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Manju Warrier quit films and retired for family life in the year 1998 and after thirteen years also most of the Keralites still remember her acting skills with admiration.Most of the audiences are unhappy that she left the film field at  an unexpected early stage when she was just 20 years old..It is the usual age most of the heroines start their career but this highly talented and versatile actress and brilliant dancer in classical dance forms got married to actor Dileep on 20 Oct 1998
and settled at Alwaye as a housewife when she was just 20.Manju Warrier was born in Kannur on  1st November 1978 and finished her schooling at Kannur.Her father is  an Accountant and Mother Housewife.She has one brother by name Madhu Warrier.After Shobhana Manju Warrier was the expectation of the audience as a brilliant actress who could handle any
type of roles and was able to dub the voice of her own.She was very expressive on her face and controlled voice modulation was easy to her. She  could show minute feelings also on her face and through her speaking eyes.Her gestures and movements were adequate which
suited the characters she was presenting.If she continued her acting career further the story writers would have
created so many feminine strong characters which are happening rarely now.Some actors could not understand what the writer and director expects from a particular scene and so the overall effect and impact that sequence creates on the audience will not be up to the mark.The spectators watch such scenes without any emotions
and the writer and Director will surely feel bad about their final product.The writers and Directors will feel
very happy when they understand that a new actor/actress has  unusual  inherent talents and can be utilized
for versatile roles effectively.It is what happened in the case of Manju Warrier. If we examine the list of films acted by Manju Warrier we will understand this fact.
Manju Warrier was active in the film field from 1995 to 1999 only.During this short period she appeared only in Malayalam films and all of her films were Directed by eminent Directors of those period.
She was given an important role by Director Mohan in 'Sakshyam' in 1995.She became a heroine in the film
'Sallapam' which was directed by Sunderdas and the role of Dileep as Junior Jesudas and Radha of Manju
got much appreciation.The young,charming Radha entered in to the hearts of all audiences.The next film Directed by Kamal 'Ee Puzhayum Kadannu' with Dileep and Biju Menon again created good impact.Afterwards she was cast in films which were the  team work of talented writers, directors and other technicians so that the audience got some nice films to enjoy and keep in memory.
Unnimaya of 'Aaram Thampuran' was a role which was not easy to present with but Manju Warrier gave life to Unnimaya and gave emotions to the fullest.Mohan Lal acted opposite to her in 'Aaram Thampuran' and 'Kanmadam'.Kanmadam was written and directed by Lohithadas.
Irattakuttikalude Achan was a sentimental film which was directed by Sathyan Anthikkad which was nicely
presented by Manju and Jayaram.In several of her films like 'Kaliveedu,Dilliwala Raja Kumaran,Krishna Gudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu   and 'Thooval Kottaram' Jayaram  acted opposite to her.'Daya' was different
theme directed by Venu.She received much acclaim for 'Pranaya Varnangal' directed by Sibi Malayil and  for 'Summer in Bethlahem ' also.
'Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu' was also a film with an unusual theme which was directed by T.K.Rajeev Kumar  which was a challenge to her acting skill.The character 'Bhadra' of that film is still remembered
by her audience with much appreciation.The film earned  Manju Warrier a 'Special Jury National Award'
for her character.She got Kerala Government Best Actress Award for the film 'Ee Puzhayum Kadannu' in the year 1996.She was also recipient of Asiane,Videocon and Film Fans Awards as Best Actress for the years,1996,97,98,and 99.
Ee Puzhayum Kadannu
Dilliwala Raja Kumaran
Thooval Kottaram
Aaram Thampuran
Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu
Irattakuttikalude Achan
Pranaya Varnangal
Summer in Bethlahem
Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu


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  1. hai Manju you were exceptionally brilliant in the few films you have enacted .we wish to see you again in heart wrenching characters such young college girl in pranayavarnangal or the angry young woman who stands for her helpless family against the world