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Dharmendra was endowed the No.1 position as Superstar of Hindi cinema for several years by the audience as
an award for excellence.They bestowed upon him their  love,affection,admiration and respect.
Dharmendra has finished fifty years of acting career and still active with occasional appearance in films.His
original name is Dharmendra Kewal Krishan Deol and was born on December 8, 1935 in Sahniwal,Punjab to parents Kewal Krishan Deol and Satwant Kaur Deol.His father was a school Head Master at Ludhiana.
Dharmendra was  winner in a talent search competition held by Film fare and from this inspiration he reached Mumbai and tried to get in to films.Films was his passion from childhood itself  and he used to  travel distances to see movies at touring talkies.He had the habit of seeing the same movie several times also.
Loving and Caring Father
                                   In 1960 he got chance in the debut film 'Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere' and from thereon he got chances in many films.Up to 10 years he was having the romantic hero image only and was the hero of many films including 'Meena Kumari' films.'Phool aur Pathar' of 1966 rose him to stardom which was a big hit which  celebrated golden jubilee.Dharmendra and Meena Kumari were superb in that film and after that film also they acted  as pair in films 'Chandan Ka Palna', Manjhli Didi, and 'Bahron ki Manzil'.In 'Phool aur Pathar'  he handled a villainous type character.Unlike the usual romantic films of 60's like 'Unpadh' 'Bandini' 'Soorat aur seerat' etc the 1969 film
'Yakeen' directed by Brij was an action film and Dharmendra acted in double role in it.It was the turning point when action films were being produced and directors realized that Dharmendra is equally good as romantic hero and action hero.From the film 'Chupke Chupke' everbody noted that he can act comedy type roles also.
In 1970's from the beginning  itself Dharmendra had so many hit movies to his credit.'Guddi' was a nice movie written by 'Gulzar' and directed by 'Hrishikesh Mukherjee in which Jaya Bhaduri was the heroine.
'Seeta aur Geeta'(1972) was a film directed by Ramesh Sippy in which Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini were in cast.Ramesh Sippi directed all time record breaker 'Sholay' in 1975 including Sanjeev Kumar,Hema Malini,Amitabh Bachchan and Amjad Khan.The character 'Veeru' of Dharmendra boosted his image to much heights.Before Sholay in 1973 'Yadon ki Baarat' was a super hit.Separated children joining together after very long period is the theme and Dharmendra acted as character 'Shankar' in that film.Dharmendra has acted with almost all heroines of that period.With 'Hema Malini' he appeared in maximum films and most of them were successful at box office.'Dharam Veer' and 'Chacha Batija' were good films of 1977 which were directed by Man Mohan Desai.1979 film 'Kartavya' was nice in which Rekha was his pair.
1980's and 1990's also witnessed  so many hits of Dharmendra in the hero roles or in supporting roles.
'Qayamat' of 1983 in which Smita patil and Jaya Pradha were female artists,J.R.Dutta films 'Ghulami(85)
Batwara(89) Hathiya(85) Kshatriya(92) were all exceptional films.
'Naukar Biwi Ka' was a box office hit in which Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor also appeared.In 1996 film 'Mafia' Mithun Chakrabarthy acted with him, in 1987 film 'Insaf ki Pukar' Jeetendra acted with him,in the film 'Kal ki Awaz ' Raj Babbar  acted with him.Mithun Chakrabarthy and Govinda   were in his 1997 movie 'Loha'.Ramya Krishnan was the heroine of this film.
Dharmendra has acted in more than 247 Hindi films till now,  and most of them were successful in box office.
The audience are impressed about his handsome  appearance.His mannerisms,gestures,palpable expressions,winsome smile etc attained universal appease.His subtlety to handle any kind of roles,macho personality,impressive movements,brilliant dialog delivery and good voice is widely noticed which gave him sovereignty.
Dharmendra married actress Hema Malini as his second wife.His sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol are film stars.Out of two daughters of Hema Malini elder one is a Bolly wood actress.Dharmendra was producer
of three fillms 'Betab' 'Barsat' and Sacha na tha' for launching his two sons and nephew to the film field.
His recent films 'Metro' Apne' and 'Johnny Gaddar' got good response from the audience.
In 2004 he contested from a constituency from Rajasthan and was elected to Indian Parliament.
He received Padma Bhushan from Government of India in 2012.
He is recipient of 2005 Zee cine award for life time achievement.
In 2007 he got life time achievement award from IIFA.
In 2009 he got Life time achievement award at Nashik International Film festival.
Selected Filmography and heroines there in
Yadon Ki Baaraat                     -Zeenat Aman
Seeta aur Geeta                         -Hema Malini
Dost                                          -Hema Malini
An Path                                     -Mala Sinha
Dream girl                                  -Hema Malini
Anupama                                   -Sharmila Tagore
Poornima                                   -Meena Kumari
Aas Paas                                   -Hema Malini
Kinare                                       -Hema Malini
Farishtay                                    -Sreedevi
Resham ki Dori                          -Saira Banu
Bandini                                       -Nutan
Loafer                                        -Mumtaz
Guddi                                         -Jaya Bhaduri
Aadmi aur Insan                         - Saira Banu
Aaya sawan jhoom ke                -Ashaparekh
Razia Sultan                                -Hema Malini
Jugnu                                          -Hema Malini
Mere Hamdam Mere dost            -Sharmila Tagore
Rajput                                          -Hema Malini
Boy friend                                    -Madhubala
Neel Aakash                                -Mala Sinha
Izzat                                             -Jaya Lalitha
Devar                                          -Sharmila Tagore
Aye din Bahar ke                         -Asha parekh
Sushman devta                             -Dimple kapadia
Dil Bi Tera Hum bhi tere               -Kumkum
Pratigya                                        -Hema Malini

Kartavya                                      -Rekha
Do Chor                                       -Tanuja
Raja Jani                                       -Hema Malini
Bahron ki Manzil                           -Meena Kumari
Aakashdeep                                  -Nanda
Bazi                                              -Waheeda Rehman
Baghawat                                      -Hema Malini
Kab kaun aur Kahan                     -Babita
Yakeen                                         -Sharmila Tagore
Chandan ka Palna                         -Meena kumari
Keemat                                         -Rekha
Dharam aur Kanoon                      -Jaya pradha
Pooja ke phool                              -Mala sinha
Badle ki aag                                   -Revathy
Tum Haseen Mein Jawan               -Hema Malini
The burning train                            -Hema Malini
Veeru Dada                                   -Farah
Shikar                                            -Ashaparekh
Samadhi                                         -Ashaparekh
Samrant                                         -Hema Malini
Sitamgar                                        -Parveen Babi
Teesri Aankh                                 -Zeenat Aman
Payhar aur payal                            -Hema Malini
Mohabat zindagi hai                       -Rajasree
Kasam suhag ki                             -Rekha
Jab yad kiski ati hai                       -Mala Sinha
Jwar Bhata                                    -Saira Banu

Ankhein                                        -Mala Sinha
Phool aur pathar                            -Meena Kumari
Dillagi                                            -Hema Malini
Ali Baba our 40 chor                     -Hema Malini
Charas                                           -Hema Malini
Karishma kudrat ka                       -Anita Raj
Naukar Biwi ka                             -Anita Raj
Jeena nahin doonga                       -Anita Raj
Hukumat                                        -Rati Agnihotri
Ghazab                                         -Rekha
sikka                                             -Mousumi Chatterjee
Mera karam mera dharam             -Mousumi Chatterjee
jeevan Mrityu                                 -Rekha
Jani Dost                                       -Parveen Babi
Jutha sach                                      -Rekha
Do Disayan                                    -Hema Malini
Krodhi                                           -Hema Malini
Nakka Bandi                                 -Sridevi
Dil ka Heera                                  -Hema Malini
Dawedar                                        -Mousumi Chatterjee
Chunaoti                                        -Neetu Singh
Chand aur Suraj                             -Tanuja
Kahani kismat ki                             -Rekha
Humlaa                                          -Meenakshi seshadri
Ganga ki Lahrein                            -Kumkum

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