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Lakshmi  is a versatile actress who was very active in all four South Indian Languages in lead roles during 70's and 80's and later  shifted to supporting roles.She received  National Award for Best Actress  for a Tamil film in 1974 and it was for the first time that an actress got a Best Actress National Award for a Tamil Film.
She is famous for the North Indian audience through her 1975 Hindi film 'Julie' which was a commercially successful film.The songs of that film are still very famous.She has also acted in a few other Hindi films.In all the four South Indian languages such as Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada and Telugu she was very active and acted with almost all lead actors of those languages.She is fluent in all the south Indian languages.
Lakshmi was born on 13 Dec 1952 in Chennai to Actor/Producer Y.V.Rao who was originally from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Actress Kumari Rukhmani.Rukhmani's mother Janaki was also an actress.
Lakshmi entered in to films at the age of 15 by a Tamil film 'Jeevanamsam' in the year 1968.In the same year she appeared in a Telugu film 'Bandhavyalu'.
In the year 1974 she acted in the lead role of a Malayalam film 'Chattakkari' which was based on a novel written by Malayalam novelist 'Pamman' in the same name.The story was about the life style of Anglo Indian Christian families of Kerala.Julie's father was a Pilot of Railway Engine and when their life was going smoothly Julie falls in love with a Hindu Youth and their relationship resulted in Julie's pregnancy.Julie had to deliver a child in a convent and the consequences were the theme.The film demanded much acting skills and Lakshmi was superb in handling that role to the wide acclamation of audiences.It was remade as 'Julie' in Hindi in 1975 and 'Julie
Prema Katha' in Telugu (75) and in these languages also Julie's character was handled by Lakshmi.At those times in addition to the fantastic acting skills she was glamorous also.
In a Malayalam film 'Ponni' which dealt with the story of  Tribal people 'Kamal Hassan' was her hero and the film was a super hit at the box Office.That film contained melodious songs and nice song sequences.Like that another  Malayalam film of 1975 'Picnic' was a block buster film which also contained beautiful melodious songs which are written by Sreekumaran Thampi and Music by M.K.Arjunan.Those songs are still very popular.The story was about a tribal girl who falls in love with an Engineer who was camping inside the forest at a river basin for the construction work of a dam.The girl was the daughter of the leader of the tribe.It was against their rules to marry somebody outside from their tribe and so the Engineer married her secretly and shifted to another place.Meanwhile the couple had a child and the tribal girl became very modern and learned to speak and write English also.Once she wanted to return to their home place to visit her father and the the three happily reached the place.By that time the dam work was also finished.When they were walking to her father's house a tribal man sent a poisonous arrow on her and she died.Her father came to the spot and seeing her daughter's dead body wept a lot.The son of the tribal girl while studying for Engineering visit the place with his friends for a picnic and the watch man of the dam recognized him since he resembled his father whom the watch man knew very well.These story was told by the watch man to him and his friends and helped the young boy to visit his tribal grand father also.
In a Malayalam film 'Mohiniyattam' of Director Sreekumaran Thampi she presented dance  sequences which were well done.In a 1982 Malayalam  film  'Gaanam' which was again directed by Sree Kumaran Thampi she was as a  Carnatic Vocalist.The film  was in the genre of 'Sankarabharanam'  and it was also a commercially successful film.The film was artistically made but it attracted all kinds of audiences.
In the Tamil movie 'Dikkatra Parvathy' which was based on a novel written by C.Rajagopalachari, it was directed by Sreenivasa rao and Sreekanth acted opposite to Lakshmi.The film was also a challenge to her acting skill and received National film award for Best feature film in Tamil of 1975.
In 1975 she acted in a Tamil film 'Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal' which was directed by Bheem Singh.It was based on a same titled novel written by novelist Jaya Kanthan.The main roles were handled by Lakshmi,Sree Kanth  and Nagesh.Lakshmi received National Award for Best Actress for that film.
Like that in Telugu and Kannada also she has acted in several films and got much appreciation and awards.
Later she changed to mother roles and grand mother roles.She played Aisharya Rai's Grand Mother in 'Jeans'(1993) and Kareena Kapoor's Grand Mother in Hulchul(2004).She has acted in more than 400 films.
She used to appear as host for T.V.Shows in Tamil and some other south Indian Languages and also act in films.
She is recipient of Filmfare award for Best Actress in Tamil for film 'Dikkatra Parvathy'
In 1974 she got Filmfare award for Best Actress for Malayalam film 'Chattakkari'
and in 1975 she got Best actress award for Malayalam film 'Chalanam'
In 1976 She was awarded Filmfare award for Malayalam film 'Mohiniyattam'
In83 She got Best Actress Filmfare Award for Tamil film,In 86 She got Best Actress Filmfare
Award for Telugu Film and in 1993 she got Best Actress filmfare award for Kannada film.
In 1998 she was given Filmfare Life Achievement Award.
She is also recipient of Kerala State Best Actress Award for Chattakkari
1975  National Award for Best Actress for Tamil film
In 1978 she received She received Best Actress award from Tamil Nadu Government
for film 'Oru Nadigai Natakam Padikiraal'.
Selected Filmography
Penn Deivam(T)
Noottukku Nooru(T)
Mattukkara Velan(T)
Kase than Kadavulada(T)
Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal(T)
Thikatra parvathy(T)
Samsaram Athu Meensaram(T)
Kudumbam Oru Kovil(T)
Udaya Geetham(T)
Pasa Paravaigal(T)
Sri Raghavendra (T)
En Uyir Kannamma(T)
Sindhoora Sandhyakku Mounam(M)
Atta Kalasam(Mal)
Piriyilla Naam(M)
Aattu Vanchi Ulanjappol(M)
Aarante Mulla Kochu Mulla (M)
Manathe Vellitheru(M)
Ee Tanutha Veluppan Kalathu(M)
Poochakkaru Mani kettum(M)

Thalam thettiya Tharattu(M)
Orikkal Koodi(M)
Soorya Vamshe(K)
Malle Poovu(Telugu)
Andoru Dongale(Telugu)
Sundara Kanda(Telugu)

Thiru Mangalyam (T)
Veettukku Veedu (T)
Netrikan (T)

Unnaippol Oruvan (T)
Padayappa (T)
Alludu Mazaale (Telugu)
Ninne Pelladutha (Telugu)
Murari (Telugu)
Ee Nadu (Telugu)
Jeevana Tharangalu (Telugu)
Kiladi Jodi (Kannada)
Antha (K)
Pallavi Anu Pallavi(K)
Brahmastra (K)
Vamshi (K)
Chattakkari (Mal)
Ponni (Mal)
Picnic (Mal)
Mohiniyattam (Mal)
America America (Mal)
Karyam Nissaram (Mal)
Julie (Hindi)
Jeevan Mukthi (H)
Aangon ki kali (H)
Bandit  Queen (H)
Hulchul (H)

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