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Jeetendra is an eminent actor of Bollywood who appeared in more than 200 films as hero.Most of his films were successful at the box-office since the audience liked his way of acting and dancing skills.On the silver screen he used to be always very energetic and ebullient.During his active period which extended for more than 40 years he was always an arduous person.He was lovingly called as 'Jumping jack' because of his dancing abilities and he used to present startling dance movements along with even Sridevi and Jayapradha.
He used to keep his body always in good shape and even at the age of 45 he was looking not more than 30.
His brisk way of walking, inimitable style of dialogue presentation etc were well accepted and well acclaimed.
His adequacy to suit all kind of  characters was extra ordinary.When he acts as a thief his gestures and actions would be most suitable for that and when he act as a business magnet he knew very well to present the mannerisms  and actions of a demagogic person, and when he transforms to a romantic young hero he used to act amazingly lovely  and lovable.In the love scenes he used to present it adroitly well with extreme amenity, and moreover to add spice with beautiful melodious duet songs he would present gorgeous dance sequences also with the heroines.He has acted with almost all the heroines of those times but he was most suitable with Hema Malini,Rekha,Reena Roy,Mousami Chatterjee,Mumtaz,Neetu Singh,Sreedevi and Jayapradha.
                                                              Jeetendra was born on April 7,1942 at Amritsar,Punjab.His real name is Ravi Kapoor.Their family were involved in imitation jewelry business and when he supplied his jewelry to famous film maker V.Santa Ram he offered him role in his film 'Navrang'(1959) and he was made hero in another film 'Sehra' in 1963.Thus he became an established actor  in the Bollywood and continued with his hits for a long period.During the 80's he frequently appeared with Sreedevi and Jayapradha and presented nice dancing sequences with them.Justice Choudhari,Mawali,Himmatwala,Jani Dushman,Toffa were all well acclaimed movies.Several of these films were remake of South Indian films.Himmatwala was directed by Raghavendra Rao.
Parichay was a very good film of 1972 based on a Bengali novel and directed by Gulzar in which Jaya Bhaduri and Sanjeev Kumar also acted.'Dulhan'(75) with Hema Malini was a good film.Nagin(76) which was a horror fantasy thriller film in which Rekha,Yogita Bali,Reena Roy,Mumtaz,Feroz Khan,Sanjay Khan,Sunil Dutt etc were in cast Jeetendra appeared as Male Serpent.
In the 1977 film Dharam Veer with the theme of separation and reunion directed by Man Mohan Desai Zeenat Aman and Neetu singh acted with him.
Swarg Narak was a good film directed by Dasri Narayana Rao in which along with Jeetendra, Sanjeev Kumar,Mousami Chatterjee and Shabana Aazmi acted.
Burning Train was a gigantic film in which Jeetendra,Dharmendra,Parveen Babi,Neetu Singh,Hema Malini,Vinod Khanna,Ranjeet etc were actors.'Pyasa Sawan', Action thriller 'Samrat' with Daharmendra Hema Malini,Zeenat Aman,'Nishan(83)' with Poonam Dhillon,Rekha etc were also well acclaimed films.
In the film Mawali(83) he played double role with Sreedevi and Jaya Pradha.His famous dialogue in the film 'Kutte,Kanvar Nahin KanvarLal bolo'  drew much attention and laughter.
Jeetendra married  'Shobha' who was working as an Air Hostess in British Air Lines whom he was knowing from the childhood.They are having two children Tushar Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor.Tushar Kapoor is an actor while Ekta Kapoor runs a T.V.Production house known as 'Balaji Tele Films'.
Jeetendra was given Filmfare Life time achievement Award in 2002.
In 2004 he was given 'Legend Of Indian Cinema' Award at Atlantic City(U.S)
In 2005 he received Star Screen Life time achievement Award.
In 2008 he was presented Sansui Television Life Time Achievement Award.
Selected Filmography
Suhag Raat
Jigri Dost
Naya Raasta
Mere Humsafar
Dhatri Kahe Pukar ke
Do Bhai
Shadi ke Baad
Roop Tera Mustana
Dharam Veer
Jaani Dushman
Lok Parlok
Jal Mahal
Pyasa Saawan
Badle ki Aag
Gold Medal
Dosti Dushmani

New Delhi
Dil Aasha Hai
Lav Kush

Kuch to Hai

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