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Like MGR and NTR who were famous in their short form of names, Akkineni Nageswara Rao is also famous  in the short form of his name as ANR.Like MGR and NTR, ANR also came to limelight from common conditions.ANR belonged to a poor family and his parents could not give him good education but only up to primary level.He had to join street drama troupe at he age of 9 because of poverty.But these difficulties and sorrows helped him develop in to a humanist of good qualities and the experiences from the stage plays and street plays carved out an actor of excellence who was able to present any type of roles clan and ease brilliantly well.
Akkineni Nageswara Rao was born on 20 Sept. 1924 Ramapuram Gudivada Taluk,Krishna District.There was not enough facilities for higher eduacation in that area where agriculture was given much importance.So later ANR started a College at Gudivada Taluk to felicitate higher education to people mainly from his native place.He is the Chairman of the College where Graduate and Post Graduate courses in many subjects and M.B.A and M.C.A courses are also being done.
In the childhood days and as a young actor on stage Nageswara Rao was usually given female roles because of his attractive personality.At the age of 17 in 1941 he was offered a role in a film 'Dharma Patni'.He used to act in dramas then also and while coming back after a stage show a film maker spotted him at Vijayawada railway station and offered him role in his next film.The producer of that film 'Balaramaiah' kept his word and gave him the lead role as 'Lord Rama' in his movie
'Sita Rama Jananam'.It was a turning point in his life and a versatile actor was born
with that film and continued that victory ride for a long span of 69 years.
He could impress the audience with his exquisite acting style and earn the love and support from them so that usually his films were successes critically and commercially.
He was mainly responsible for choosing Hyderabad as the centre of Telugu Cinema(Tolly wood).He insisted the producers to select Hyderabad and in support to that need he started a film studio,which is famous Annapurna Studios at Hyderabad.
He was able to play several immortal characters in mythological,Biographical and historical films also.Tenali Rama Krishna,Mahakavi Kalidasu,Devadasu,Maya Bazaar,Dr.Chakravarthy,Dassara Bullodu,Ardhangi,Muga Manasulu,Misamma,Prem Nagar, etc were all much acclaimed films.Film 'Premabhishekam' directed by Dassari Narayana Rao was an eminent film which was exhibited at a Hyderabad  movie house for 533 days which was a record.Usually films  do not run continuously for 365 days also.
He was well appreciated for his film 'Mahakavi Kalidasu' which was directed by Kamaleswara Rao in which ANR played the title role.In the film 'Maya Bazaar' NTR played the role of Krishna and Nageswara Rao appeared as 'Abhimanyu'.
In 'Ardhangi' he acted as a mentally retarded person.In the film 'Anuradha' he was in the character 'Murali' who loved 'Anuradha'.Murali loses his eyes in an accident and the consequences were the theme of that film.Dr.Chakravarthy was a film based on the novel written by novelist 'Koduri Kousalya Devi' and ANR was in the lead role.'Antasthulu' was a musical film with some melodious songs.In the 2006 film
'Chukkello Chandrudu' he handled the role as the grandfather of character 'Arjun'.In another film of the same year 'Ramadasu' he was in the role of 'Kabirdas'.
Akkineni Nageswara Rao was given Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 1990.
He was given Padma Shri in 1968
He received Padma Bhushan in 1988
He was awarded Padma Vibhushan in 2011
He is recipient of  Doctorate Degree also.
A National award named 'ANR National Award' is arranged in his name to be given  as life time achievement award to people for their noted contributions for Indian cinema.
Selected Filmography
Seeta Rama Jananam
Maya Lokam
Ratna Mala
Palnati Yudham
Pallotoon Pilla
Prema Paradesi
Sati Savitri
Surama Sundari
Chenchu Lakshmi
Jayabheri Namminabantu
Mahakavi Kalidasu
vVeligu Needalu
Sabhash Raja

Manchi Manasulu
Sri Krisharjuna Yudham
Chanduvudanna Ammayilu
Atma Gowravam
Bangaru Gajulu
Bandhipotu Dongalu
Prem Nagar
Pavitra Bandhanam
Datta Putradu
Bangaru Babu
Andala Ramudu
Chilipi Krishnudu
Agni Puthrudu
Guru Brahma
Sitarammayyagari Manavaralu
Rajeswari Kalyanam
Mechanic Alludu
Gandeevam Theerpu

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