth later on.
In the film 'Kamaladalam' she was as the wife of 'Nanda Gopal' who was the instructor of 'Kalamandalam'
in the dance section which was handled by Mohan Lal.Her character dies and  Nanda Gopal becomes
addict to alcohol.The film gave importance to dance sequences in which 'Monisha' also performed well.
Almost all films handled by Parvathy were nice and well noted during that time.She settled as a house wife
at Chennai with Jayaram and their children Kalidas and Malavika.Kalidas acted in some films and got
National award as child artist also.
Selected Filmography
Vivahithare Ithile Ithile
Amritham Gamaya
Oru Minnaminunginte Nurungu vettam
Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu
Peruvannapurathe Viseshangal
Puthiya Karukkal
Vadakku Nokki Yanthram
Pradeshika Varthakal
Akkare Akkare Akkare
Kuruppinte Kanakkupustyhakam
Radha Madhavam
Subha Yathra
Thalayana Mantrasm
Amina Tailors
Kunikkitta Kozhi
Surya Gayathri
Kamala Dalam
Kizhakkan Pathrose

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